Apple Watch Now Has Real Competition from Samsung and Google

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Today, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and Watch 4 Classic. This partnership with Google will create a new Wear OS experience and introduce a rival to the Apple Watch. It’s only the first step in many years of collaboration. However, Apple appears to still be the leader in multiple areas – but Samsung is growing.

Before Apple announced the Apple Watch in 2015, Samsung and other Android makers had their vision of a smartwatch future, and none ended up being as successful as the Apple Watch is. Today’s launch is a fresh start for Samsung, Google and all other Android makers that will launch smartwatches in the months and years ahead.

Wear OS3’s first feature is that it’s currently a single experience. Only Samsung offers this operating system.

Wear OS by the company is inspired by the Grid View of Apple Watch and a few pre-added Watch Faces. Damien Wilde, my 9to5Google colleague, said that “much” of the experience is similar to other Samsung smartwatches.

Swiping down on the Galaxy Watch 4 device will reveal all your apps in a floating, amorphous grid. It is very similar to Apple’s Watch OS. You can adjust the layout of apps by tapping and holding, but I feel that the traditional list format is more intuitive. This is because if an app’s icon doesn’t make sense, you may find yourself tapping around trying to find it. This is a minor problem, but it’s still a problem.

What does the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 look like?

Samsung is betting on a traditional design for a smartwatch, with a rounded design. The watch looks more like a regular watch. However, Wear OS is not designed to display circular screens when you rely on written information, such as messages and reading notifications.

However, even though it may not look like much competition from the outside, those who have an Android phone will be able to track exercises and provide good battery life.

The Galaxy Watch Series 4 features an ECG app and blood pressure measurement. It also has sleep tracker and body composition features. These include measurements such as skeletal muscle, basal metabolism rate and body fat percentage.

The Galaxy Watch 4 is made from aluminum, while the 4 Classic is made from stainless steel. Both models have 1.5GB RAM, IP68 and more than 40 hours of battery time.

The Galaxy Watch 4 has a fair price point. It starts at $249 for the Classic model, and $349 for its regular version. Apple is clearly behind in this area, but unlike Samsung products, your Apple Watch will be able to receive software support for many years.

It is good to see Apple competing in smartwatch sales. Apple releases every year “the best smartwatches ever made”, but it is important to have a competitor offering new options.

Google and Samsung have partnered to make it easier for Google apps such as Google Maps to be integrated into the Galaxy Watch 4. Wear OS 3 will be more popular if more companies trust it. This will increase pressure on Apple to improve the Apple Watch.


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