Top 20 Toddler Christmas Pajamas

This is the season to wear the cutest and coziest pajamas!

There’s no shortage of things to look forward to this Christmas break, and these cute little PJs with fun and bright Christmas themes are no exception. And on that beautiful Christmas morning, instead of letting your little one open their presents in regular jammies, invest in these cute Christmas PJs that match the holiday spirits and look good in pictures!

From red and green nightgowns to comfy Christmas onesies and flannel pants, and everything in between, we’ve rounded up the sweetest, cutest, and comfiest pajamas for your toddler to wake up in on their favorite day of the year!


20. Burt’s Bees Baby Unisex 2-Piece Pajama Set

This 2-piece pajama set is from reputable brand Burt’s Bees. Not only that, but this pajama set is also a Cribsie award winner for the softest and snuggliest PJs out there for four consecutive years.

This pajama set comes with the purest layer and is 100% organic breathable cotton. Its cotton material is also GOTS-certified, making these PJs great for sensitive skin. Ring-spun and combed for durability, its soft quality will surely last wash after wash.

Although available in more than ten stripe colors and styles, these Red Rugby Striped PJs scream Christmas! It features a ribbed band at wrists and ankles so that your little one’s arms and legs do not hike up during sleep. It also has an encased elastic waistband for a soft and snug fit.


19. The Children’s Place Boys’ Christmas Pajama

Make his Christmas dreams come true and allow him to be “Part Elf” for this holiday with this cute pajama set. Made from 100 percent cotton, this pajama set is super comfy for your baby boy to wear.

It features contrasting Reglan and neck sleeves with green and red stripes on the pants. Available in various sizes, you can choose a pajama set that fits snugly on your little man.


18. KikizYe Christmas Dinosaur Boys’ Pajama Set

For your little man who’s quite interested in ferocious dinosaurs, this PJ set from KikizYe will delight and keep him warm on a cold Christmas day. It features a ferocious T-rex wearing an adorable Christmas hat. To complete the Christmas theme, it even comes with little Christmas trees.

Made from 100 percent cotton, this PJ is super comfortable and breathable. It has a tagless label that will not irritate your little one’s delicate and sensitive skin. It includes long sleeves and pants with a cute dinosaur printing design. Also, it features crew necklines for easy wearing and an elastic waistband for a snug fit.


17. Rudolph Girls’ Granny Nightgown Pajamas

If you have a little Rudolph fan at home (who isn’t), then consider this cute nightgown featuring her favorite reindeer! It is so soft in the granny style that she will not want to change into her real clothes.

The flannel fabric will keep her warm and cozy on cooler nights. This is the perfect sleepwear selection for a holiday with intense and bright colors, making your little girl stand out while opening her gifts on Christmas day.

It features a fully taped collar, long sleeves to keep her warm, and ruffled hem and sleeves, complete with bow detail. Besides, the nightgown is tailored in flame-resistant fabric for your little girl’s safety.


16. Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby 2-Pack Christmas Onesies

For good value for your money, consider getting this two-pack of Christmas-themed onesies for your little one. Made for both little girls and boys, Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby offers two onesies with different styles, so your little angel can change outfit for a Christmas pictorial.

You can choose between Ivory Santa / Red Santa Set or the Heather Grey Reindeer / Green Santa Set. Fabric content is different by style; however, this particular set features fleece/polyester materials resistant to flame and free of chemical treatments that can harm your little one.

The onesies feature an ankle-to-chin zipper and a snap-over tab to cover your little one and keep him fully or warm on a cold Christmas day.


15. MOLYHUA Unisex Christmas Pajama Set

MOLYHUA offers dozens of cute Christmas Pajama Sets for all little girls and boys to wear on their favorite day of the year! You can choose from different styles, usually the Christmas red and green colors, with Santas or cute reindeer patterns on top and striped or plaid pants.

It features a 100 percent soft cotton material that is breathable and comfortable on your little one’s tender skin. The pajama set includes a long sleeve top shirt and pants for all-around comfort.


14. Elowel Pajamas Unisex Striped Christmas Pajama Set

Simple designs don’t matter as long as your little one is comfortable. And with this cute pajama set from Elowel Pajamas, your little one will surely sleep the night comfortably before Christmas.

It includes a long sleeve top and comfy pants, which are both made of soft cotton material. You can choose from different simple designs, including a solid green or red colored top and coordinating striped pants or striped tops and pants in white-green, white-red, or green-red colors.

The pajamas feature a tagless label to help protect your little one’s delicate and sensitive skin.


13. Little Pajamas Toddler 2-Piece Christmas Pajama

Ideal for the cold winter Christmas nights, this 2-piece Pajama set will keep your little one warm and cozy in addition to their favorite hot chocolate.

This snug-fit pajama set is made from 100 percent cotton super comfy for lounging in or sleeping. You also get to choose from various styles, including red stripes with Santa’s big head or your Santa’s partner reindeer!


12. Carter’s Girls’ Tutu Christmas Pajama Set

Let your little girl sleep comfortably with the cotton long-sleeve top and comfy pants the night before Christmas. Then, add the cute skirt on Christmas morning, so she’s ready to open her Christmas present while posing on her cute OOTD and smiling brightly at the camera.

This cute 3-piece tutu Christmas pajama greets a merry and bright Christmas while adding a nice girly twirl for your little angel to flaunt. Available in various styles and colors, and sizes so that you can choose the right fit for your toddler.


11. Baby House Toddler Christmas Pajama

Who says your little one should wait for Santa to bring gifts when he or she could be Santa and bring happiness to everyone in the family with this cute pajama designed to match Santa’s outfit? Or, maybe, you know, just in case Santa Claus needs a stand-in this year.

Made from 100 percent cotton, this Santa outfit is super soft and comfortable and should fit snugly on your little one. It also features a tagless label to prevent irritation on your little one’s sensitive and delicate skin.


10. Carter’s Girls’ Christmas Gown

This Christmas-themed nightgown will surely get any little gal into the true Christmas spirit. It does not get much sweeter than adorable prints of friendly snowmen, penguins, and bears scattered all over the comfy, grey, and pink gown.

It even has ruffle detail at the bottom and a cute, tiny ribbon on the neckline to complete the look.


9. BANGELY 2-Piece Baby Christmas Pajama Set

Just when you thought your little angel could not get any cuter, along come these adorable Christmas PJs. Celebrate your little one’s first Christmas ever with this cute PJ set from BANGELY.

The PJ set includes striped pants with a deer or Santa’s head and a triangle romper for easy changing diapers. The PJ is made of 100 percent cotton material that is super soft and comfortable for your baby’s delicate skin.


8. Von kilizo Toddler 3-Piece – Cheapest Christmas Pajama

Let your little one sleep comfortably on Christmas Eve with this 100 percent cotton pajama. Then on Christmas day, make him wear the included Christmas hat to complete his Christmas day look while opening his presents.


7. HappyMa 2-Piece Toddler Pajama Set

Gender-neutral, this toddler outfit from HappyMa will keep your little one comfortable and cozy on a cold Christmas night. It features Christmas trees that are sewn and not printed on the tops, while a black-red lattice bottom design makes your toddler look cute and adorable.

Made from 100 percent cotton, it is breathable and comfortable for all-day wearing and will not irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.


6. Family Feeling Christmas Bear Pajama Set

Find us something cuter than these pajamas featuring a sleepy, adorable bear that matches the mood of your little sleepyhead. We’ll wait.

In the meantime, this pajama is made of 100 percent cotton that is super soft and comfortable for your little one to sleep in on a cold Christmas Eve! You also get to choose from various styles and colors— striped or solid Christmas colors and cute Christmas character prints!


5. KikizYe Elf-Themed Pajama Set

Who knows, maybe some of Santa’s elves are on leave this holiday season. Now is the perfect chance to let your toddler be one of the helpful and hardworking elf partners of Santa with this adorable Elf-themed pajama set.

Cute, this pajama set allows your little one to do a little role-playing. It is made from 100 percent cotton that is comfortable for your little one to wear the whole Christmas day.

It includes long sleeves top with crew necklines for easy wearing and striped pants with an elastic waistband for a snug fit.


4. KikizYe Toddler Reindeer Pajamas

Oh, deer! This pajama is merely pun-tastic!

Featuring Christmas-themed green stripes all over the top and bottom, Santa’s cute reindeer takes the spotlight on the comfy long-sleeve top.

The pajama is made of 100 percent cotton and is designed to be a snug fit for your little one’s safety.


3. Family Feeling Little Girls’ Pajama Set

“Do you want to build a snowman?” If you got a Frozen fanatic who’s in love with fluffy Olaf but still not old enough to get out to build her snowman, then this PJ with a cute printed snowman should do for now!

Made from 100 percent cotton, not only is it so cute, but it is also super soft and comfortable that your little girl won’t want to change clothes. Besides, these pajamas are snugly fitted pajamas for your kid’s safety.


2. Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby – Christmas Pajama Set

She is already Mommy’s little helper this Christmas, so why not make her Santa’s little helper, too? This 3-piece pajama set from Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby is the most popular choice for “Toddler Christmas Pajamas.”

It comes in various sizes to fit your little one and even comes in 2 designs— Santa and his reindeer or little Christmas Kitty. This coordinating pajama set features two long-sleeve tops plus pants with ribbed cuffs and with covered elastic waistbands.

The pajama is made of 100 percent cotton and is not flame resistant. Each size is designed to fit your little one snugly to prevent catching fire.


1. Leveret Striped Unisex Pajamas

If you just need simple-designed pajamas for either your little girl or little boy, then this one from Leveret is an excellent buy. It is available in 4 simple styles— green / white stripes, red/green stripes, red/white stripes, and red /white/green stripes.

Made from 100 percent cotton, these pajamas are soft-footed to keep your little one’s feet cozy and comfortable, while the grip material ensures that your little one won’t accidentally slip. The zipper makes it easier for you to change your little one’s diaper and is lined for your toddler’s comfort. It also has a tagless label that will not irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.


As if Christmas morning could not get any better, give your little angel that extra level of excitement with a pair of Christmas PJs of their very own. Your phone will be filled with cute, memorable pictures of your little one while keeping them cozy and warm throughout the cold holiday season.



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