So You Want to Be Called Awesome: Customize Siri to Your Liking

Are you tired of Siri addressing you by your name or just want to add some personal flair to your virtual assistant? Look no further than customizing Siri to respond to a nickname or a preferred title. Not only can it add a touch of fun to your interactions, but it could also boost your Siri experience by increasing accuracy and recognition. Here is how you can customize Siri to your liking.

How to Customize Siri

Step 1: Launch Siri

You can either launch Siri by saying, “Hey Siri” or long-pressing the home button on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Tell Siri What to Call You

You can instruct Siri to call you by your preferred name or nickname. Some examples might include:

  • Your real name
  • A shortened version of your name (e.g. Liz instead of Elizabeth)
  • Your nickname (e.g. Captain, Chica, or Tiger)
  • Your job title or status (e.g. Doctor, Boss, or Chief)

To do this, say “Siri, call me [your preferred name or title].” Siri will then confirm this by repeating your request and ask if it got it right.

Step 3: Confirm or correct Siri’s pronunciation of your name

If Siri did not correctly pronounce your preferred name, you can provide feedback to improve her accuracy. Simply say “Siri, you pronounced my name wrong” and provide the correct pronunciation. Siri will then ask if it got the new pronunciation correctly.

Step 4: Add a Phonetic Spelling to Siri’s Vocabulary

If you have an unusual or difficult-to-pronounce name, you can add a phonetic spelling to Siri’s vocabulary. Say “Siri, that’s not how you pronounce my name” and then provide the correct pronunciation spelled phonetically. This feature will help Siri understand and recognize your name better.

Step 5: Customize Siri’s Voice

Did you know that you can choose the accent and gender of Siri’s voice? To customize Siri’s voice, go to Settings > Siri & Search and select Siri’s Voice. Here, you can choose whether Siri speaks in a male or female voice and what accent she uses.

Concluding Thoughts

Customizing Siri to address you the way you want not only adds a personal touch to your virtual assistant but also increases accuracy and recognition. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can make your Siri experience more fun and enjoyable.

FAQs about Customizing Siri

1. Can I add multiple nicknames for Siri to call me?

Unfortunately, at this time, Siri can only recognize one preferred name or title.

2. Can I change Siri’s name?

No, you cannot change Siri’s name, but you can customize how Siri addresses you.

3. Is it possible to change Siri’s voice to a different language?

Yes, you can choose from a variety of languages for Siri to speak in. To change Siri’s language, go to Settings > Siri & Search > Language.

In conclusion, customizing Siri is a fun and simple way to personalize your virtual assistant experience. By following the steps outlined above, you can have Siri address you in a way that is fitting and unique to you.



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