Twitter for iOS now lets you easily create GIFs using your iPhone camera

Today, Twitter announces it’s launching a new way for users to post their own GIFs by creating them with the in-app camera on iOS devices.


According to the Twitter Support account, more than just sharing GIFs, iPhone users can now create their own animated images within the app following these simple steps:

  • On the Twitter app, tap to create a new tweet;
  • Select the Camera icon;
  • Choose the option “GIF;”
  • Create your GIF, then share with your followers.

This is yet another function Twitter adds to its users. Recently, the app started testing new reactions, downvotes, and sorted reply features. Here’s what each function is all about:

  • Tap to downvote: See a reply that doesn’t seem relevant to the conversation? Let us know by downvoting;
  • Downvotes are private: Your votes aren’t public and won’t be shared with the Tweet author or others on the timeline;
  • Help make Twitter better: Your feedback helps us prioritize higher quality content for you – and everyone on Twitter.

As it seems, the downvote on Twitter will also be tied with the Sort Replies feature. With that, as the name indicates, users will be able to decide whether they want to receive all replies or just the ones relevant. The company explains:

  • Relevant to you: Replies from people you follow and other replies likely to be most interesting to you;
  • All Replies: All replies, including those that may be potentially spammy, harmful, or offensive.

Although these features aren’t available to all users as of now, you already can create your own GIFs. What do you think about this new function? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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