Royal & Nas’ First-Ever NFT Drop Sells Out in Minutes

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It’s official: hip-hop icon Nas has been added to the blockchain. On 3LAU’s new platform, Nas worked with the DJ to make his first-ever NFT collection in two parts.

Both of the drops, which were the first live sales of NFTs on, sold out in record time, with a total of 1,870 NFTs. In addition to the $560,000 in total money, secondary sales have already begun, with the project rising on OpenSea to270 ETH ($725,000+) in sales volume.

Both “Ultra Black,” the album’s debut hit, and “Rare,” from Nas’ 2022 Grammy Award-nominated album King’s Disease II, can be included on the compilation.

Streaming royalty ownership is now available to collectors of both tracks, which were initially released by Nas’s indie label, Mass Appeal, as LDAs (Limited Digital Assets, a.k.a. royalty-bearing NFTs).

Both “Ultra Black” and “Rare” have a limited quantity of tokens, and streaming royalty ownership is divided into three tiers: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. In addition to royalties, there are additional perks for each tier, which are detailed in the table below.Royal & Nas’ First-Ever NFT Drop Sells Out in Minutes

Even though its original debut date of Jan. 11 was canceled, the collection went up today without a hitch after an extra week of preparation.

Royal’s technology is already changing the game for independent artists, but it will have far-reaching consequences for them as well.

Until recently, the only ways for fans to demonstrate their support for their favorite artists have been to listen to or buy their music, go to performances, or purchase merchandise.

It’s now possible for fans to invest directly in singers and experience shared riches as they ascend to recognition via Royal.

Visit the website to discover more about Nas’ drop.


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