Top 5 Xbox 360 Tips for New Owners

The Xbox 360 is a gaming console that has been created by Microsoft. It is a versatile little creation that was officially unveiled on 12 May 2005. It enables users to play video games online (via the Xbox Live Arcade) as well as offline. You can purchase and play music online with Xbox Music and get films and television programs with Xbox Video. It also allows you to take control of third-party content services.

When you first buy the Xbox 360, you might find it a little intimidating to use as it is different from all the other previous generations. However, we may be able to help by providing a couple of tips that most new owners wish they could have known earlier, especially before they spent a lot of time and money looking in all the wrong places.

1. Do Not Use Your Credit Card Details on Your System

Often, we get convinced to pop in our credit card information on our Xbox account so that we can buy Live subscriptions or Microsoft points. However, this is a bad idea.

When you purchase the Xbox Live Gold with a credit card that links back to your profile on your system, you are automatically entitled to receive automatic renewal and it is quite difficult to undo this feature. In case you change your mind and want to remove your credit card details, you will have to go through a lot of trouble and may not even be successful in the end. Although provides you a ‘simplistic’ option to remove your previously entered information, it requires you to replace the information with another payment option which defeats the purpose of wanting out.

2. System Location Is Crucial

Consumers have complained that the solder keeping the parts in place tends to melt and the Xbox overheats, causing it to melt. However, if you place your system correctly, you can avoid it blowing up or breaking down.

You should set your system up somewhere where there is ventilation. Do not make the mistake of cramming it up into a small space. Place it someplace where the air reaches all around it in order to keep it cool at all times. Third-party fans will not help in this case.

Your system also needs to be kept clean at all times. If the vents get clogged up with dust, they will act as a hindrance to the ventilation, heating up the Xbox. Remember not to pile up things on top of the system.

3. Keep Your System Horizontal

With this versatile little creation, you can set it up horizontally or vertically. However, in our expert opinion, setting it up vertically is a bad choice. The Xbox system will not be stable, and it is more prone to vibrations. Convulsive random shaking might compromise the game disc and result in it being scratched. Your Xbox will keep wobbling back and forth, and the CDs or DVDs inside will end up damaged.

Although you can minimize the risk by investing in a third-party stand in order to provide a larger base for your system, there is no guarantee that your device will not end up knocked up on the floor. However, by keeping the system horizontal, you can avoid all sorts of problems as it will have a wider base for balancing purposes.

4. Pay Special Attention to Your Xbox Live Gamertag

Initially, when you start using your Xbox and have to set it up, you will have to name a profile for yourself as part of the process. This profile will determine what the gaming world will refer to you as. This is a crucial decision, and you do not want to mess up the first impression that you will be giving to the rest of your counterparts. Hence, choose a simple name. Do not bother with a set of random numbers or witty names with abbreviations as they will only backfire.

You should keep your audience in mind and keep a name that the rest of the gaming world can easily read in heated times. Even though you can change your Gamertag whenever you want, it will cost you an extra $10.

5. Make Use of Xbox Live Free

If you do not want to play games online with other gamers, you do not have to pay for the Xbox Live Gold. However, you should consider connecting your Xbox 360 to your network so that you can make use of Xbox Live Free. If you pay for Gold, you receive the added advantage of Netflix, ESPN, and access to several other restricted sites that free users cannot use.

If you are not connected to Xbox Live, you will be deprived of the Xbox Live Arcade games and you will not be able to download movies, TV shows. You will also be completely out of the loop with your friends. Keeping track of what games they are playing helps keep you up to date and compare scores.


These are some of the basic tips you can follow in order to ensure a safe, trouble-free journey with your Xbox 360. Before you make any major move, weigh the pros and cons and make sure you are not putting your system in jeopardy. If you stay consistently careful, you will not face any long-term problems.



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