How to use Apple Watch nightstand mode

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The Apple Watch’s nightstand function is something you may have heard about. It was something I found out about through the settings of the iPhone Watch app. I have never actually tried it. My watch is worn while I sleep so that I can hear my iPhone’s alarm when I wake up in the morning. If you have to charge your watch overnight, it is best to use nightstand mode (or bedside mode).

Nightstand mode

Your Apple Watch can be used as a nightstand clock by turning it into a bedside alarm. Your watch will display the current charge level and the time as it charges on your bedside table. It will also display the alarm time if it is set. As an example:

The display will turn off when you touch or tap the watch’s surface. My Apple Watch lights up when I move towards it. This is because of how sensitive its motion detection system is.

You can snooze your Apple Watch alarms

The Apple Watch screen will glow as soon as the alarm goes off. A calming alarm will then sound. The Digital Crown and the side buttons allow you to choose whether to snooze the alarm or dismiss it. It’s simple because both of these buttons are visible on an Apple Watch in nightstand mode.

You get an amber countdown, below the green time, if you snooze your Apple Watch alarm.Zzz icon in blue. This view can be viewed at the top of the post.

Nightstand mode alarms only work if you set them using the watch’s own Alarms app. Only when the watch is on your wrist, the excellent feature that the watch uses to take over iPhone alarms and alerts you by a haptic tapping instead of an audio alarm, can be used. This includes the iPhone’s Bedtime feature. You must set the Apple Watch’s alarm to work when it is in nightstand mode. Siri is also an option.

How to activate Apple Watch nightstand mode

Apple Watch nightstand mode is an excellent feature. I may even consider switching to wearing it in bed instead of the watch in my hand. You can enable nightstand mode (also known as bedside mode), by going to the Settings. It can be found in the Watch or the iPhone Watch App. It can be found in the General Section. Sweet dreams!


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