Seagate Duet 1TB Review

Are you tired of carrying your backup hard drives wherever you go? Would you rather have cloud storage? Well, what if I told you that you could get the benefits of both a hard drive and cloud storage all in one?

Such is offered by the Seagate Duet 1 TB hard drive. This is because unlimited Amazon storage accompanies it for a year. Such a feature allows you to share files that are on your backup drive without having to carry the product around. The value-added features of Seagate Duet make it worth the money.

Enhanced portability

No one likes to carry around massive hard drives when traveling. Customers always wish for products which are convenient to travel with.Seagate Duet 1TB Review

Seagate is known to produce portable devices, and this product is no different. The size of the drive is such that it fits in your hands as well as your pockets. This small size along with the lightweight of the product makes it the ideal hard drive for those who wish to be equipped with their data at all times.

Back up your backup drive

Many people prefer cloud over hard drives because it is more convenient to access and is not prone to get lost. However, the use of cloud is limited to internet access, which serves to be a flaw in the service. In this aspect, hard drives are clear winners as they are not dependent on the web to allow you access to your files.Seagate Duet 1TB Review

Seagate combines the benefits of both storage options by including a one-year free unlimited Amazon cloud storage in the package. Such a feature provides users with the autonomy of perusing their data on a computer via the drive as well as on mobiles and tablets via the cloud storage.

With two forms of storage backing up your files, you are bound to feel more confident about the safety of your data.


This product looks just like any other Seagate hard drive with the Seagate branding as well as the Amazon branding on the top side of the product.

Moreover, the drive is only available in the color black which gives the product a simple look. While the back of the product features an embossed logo of the brand, the side of the drive is equipped with a USB 3.0 interface to allow for ease in the file backup.


Excellent performance marks this 1 TB portable device. The read and write speeds of the product are better than other similar items. It was observed that when provided with a 2 MB random data, the product had a read speed of 99.8 MB/s and write speed of 81.7 MB/s.

Seagate Duet 1TB ReviewSuch rates saw massive improvement when provided with 2 MB sequential data. Here, the product succeeded in reading and writing at a rate of 129 MB/s.

With such high reading and writing speeds, this product offers you quick backup of your data which is a feature demanded by all hard drive users.Seagate Duet 1TB Review


Apart from the features mentioned above, this product exhibited the following specifications:

  • Its capacity is 1 TB
  • The product has a USB 3.0 interface
  • This hard drive requires a Windows 7, 8, Mac OS X 10.1 or a higher system
  • The dimensions of the product are 0.4 x 3 x 4.5 inches
  • The weight of the hard drive is 4.3 ounces
  • A two-year warranty accompanies the product



  • Allows you to enjoy the perks of having a physical as well as a virtual backup
  • Provides you with unlimited cloud storage for a year
  • The product is immensely portable
  • The product powers via a USB which is more convenient than cables


  • Larger files take a long time to back up


Customer reviews

Overall, this product has succeeded in receiving favorable reviews from most of the users who have appreciated the inclusion of a free year-long subscription to an Amazon account.

Moreover, users feel that for the price charged, the device offers an array of features and benefits, thereby making the product highly cost-effective. The portable nature of the hard drive has been lauded by many, who believe that it is a source of massive convenience to them.

However, some have reported that the upload and download speeds provided by the hard drive can be further improved as, currently, larger files take forever to back up.

Nonetheless, since the product has succeeded in providing a satisfying read and write speed, many have been quick to overlook the minor flaws of the product and focus on all the benefits.



All in all, this product managed to deliver what many other hard drives fail to offer, that is, safety of your backup files. Gone are the days when you were plagued with worry every time your hard disk refused to function. Now with the cloud backup, you always have a backup of your backup hard drive. Such a distinct feature has allowed this product to stand out amongst an array of competing items.

Therefore, if you value convenience and safety of your data along with high-quality performance, this hard drive will prove to be perfect for you. Choose the Seagate Duet 1 TB Hard Drive, and make sure you never lose valuable data. Ensure the security of your data, and carry your hard drive around without an issue.



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