Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad Review

The Summer Infant Contoured change pad permits the baby to the replaced safely and comfortably. This item fits most dressers or tables and measures 32″ x 16″ x 4.

The table changing pad was made with safety in mind. It has top walls to keep the kid securely on the pad.

The top is twin layered for included comfort and durability.

The item also has a safety strap linked to it so you can save it over the child’s midsection and keep them from rolling too far either way. The belt can be fastened to the piece of furniture. It is on the peak to keep it stable while in use.

The Summer Infant change pad is simple to clean, making maintenance simpler for parents. The top layer of the pad is PVC free and meets the safety standards of ASTM F2388 for included peace of mind.

The summer infant contoured change pad provides parents and babies with a standard product that is also relaxing.

The big aspect of this changing pad is your baby’s comfort and safety. It specs a flexible safety belt as well as contoured walls, this pad ensures that your baby remains secure.

Underneath it has a security strap that is linked to the furniture and simultaneously,y the non-skid base is pretty essential to keep the pad in place when changing.


Hundred percent waterproof

You can make use of a damp cloth to clean this replacement pad, to make sure your kid is being changed on a surface free of germs.

Another amazing feature of this item is that it prioritizes the relaxation of your baby and does not flatten out after different uses.


  • Construed walls and fast-release safety belts keep baby comfortably and security on a pad
  • Strong quilted vinyl is a hundred percent waterproof material that can be whipped clean with a damp cloth.
  • 16 x 32 changing pad fits most standard changing table pad
  • Nonskid base. Quilted, base-layered PEVA vinyl is durable and simple to clean.



The summer Infant contoured changing pad has every item you want in a changing pad: it is secure, relaxing, simple to clean, and cost-friendly.

The quilted, twin-layered vinyl is ultra-simple to wipe down fast, and the high-contoured sides and plush padding keep the baby relaxed and safe.

There is also a security strap underneath to keep the pad steady on a strong changing table, and a strap on the top can keep wiggly or fussy infant safe during a change.



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