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Bloomberg published details earlier today about the Apple Watch Series 7, including information on the larger displays. The next-generation Apple Watch was not previously revealed. It will likely sport a flat design similar to the iPad Pro and iPhone 12. Today, we learn about exclusive watch faces and larger displays.

First, Bloomberg has announced that the Apple Watch Series 7 is now available in two new sizes. The Apple Watch Series 7 will be offered in two sizes: 41mm and 45mm. Each size is expected to be a millimeter taller than the Series 6. These watches will feel more substantial on the wrist due to their flat edges.

Bigger displays

Bigger displaysThe display size of the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 is now known to be 396×484 pixels and 1.9 inches diagonally. The flat edges and the larger display size mean that the new watch’s bezels will likely be slightly thinner. With the Series 7, you won’t see as much of your watch case from the front.

The same principles apply to the 41mm Apple Watch. Both the display and the case will be larger with this model. The Bloomberg report does not include the exact screen resolution or screen size for the 41mm model.

New watch faces are also available with larger displays. Apple also increased the Series 4’s display size, so there will be new exclusive faces for Series 7. Modular Max, Continuum, and Atlas are the new faces. There are also updated Nike+ faces, which can be changed with motion, and Hermes faces that can change throughout the day.

Take a look at the faces.

Take a look at the faces.Modular Max will include two large complication slots. This is one more than the Infographics Modular face currently offers. Users will be able to view two complex and richly detailed complications simultaneously. There will be a place for a small problem right next to the digital clock at the top.

During WWDC, the “Atlas” face was revealed through a developer session about working with UIKit. The face was also known as “World Timer” at the time. This is also mentioned in this report. Below is an example of what the new face might look like on the Series 7’s larger 45mm screen. Although the resolution isn’t very high, you can still see the face.

Other new faces are more abstract and difficult to visualize without additional details.

You can watch bands

You can watch bandsApple Watch owners are currently asking a big question: If the existing watch bands will work with the new designs? Although we don’t have any details, we are confident that existing bands will still work with the new watches. We didn’t expect it, but the size change is minimal.

Apple Watch SE will continue to be sold by the company, which uses the 44mm and 40mm bands. Apple is unlikely to break up band compatibility at this point. It is possible, but I imagine it will occur someday as the watch undergoes more drastic changes.

There’s been chatter that watches band availability has shrunk at Apple Stores, leading employees to speculate that bands won’t fit the new watches. This is the time when band shortages are common. When the next batch of bands is announced, Apple’s current colors will be out of fashion. Apple wouldn’t be able to keep making apple watch


Apple Watch Series 7 is also rumored to come in a new light green color that compliments the new design. A better lamination technique is also mentioned in the Bloomberg report, which brings the display closer to the sapphire or glass face of the watch. Recent Nikkei reports that Apple Watch Series 7 production has been stalled due to low yield rates. The new watches may not be revealed this month or pushed back. The supply of the new watches will be limited even if they are shown off this month.



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