Toshiba Canvio AeroCast Wireless HDD 1TB Review

Are you tired of transferring all your songs into your phone each time you go on a vacation? Does your phone’s limited memory prevent you from carrying all the data that you want to take with you? If so, the Toshiba Canvio AeroCast Wireless HDD 1 TB Hard Drive is just what you require.

This hard drive is not only capable of carrying all your necessary data, but it can also be used to share the data with up to five individuals regardless of how strong or weak your internet connection is. Why is this so? This is because the product is equipped with a Wi-Fi connection, thereby rendering the need for an external connection useless.

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Extended battery life

One of the major concerns of users is that many such hard drives need to be plugged into a power socket to be charged and, after that, used. Such outlets are not always available on the go which can be a source of inconvenience for many.Toshiba Canvio AeroCast Wireless HDD 1TB Review

The producers of this hard drive understand the user’s concern and, therefore, have created a product which doesn’t need to be plugged in when needed to be used. Instead, this product is equipped with a rechargeable battery that has an extended life of up to five hours. Such a feature allows you to travel with the hard drive and leave behind the concerns of finding outlets for the product.

Diverse compatibility

The fact that this hard drive can be used successfully by Android, as well as iOS users, has made this product a likely choice of the masses.

Toshiba Canvio AeroCast Wireless HDD 1TB ReviewNot only can you use this product to back up your data from your Android and Apple smartphones as well as iPads and tablets, but you can also connect it to a big-screen TV. The high capacity of the hard drive makes it an ideal vessel for the storage of movies. These videos can then be viewed on any big-screen if you invest in a Chromecast media streaming device.Toshiba Canvio AeroCast Wireless HDD 1TB Review

This hard drive, along with the optional accessory, serves to be the ideal choice for you if you wish to share your content with your friends and family.

Toshiba Canvio AeroCast Wireless Design

While the product is small, it is quite thick and bulky. However, you can successfully carry it in your pockets. Such an experience might not be as comfortable you like, though.

The upper side of the black exterior features three LED lights. The first light serves to be an indication of the charge level, while the second one is present to show if the device is on or not and the third one is used when you transfer files through an SD card.

The side of the product features a power button and a microUSB 3.0 port which is bound to come in handy if you wish to transfer data directly from your computer. The other side exhibits a reset button as well as a slot for inserting the SD card.

Overall, the product is designed to provide users with the convenience they crave. Had it been a little less bulky, this product would have had an excellent layout.

Toshiba Canvio AeroCast Wireless Performance

Superior performance marks this product. This was seen via the tremendous speed of the hard drive when around 2.7 GB worth of data in an SD card was transferred at a rate of 10.1 MB/s. Such a fast reading and writing speed has made this product a force to be reckoned with.Toshiba Canvio AeroCast Wireless HDD 1TB Review

Moreover, uploading content using the hard drive also led to a swift result. Some errors were experienced when uploading HD videos, though this lag was due to the time taken for buffering rather than uploading.

However, the overall performance when backing up data is considered exemplary.

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  • The hard drive has a capacity of 1 TB
  • Three interfaces accompany the product namely Wi-Fi, USB 3.0 port and SD slot
  • The dimensions of the product are 4.8 x 3.4 x 1 inches
  • The hard drive weighs about 9.9 ounces
  • The package includes the hard drive, a comprehensive start guide, an AC power adapter and a USB 3.0 cable.
  • A one-year warranty accompanies the product


  • The hard drive features an affordable price
  • The product is easy to use
  • The USB 3.0 port allows for fast backup
  • The SD port allows for direct backup from SD cards


  • Content buffers slowly, making streaming a movie a long process
  • Delays are experienced during the setup process
  • The thickness of the product undermines the portability feature



All in all, this hard drive has managed to satisfy the masses, especially those who wish to back up their SD card data. The value-added features like the warranty, rechargeable battery, and the ability to back up mobile data without the need of an external net connection have been lauded by many.

If you value such convenience along with quality, the Toshiba Canvio AeroCast Wireless HDD 1 TB Hard Drive is the perfect product for you.



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