How to switch your Apple Watch to a new iPhone


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Your new iPhone 12 is shiny and you want it to work well with your Apple Watch. While you could reset your Watch to get it working again, there is an easier way to transfer your Apple Watch to the new iPhone.

Here are some suggestions.

This may sound like rigamarole. But Apple’s goal to stop a thief using your Apple Watch is to protect you. Stop someone from copying your Apple Watch contents to their iPhone.

If your iPhone is still in its original packaging,

It is much easier to switch your Apple Watch from an old iPhone to a new one if you have the original. To pair the watch with the new phone, you must first remove it from its previous owner.

You can skip the step below if you don’t own the old device.

However, if your iPhone is an older model, Backup the contents either to iCloud or by connecting to a Mac or Windows computer. You can check if your Activity and Health data are being saved to iCloud by going to Settings>[Your name]>iCloud. Check that Health It is here.

It’s now time to remove the Apple Watch from its pairing. Now, open the app on your iPhone. Tap theMy WatchTab, then tap WatchesNext, tap the “Tap” button. Next, tap on theiTap the button near the device you wish to unpair. Unpair Apple Watch.

Next, you will need to set up your new iPhone. During this step, you can restore the backup of your old iPhone from iCloud or on your computer.

Your iPhone will ask you if your desire to set up the Apple Watch. Yes. This step is not always automatic. After the new iPhone has been set up, launch the Watch app on your handset to begin the process of connecting it with the iPhone.

Tap on regardless of how you got the restart Pairing>Register for MeHold your new iPhone while you watch the animation. You can pair them by holding your new iPhone over the animation.

You don’t have an old iPhone?

Don’t panic if you have already sold or traded in your iPhone. Your Apple Watch can be connected to your new iPhone.

First, delete the Apple Watch. To unpair the Watch from an old iPhone, you will need to have it with you. Clearing the watch is the only way to do this. Go to the Apple WatchSettings>General>Reset>All Settings and Contents Must Be Removed. Your password might be required.

Next, you will need to set up your new iPhone. This will allow you to restore the last backup that was made with your iPhone.

After you are done, open the Watch App on the iPhone. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect the watch and the handset. Click onStart Pairing>Register for Me Hold your new iPhone while you watch the animation. You can pair them by holding your new iPhone over the animation.


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