Top 40 Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

Are your pajamas ready to battle against the cold Christmas season?

Look no other than the following top 40 matching family Christmas pajamas. You can surely sleep with peace and comfort this coming winter season. Here are:

1. IF Family Christmas Santa ClausMatching Family Pajamas

1. IF Family Christmas Santa ClausMatching Family PajamasOn each purchase, you’ll get one pair of clothing. Look into the size chart to get the proper sizes for the whole family.

It is 100% cotton-made to give better comfort. The pajama is a snug fit with a long-sleeved top. It applies a crewneck and tagless top design to prevent irritation. The pajama’s elastic waistband supports comfortable stretch. Additionally, the ribbed knit cuffs add coziness for the ones wearing it.

The top is printed with three snowmen with a “Merry Christmas” statement while the pajamas with Santa Claus images.


2. SleepytimePJs Christmas Family Mix and Match Red Holiday Pajama

2. SleepytimePJs Christmas Family Mix and Match Red Holiday PajamaThis matchy sleepwear is right for each family member. A size chart is provided for you to depend on.

There are four sets offered with different graphic designs and buildups. That includes Snowflake and Deer Matching Set for women and men, respectively. The men’s set has two side pockets added. For the little ones, it is separated into Plaid and Grey Plain Matching Set. Plus, they’re all tagless.

Each set is sold at various price ranges. These are all made with knit jersey and, therefore, safe for machine wash. The pajamas are designed with snug-fitting and stretchy, especially for kid’s sets.


3. PajamaGram Family Pajamas Matching Sets

3. PajamaGram Family Pajamas Matching SetsLet your dogs be dressed up at night with its sleepwear! There are available sizes for the different breeds of dogs. Moreover, all family members can have a cozy pair of sleepwear. Check out the PajamaGram Size Chart.

Adults and kids sizes are out of different flame-resistant cloth materials. Cotton flannel is used for adults’ attire, while kids’ sizes are made of poly-flannel. Both are machine-washable. Pajamas for adults have an elastic drawstring for customizing fitting. Snug-fitting is achieved for the little ones. For the dogs, there’s a snap closure to find the right fitting quickly.


4. JumpOff Jo Matching Family Pajamas Set

4. JumpOff Jo Matching Family Pajamas SetThe entire family deserves to have a complete set of sleepwear from the youngest to the oldest. Its scheme is very eye-pleasing. There are lots of size options provided to cater to all ages.

The printed bears on top make the pajamas set stand out. It is made of 100% cotton materials and has a polyester-made bottom. It requires a gentle machine wash to sustain its form. There’s an extra-wide elastic waistband for adult sizes for better fitting. Infants and toddlers are in better comfort with the tight-fit bottoms.


5. Burt’s Bees Baby Family Jammies

5. Burt's Bees Baby Family JammiesBurt’s Bees is offering six various styles of family matching pajamas. The sizes are available for the parents and kiddos, as well as for your dogs. This might be pricier than the priors but provides a different level of comfort.

The clothing used is pure organic cotton, which is excellent for sensitive skin. Plus, it is GOTS certified, which means gentle for babies. That results in better sleep for the whole family. Bigger sizes have a pull-on closure.

Other features are ribbed band, ankles, and wrist band, and an elastic waistband for snug-fitting.


6. PajamaGram Fleece Matching Christmas Pajamas

6. PajamaGram Fleece Matching Christmas PajamasPajamaGram offers more traditional looking matching pajamas. There are size options from infant to parent’s size and for dog’s size.

The design is so simple yet eye-pleasing. It is a long sleeve and button-up top style with a notch collar outfit. The pajamas are soft and comfy to wear. Women pajamas have front pockets while a button flies for men. Children’s pajamas have elastic waist drawstring for fitting. It is also flame resistant. Onesie style is made for infants for comfortable wearing.

Materials used are 100% polyester microfleece that is machine-washable.


7. Camidy Family Matching Christmas Sleepwear Set

7. Camidy Family Matching Christmas Sleepwear SetElf is a sign for the Christmas season, and this sleepwear set has a cute printed elf on the long sleeve top. Order one size up for a more appropriate fitting. Wearing the sleepwear results in a picture-perfect matching look.

Parents will have matching tops while the kiddos will have different printed elf design. A romper is prepared for the babies to wear the outfit comfortably. It is a combination of polyester and spandex materials that bring high-quality and comfy sleepwear.

The PJs are designed with horizontal red stripes and tight-fit bottoms.


8. #followme Matching Buffalo Plaid Pajamas

8. #followme Matching Buffalo Plaid PajamasNo one has been left out with these all sizes plaid jammies. All family members will feel coziness throughout the night. And, even your doggo will have its sleepwear because dog’s sizes are available too.

Head-to-toe comfort is felt due to the blend of cotton and polyester materials. Adult pajamas do have two side pockets. There’s an added safety for the kids because of the flame-resistant pajama setup.

Other accessories are added to every purchase. This includes blanket sleepers and buffalo plaid socks. It, therefore, completes your slumber party experience.


9. Sleepyheads Holiday Family Matching PJ Sets

9. Sleepyheads Holiday Family Matching PJ SetsSnowflakes are one of the essences that Christmas is coming. These PJ sets render a perfect comfy feeling. Detailed size charts are provided for men, women, kids, infants, and pet bandana.

The pajamas for adults have a bit different compared to kiddos’ pants. The latter is lighter in weight and has snug-fitting in accordance to the chosen size. The drawstring closure is added for adults’ pajamas for proper fitting. There are two side pockets for men’s pajamas. The top is a knit jersey long sleeve design.

Printed “Let it snow” statement brings Christmas feels when you wear it.


10. Shelry Family Christmas Tree Pajamas

10. Shelry Family Christmas Tree PajamasGet multiple orders for a more cost-effective purchase. The price is somewhat higher than the other matching sleepwear listed. But, it levels up in terms of visuals. Sizes options are available for men, women, and kids.

You’d instead choose one or two sizes up to ensure proper fitting. Shelry used up 100% organic cotton materials with a little amount of spandex resulting in cozier sleepwear. It can be a perfect gift set for the family during Christmas festivities.

The Christmas tree design adds beauty to the sleepwear. There are green trims at its wrists, ankles, and neck.


11. Ekouaer Matching Family Pajamas Set 

11. Ekouaer Matching Family Pajamas SetAre you looking for an Instagram worthy pajama set? Look no other than Ekouaer Matching Family Pajamas Set. See the detailed size chart to ensure you have the right purchase.

It is a soft pajama set made of mainly polyester and spandex. There are different printed designs that each family member can be satisfied with. Adult’s long sleeve has a deer, and Christmas tree design for younger ones is a kind of cute flower. It has pull-on closure for comfortable wearing.


12. Burt’s Bees Baby Baby Pajamas Set

12. Burt's Bees Baby Baby Pajamas SetThis is an award-winning PJ set because of its softness. It also came from a known brand producing quality baby products.

This pajama set is only for kids aged 12-months up to 7-years old. We all know the demand comfort of every kiddo inside the house. The sleepwear is GOTS certified due to the organic cotton material used during production. It is gentle for porous baby skin. It is made with an elastic waistband for snug-fitting.

Its watercolor prints last after several washes.


13.BOBORA Christmas Pajamas for Family

13.BOBORA Christmas Pajamas for FamilyChoose your preferred sizes on the provided size chart. These Christmas pajamas set have reindeer patterns to feel the essence of Christmas Eve.

High-quality cotton and spandex materials are used in making this sleepwear; washing the clothing results in a softer garment. It is available in two classic colors, such as red and grey. Choose the red outfit for women and the other color for dad.

It is very plain to wear and so perfect for welcoming the Christmas season. Enjoy the matchy outfit with the whole family!


14. Mikrdoo Family Matching Christmas Pajamas

14. Mikrdoo Family Matching Christmas PajamasDo you want to try the green aura during Christmas Eve? Christmas season isn’t all about Santa Claus wearing red and green as a symbol of simplicity and nature. Get one of these green striped pajamas set!

In one package, you can get a set of sleepwear, including a shirt and a pajama. Or, you’ll get one baby bodysuit. There’s a wide range of sizes options available both for mom, dad, and the kiddos.

The long sleeve shirt is sewn with an o-neck collar with ELF letter prints. It is out of quality cotton that brings excellent comfort to the ones wearing it.


15. Little Blue House Family Union Suits

15. Little Blue House Family Union SuitsIt is a one-piece garment that gives a relaxing feeling to anyone wearing it. This suit is perfect for Christmas because of its color combinations and design. Find out the best-matching styles in buying one.

The cost is higher than the other pajama sets on the list. It is made of 100% cotton material that is machine-washable. It doesn’t have any tags, which can irritate the skin, especially for the kids. The cuffs and neckline design is, in contrast, which makes it more appealing. It has appliqued button closures.

It is more comfortable to wear than any other.


16. Unique Baby Christmas Santa Matching Family Pajama Pants

16. Unique Baby Christmas Santa Matching Family Pajama PantsThis purchase is pajama pants only and has no tops offered. No worry as the available color is easy to find its counterparts.

The sleepwear is manufactured in Egypt, which is known for its high-quality garment production. They used high-quality Egyptian cotton and stretchy lycra fabric, which results in breathable and comfier pajamas. There are pixelated Santa prints on it, which add tons of fun for the user. A drawstring exists for easy fitting.

Frequent wash on these pajamas won’t cause any fading of colors. Thanks to the premium dyes used during the production.


17. Unique Baby Christmas Family Pajama

17. Unique Baby Christmas Family PajamaThis is another pajama set from Unique Baby. It differs from the preceding model, as this has a long sleeve top. In terms of sizing, it is suggested to add two sizes up for men. The right size of sleepwear significantly affects your sleeping time.

Both the top and the pajamas have the same printed designs. The prints are a combination of Christmas trees, reindeers, and snowflakes. A complete Christmas feels true. Then again, it has Egyptian touch in the making resulting in a super soft pair of garments.

You can choose whether a green or red outfit. Achieve matchy sleepwear with Unique Baby!


18. Baywell I Love Santa Christmas Family Matching Pajamas Set

18. Baywell I Love Santa Christmas Family Matching Pajamas SetTraditionally, Children are looking forward to the coming of Santa Claus during Christmas Eve. Why not let them wear this “I Love Santa” Pajama Set?

There is a provided size chart according to age you can depend on. It is better to find out the specific measurement as the age is only a reference. “I Love Family” statement is also available. One purchase includes a shirt and a pajama plus a baby romper. It is mainly made of cotton and has a small percentage of spandex material.

The pajama is designed with red and white stripes. It has tight-styled wrists and ankles.


19. Yaffi Matching Family Onesie Footed Pajamas and Hoodie Sleeper 

19. Yaffi Matching Family Onesie Footed Pajamas and Hoodie SleeperIts style is different from the prior pajama sets. This covers the sleeper from head-to-toe, which is perfect for cold weather. Sizes are available for adults, kids, and toddlers. Further, the printed designs make you feel the Christmas season.

The hoodie is added on top. Therefore, you can freely wear the sleepwear even outside the house as your head will be protected from icy weather. The overall outfit is out of super soft fleece fabric that is skin-friendly and soft wearing. It is also stain-resistant and so easy to wash up. The pajama has sewn socks to protect your bottoms against cold.

Side pocket exists to store up daily items within your reach.


20. Disney Mickey Mouse Christmas Holiday Family Sleepwear Pajamas

20. Disney Mickey Mouse Christmas Holiday Family Sleepwear PajamasExperience Disneyland feels on holidays with this mickey with Santa hat design sleepwear pajama set. Christmas will be more fun when the family wears the same outfit.

Your little girl can choose between a nightgown and a pajama set. The sleepwear is polyester-made with a coat-style top. The family can achieve a classy look on Christmas Eve. The pajama has an elastic waistline for fitting purposes. For child’s safety, the garment used is flame resistant.

Wash the clothing with cold water before wearing it. Not doing so will cause red dye transfer. And so, avoid washing it together with light-colored clothes.


21. Yaffi Family Matching Christmas Striped Pajamas Set

21. Yaffi Family Matching Christmas Striped Pajamas SetYaffi is an expert in creating matching family pajama sets. This one is a picture-perfect set you could ever try. There’s baby size, particularly in the form of a jumpsuit. Each member of the family will have their sleepwear for Christmas.

It has “Believe” graphics with a Christmas tree print, perfect for the Christmas season. The pajamas are designed with striped red and grey colors with tight bottom for toddlers. It has a drawstring waist for customizing fitting for adults.

Snug-fitting is achieved for the kid’s size to render better comfort. Additionally, the material is flame-resistant for added safety.


22. Rnxrbb Family Christmas Pajamas Set

22. Rnxrbb Family Christmas Pajamas SetIf you want to be more colorful this coming Christmas Eve, look no other than Rnxrbb Pajamas Set. It has livelier color combinations than the other sleepwear. Sizes are available for both adults and kids.

Rnxrbb used up Rayon and Spandex materials that result in breathable and soft sleeping garments. It has elastic waistbands for comfortable fitting. Also, it is sewn with a ribbed neckline and stretchable wrist cuffs. The user will feel more warmth in wearing it. The pair of pants are loose-fitting, which is preferred by many for them to move freely.


23. shelry Family Matching Pajamas for Christmas

23. shelry Family Matching Pajamas for ChristmasSnowman is another famous symbol that can be seen during Christmas Holidays. This sleepwear set has a printed snowman image on both tops and pajamas. You’re free to return the clothing to the seller if not satisfied.

It is a blend of premium cotton jersey and spandex materials that gives excellent warmth for the user. You can choose between red or green rib-knit cuffs. It has a flat elastic waistline to look better in times of fitting. Children’s pajama sets are snug-fitting to meet their desired comforts.

It is safe for either machine or hand wash. Pick one or two sizes up in getting the children’s pajama set.


24. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas Holiday Family Sleepwear Pajamas

24. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas Holiday Family Sleepwear PajamasConvert the famous song “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” into sleepwear pajamas. Christmas could be fun and more festive when everyone in the family wears these sleeping garments.

The purchase includes red-nose but not available for babies due to the danger of choking. There is a massive reindeer with a Santa hat print on a long sleeve top, and the pajamas are small reindeers. It is a 100% polyester garment, which is perfect for cuddle weather. The elastic waistline is sewn for better fitting. Snug fitting and the flame-resistant feature is present in children’s size options.


25. Family Matching Christmas Pajamas by LazyOne

25. Family Matching Christmas Pajamas by LazyOneSome pajamas suddenly shrink after several uses. LazyOne has made jammies with unique material to prevent it from shrinking after being washed. It is offered at a great value and excellent quality.

It has a Christmas lights printout with a “Light Out” statement. They used up AZO-free dyes resulting in non-toxic sleepwear. Pre-shrunk cotton helps to fight against shrinking that might be caused by too much machine-wash. Use cold water to wash the jammies.

Plush-backed elastic is added to have a luxurious feeling upon wearing it. A drawstring makes every fitting more customizable.


26. Kehen Family Matching Christmas Pajamas

26. Kehen Family Matching Christmas PajamasMatching look during Holidays is becoming a trend these days. You can try this family matching Christmas pajamas made by Kehen.

It has a different statement printout in a question form, “you serious Clark?”. That sounds weird but unique. Though that doesn’t have any connection to Christmas, the jammies have Christmas feels printouts.

Adults to infants can have their cotton-blend pajamas set. The garment is flame resistant and snug-fitting.


27. Etosell Christmas Family Pajama Set

27. Etosell Christmas Family Pajama SetA pajama set for the parents and teens and a romper for babies is what Etosell is offering. Christmas atmosphere can be felt inside the house once these jammies are worn.

It is comfortable fit sleepwear with “Merry Christmas” patterns. It has O-neckline and contrast stitching. A combination of cotton and spandex materials brings out breathable and skin-friendly pajama sets. Secure the fitting through its pull-on closure.

Its red/black plaid pants have an elastic waistband for easy fitting. Plus, it is full-length in design for extra coziness during the cold weather.


28. Sinwo Family Christmas Pajamas Set

28. Sinwo Family Christmas Pajamas SetIf you want a more stylish looking pajama set for Christmas, this one is for you. Asian sizes are available to look at the provided size chart. This night outfit might be the most eye-catchy on the list.

The price is a lot more affordable than the other pajama set. Do not expect the exact color in the picture to be delivered to you as there’ll be little difference. This garment could be the best family gift you could ever buy. Even your dogs can have one too.

It is a t-shirt, long sleeve blouse style sleepwear. The red and green color is combined to let the user feel the essence of Christmas.


29. Happyjiu Christmas Holiday Family Matching Sleepwear Pajamas Set

29. Happyjiu Christmas Holiday Family Matching Sleepwear Pajamas SetWe’ll never run out of matching sleepwear to offer. Happyjiu made Christmas Family pajama style that has enhanced visuals on Christmas Eve. However, there’s no available sleepwear for infants.

This is polyester-made sleepwear and is comfortable to wear. Happyjiu offers Asian sizes pajama set. It comes with a round neck long sleeve shirts that give a cozy feeling overnight. It has a matching printed Santa Hat on top and other Christmas objects on the pajamas. It is, therefore, great for photoshoots with the entire family. Its long pants pajamas have an elastic waist for better fitting.


30.Mari Cias Matching Family Christmas Pajamas Set

30.Mari Cias Matching Family Christmas Pajamas SetFrom kids to adult’s size is available in the market. A relaxing Christmas Eve is to be experienced by the ones wearing the jammies.

It has a “What the Elf?” printed statement on top with a few Santa Claus outfits’ images. The long sleeve top is colored green and has a red-colored round neckline. The striped design pajamas are out of cotton blend resulting in breathable sleepwear. It has a tight bottom to prevent discomfort during sleep.

It is both suitable for machine and hand wash. You can wear them until the next holiday season without the color fading.


31. SUNNYBUY Christmas Family Matching Pajama Set

31. SUNNYBUY Christmas Family Matching Pajama SetChristmas spirit is coming. Are your outfits ready?

Here is another family matching pajama set from SUNNYBUY. It is as colorful as the other pajama sets but has something more to offer. It is blended with rayon and spandex material that brings lightweight and very comfortable sleepwear. You can go outside the house wearing the sleepwear because of how festive it seems.

Kid’s sizes are snug, fitting for added safety. It has an elastic waistline and ankles for an excellent fitting all through the night.


32. Baywell Elk Pattern Christmas Family Pajamas Set

32. Baywell Elk Pattern Christmas Family Pajamas SetThis is the second Baywell pajamas set for Christmas on the list. It comes with different patterns, such as elk images both on top and on the pajama.

You’ll get one set of sleepwear in one package. All sizes are available according to age. Check on the provided size chart.

It is a blend of cotton and spandex materials with excellent quality from the manufacturer. Matching long sleeve top is for the parents or other adults in the family. The kid’s top has an elastic wrist as a difference. All of the pajamas sizes have a tight bottom for better comfort.


33. Uideazone Family Matching Christmas Pajamas Set

33. Uideazone Family Matching Christmas Pajamas SetIs your family goal this Christmas Eve is to look like Santa Claus? Achieve that goal by wearing these pajamas set by Uideazone.

Its design looks like a Santa Claus costume, but it’s sleepwear. The plan might seem not ordinary, but it is so eye-pleasing. Plus, a belt-like printout adds excitement to it. A combination of white and red color symbolizes Christmas. It is a cotton blend outfit that brings no harm to anyone’s skin. Sizes are available for kids and adults.

Uideazone considers the kid’s safety by having a flame-resistant and snug-fitting outcome.


34. Epsion Cotton Winter Sleepwear Christmas Family Pajamas Set

34. Epsion Cotton Winter Sleepwear Christmas Family Pajamas SetThe long sleeve top is labeled according to who should wear it. There’ll be no mistakes in picking which to wear during rush hours because of the said labeling pattern.

You can feel the winter scene with its snowman pattern. It is soft and cozy due to the 80% cotton materials used during the production. It has a rib-knit cuff design and elastic waistband for more advanced comfort. Its pajama’s red and white stripes add beauty to it. This outfit is perfect for a slumber party with the whole family.

Pull-on closure is used, and it does fit snugly, especially for kid’s safety.


35.Hawiton Family Christmas Pajamas Set

35.Hawiton Family Christmas Pajamas SetThis purchase has a money-back guarantee and also a 12-month warranty. You can buy a pair of sleepwear for each family member. See the size chart provided.

You can wear this pajama set all day long during Christmas because of its holiday-inspired design that’s so catchy. The pajama has a different scheme as it has a loose around leg design plus tight bottom. You can see too much deer figures on it. Snug-fitting is applied to kid’s size pajamas.

Wash the clothing in warm water, not above 40-degrees to avoid color fading.


36. SANMIO Matching Family Christmas Pajama Set

36. SANMIO Matching Family Christmas Pajama SetGet a fun matching Christmas Eve outfit on SANMIO!

It is mainly a cotton-made pajama set that has available sizes for each family member. The materials used are skin-friendly and easy to clean. SANMIO has excellent craft on their products.

It is a grey long sleeve top and red stripe loose pants. A deer’s head is printed on tops that bring Christmas feels when wearing it. The garment is soft wearing and stain-resistant. Infants can have their sleepwear, too, in the form of a jumpsuit.


37. CARETOO Matching Family Christmas Pajamas Sets

37. CARETOO Matching Family Christmas Pajamas SetsAre you having a pajama party this coming Christmas season? Try out these pajama sets by CARETOO plus one baby jumpsuit.

These long plaid pants are so comfortable to wear during the winter season. It is because of the cotton blend with polyester materials used. You can wear them daily if you want to. The printed leaping deer brings more excitement for the Holidays. The jammies are the checkered design that complements its black long sleeve tops.

The jumpsuit for babies is comfortable to wear and is fully checkered in design.


38. Heartell Christmas Tree Family Matching Pajamas 

38. Heartell Christmas Tree Family Matching PajamasA Christmas tree is the most famous symbol for Christmas. You can wear it with this Christmas tree family matching pajamas.

Wearing the pair of sleepwear will make you look like a Christmas tree through the printed graphics. It is full of ornaments. The sizes available are in Asian sizes. The materials used are pure cotton that ends up with skin-friendly and super soft sleepwear.

There might be a bit of color difference in person, but that doesn’t affect the clothing quality.


39. Karen Neuburger Drink Up Grinches Family Matching Christmas Pajama Sets

39. Karen Neuburger Drink Up Grinches Family Matching Christmas Pajama SetsThe expected warmth and comfort are hugely experienced with Karen Neuburger’s Pajama Sets. They have pajama collections you could look for with different designs.

It is blended with cotton, polyester, and fleece materials. Colorful statement printouts make the sleepwear more suitable for the Christmas seasons. Long sleeve tops are prepared for women and little girls, while men are only a t-shirt scheme. The jammies are made loose with stripes design.


40. SleepytimePJs Hot Cocoa Winter Flannel Christmas Family Matching Pajama Sets

40. SleepytimePJs Hot Cocoa Winter Flannel Christmas Family Matching Pajama SetsThe final list is a traditional flannel pajama available for adults and kids. They offer different sleepwear style that is sold separately. There’s a solid blue long sleeve top, a full-length nightgown, button-front closure shirt, and onesie for an infant.

It has Christmas-related graphics printouts. The jammies are machine-washable. It is safe for kids because of the flame-resistant feature. Snug-fitting is also achieved. It is made of blended cotton and polyester materials.

There’s an available pet bandana to let the dogs feel the Christmas season.




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