Apple Watch Series 7 pop up in regulatory filings


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The Eurasian Economic Commission added details to two new Mac models and the Apple Watch Series 7. 

Before Apple devices can be sold in a region, they must be registered in the EEC regulatory database. Listings are an indication that a device is being released.

Typically, however, an EEC entry will arrive weeks before an Apple launch. It is extremely short, with only an Apple model number and the shortest description.

There are 19 new entries. 17 of these older models will need to relisted with Apple’s new operating system. The A2442 and the A2485 are unidentified “Apple brand personal computers”.

They are listed with “macOS 12” as their operating system.

Six devices were previously not identified as Apple’s personal wearable electronic devices. These are models A2474-B2475, B2475 and B2475 as well as A2476-A2477. These models are expected to be the future Apple Watch Series 7.

The Apple Watch entries confirm that these models run watchOS 8 and there are 26 more wearables in this database. Many of these devices are registered and will be reregistered using watchOS 8.

42 iPhones “new” were added to the database in the most recent update.

Consomac France was the first to notice the updated entries. Consomac speculates the new Macs might be M1X models.


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