Seagate Personal Cloud 8TB Review

Whether you have a lot of data at home or at the office, creating a backup is important because it can allow you to keep said data safe. This is particularly important in an office setting. The Seagate 2 TB Personal Cloud is a fine product to use in such a situation. Essentially, this device has been created to serve as a cloud storage device that can be accessed by a select group of people. This makes it ideal for those living with roommates or working in an office.

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Seagate Personal Cloud Design

This product looks quite large for an external storage drive, but this size is a part of what makes it so functionally superior to other personal clouds on the market. The size also gives the build of this product a great deal of durability, although its heft might make it unsuitable for those who do not have a lot of room. It should also be noted that this product is quite aesthetically appealing. The smooth, glossy top juxtaposes well with the matte finish on all four sides of this device, making this product look sleek and modern.

Seagate Personal Cloud 8TB Review

Seagate Personal Cloud Performance

If you are worried about your data getting deleted or stolen, this is one of the best products to set your mind at ease. You can schedule automatic backups so that your data remains safe even if you forget to back it up manually. You can stream media directly from this device to a variety of devices such as smartphones, smart TVs, and Chromecasts. It should also be noted that this product’s read and write speeds are phenomenal. Once the backup process starts, it would be over before you know it. This is useful for busy office environments where time is of the essence.

Seagate Personal Cloud 8TB Review

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Seagate Personal Cloud Pros

  • Durability: Since this is a product intended for office use, durability is going to be a very important factor. Rest assured that this device is just as solid as it looks. There is no chance of it breaking, even if it has to endure some rough treatment. This means that this is a product you can use for the long term, which is ideal for offices that wouldn’t want to make such purchases on a regular basis. Additionally, it helps secure your data by preventing file corruption caused by bumps or falls.
  • Efficiency: Both read and write speeds for this product are excellent and on par with what the market offers, although at a slightly higher price point. Read speeds are a little over 12 MB/s, while write speeds are over 80 MB/s. Even larger files are dealt with without any significant loss in speed or efficiency, a real boon for people who don’t want to have to deal with long wait times when important office data is waiting to be backed up. It should also be mentioned that in spite of the significant write speeds, no data is lost or corrupted during file transfer which is a common problem with other products dedicated to speed. Additionally, the data would not just be saved to this device; further backups would be created to online storage apps that you would be able to connect to.
  • Compatibility: Perhaps the most enjoyable feature that this product has to offer is its compatibility with other devices. You can store your entire media library here and access it remotely from any other device. Additionally, this product is compatible with a variety of operating systems, from Windows to Mac and even Linux. This is a huge boon for people who do not like Windows or Mac OS and prefer operating systems such as Ubuntu because there are not a lot of external storage drives that can handle Linux.
  • Easy to use: Not everyone is a technological wizard and if you are buying something for an office, you will have to be particularly wary of devices that have a slow learning curve. This product is perfect for office environments because learning how to use it is going to be a breeze. Even the older individuals in your office would be able to figure out how this thing works after you sit them down and show them how to operate it. This makes this product great for family environments as well, where less technologically inclined people might need to use it.

Seagate Personal Cloud Cons

  • Price: While the product definitely offers top-notch performance, it does not come cheap. You would have to cough up quite a bit of money if you want to buy it, and there are other products on the market that offer the same read/write speeds at a lower cost. However, it should be noted that the cheaper products offering these speeds are going to give you problems such as data corruption and file loss, so it can be argued that the higher price point is justified here since this device would copy files exactly as they are.
  • Inadequate apps: One thing that might make you think twice about this product considering the price is the less-than-impressive app manager. While there are quite a few apps available here, other products at a similar price range offer a more diverse range of apps. It is clear that this product offers a give-and-take scenario. You should be willing to sacrifice app functionality if you want the efficiency, reliability, and durability that this product provides. Those that want a diverse range of apps with the original device are going to be disappointed.

Seagate Personal Cloud 8TB Review


While this product may be a little more expensive than those offered by competitors, the pros outweigh the cons by a large margin. Overall, Seagate has continued its tradition of creating heavy-duty data storage solutions, and the highly accessible cloud of the product’s storage features makes it perfect for use by multiple people at the same time. Just keep in mind that this product focuses on practical data storage rather than versatile app accessibility.

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