Top 20 Best Round Baby Cribs

We understand if doubts are running through your mind right at this moment about the effectiveness of the best-round cribs for babies. At some point in time, we cannot deny how harmful the sharp edges of a rectangular best mini crib are. Perhaps, there are days when your baby accidentally got bruises. Especially at times, the baby play inside the crib.

20 Best Round Baby Cribs

With the best round crib for the baby, there’ll be no sharp edges, and the baby can be easily monitored. Unlike a rectangular crib that demands you to go around the four corners to perceive a baby, a round crib will not require you to stand to see the baby.

Since best-round cribs are new in the market, we’ve done the research and reviewed the items below. Plenty of items are included for you to pick on. Keep on reading! Here are 20 beautiful and elegant round baby cribs that are best for your little one.


1. Dream on Me Sophia Posh Best Mini Crib

Checking your child is much more comfortable in the best round baby crib. Perhaps, this is new to you. We usually encounter cribs in bulkier shapes. The topmost listed is a Dream on Me round baby crib, and we’ll see how good it is for your baby.

It is named Sophia Posh Mini Crib, and its simplicity of it fits every room design. The round crib is made of pine wood that is merely furnished from top to bottom that needs to be assembled.

No worries, you can set it up very fast, and all the necessary tools are included. There’s no drop-side rail. Thus it fully secures a child from being dropped. Bar spaces are adequate to provide proper airing for your baby.

Dream on Me round mattress is sold independently and must be measured 42″ W x 42″ D. This material can be positioned in 4 different positions suitable for babies of all ages. However, another brand of mattress in standard size is alright. The crib can carry a maximum weight of 40 Lbs.


2. Cubby Baby Nursery Oval Crib with Bumpers

Do you want to keep your baby’s skin 100% safe from scratches? Perhaps, all you need is a round crib surrounded by soft bumpers, so whenever the baby hits the corner, it won’t either hurt. Cribs these days normally have wooden edges, but with Cubby Round Crib, it has a softer edge.

In one purchase, you can get the best round crib together with two blankets and a bunch of pillows (specifically 12 pieces). Foremost, the crib is made of wood, and it is filled with pillows. The pillows are all amazingly colored with mint and have wonderful pattern designs. The materials used in these pillows are all-natural and 100% cotton; thus, it doesn’t awaken allergies on the baby’s skin.

Washing the sheets and the pillows takes only 30 degrees through machine wash to avoid discoloration and distortion. Drying these materials will be so fast and using an iron is also permissible. Overall, it makes a baby comfortable when sleeping and we bet that the included pillows are a big help.


3. Badger Basket Empress Round Baby Bassinet 

Babies, especially those newly born, demand a proper place where to sleep. This type of best-round crib is not normally a wooden crib but a crib made of a bassinet. A bassinet is intended only for newborns weighing 20 lbs. And therefore, Empress Round Baby Bassinet is only for infants.

We counted it in a round baby crib, for it only differs on the bassinet being used. The design is still comparable to those round cribs. However, it’s only the bedding it contrasts.

Further, its outlook can complement any house décor. There’s also built-in storage underneath for diapers, baby clothes, and other essentials.

One unique feature is the light-filtering canopy that lets the baby undisturbed by lighting to bring about a nicer sleep. It is a well-built round bassinet thereof.

Moreover, the bedding is made of a single soft sheet that is machine-washable. And if you want to have an extra sheet, you can buy it separately.

For great mobility, caster wheels will do.


4. Badger Basket Elegance Round Baby Bassinet

Done with the Empress Round Baby Bassinet, this time, we’ll be discussing the other model of Badger Basket when it comes to a baby crib. For sure, it’s not only by the name that they differ but also on some specs that this one has.

First of all, Elegance Round Baby Bassinet is named after its charming structure. It looks unique yet straightforward in feature, and placing it anywhere at home is adaptable.

The crib is made of not-so-hard wood, thus preventing unnecessary scratches on the baby. In added beautifiers, the canopy looks like a skirt covering a child. You can also adjust the depth of the crib that’ll suit your baby’s growth.

There’s also an underneath storage for the baby’s essentials (same as the preceding model). For extra mobility, caster wheels are present. However, the crib wouldn’t be shrunk to enter standard doors.

Lastly, a soft, rounded mattress is included in the payment, and this is the reason why babies sleep comfortably in this crib.


5. Stokke Sleepi Mini Crib Bundle with Mattress & Drape Rod

The fresher sleeping area is what Stokke Sleepi desires for your baby. Unlike the other round crib that has been fully covered with a canopy, this one is more breathable. You can let the baby cover without being suffocated.

Not a perfectly best round crib shape but an oval crib. It is furnished with white and well-structured as there are options to adjust the height and the depth of it. Therefore, as your child grows, the crib will still be useful.

The crib is lightweight; thus, assembling it would be easy. Also, moving the crib from place to place is made easier through the pre-installed wheels, and it can be contracted to fit on narrow doors.

The highlight feature of this oval crib is the mesh canopy that allows airflow on the inside even when entirely close. However, any kind of ceiling canopy would do. Also, spending extra costs to buy a mattress is not demanded it comes with one mattress upon purchase.


6. Stokke Sleepi Mini Crib System

Setting up a crib may be exhausting at times, for there are many materials needed to be attached. However, the one-time purchase is now available with Stokke Sleepi. No need to search for the appropriate mattress on your crib as they come all together. Amazingly, this round crib system is at its best as compared to other items.

One purchase will give you two cribs already. A little reminder is it will cost you plenty of cents to have this one. The two cribs differ in size and shape; one is bigger and oval while the other one is a smaller best round-shape crib.

Moreover, the crib is convertible wherein the railings can be detached and turned the crib into a plain bed when the child grows up. Also, the railings are made of smooth edges of wood that can be removed individually when necessary.

The added 2 mattresses are built-in thus no need of fitting by yourself. Both are 4 inches that are thick enough to support the baby and to give comfort. The foam material being used is odor-resistant and has strong ventilation that dries quickly.


7. Baby Doll Bedding Carnation Eyelet Round Crib

The way you took care of your toy doll when you were young, apply it now in taking good care of your baby. This item is comparable to a doll crib, as its name says. Yet, it is not intended for non-living dolls but a cute babies.

The bedding is made in the USA, thus ensuring the quality and durability of the product. Additionally, it is soft, simple, and cotton-made bedding. The crib is available in two designs, including a white-colored round crib and an ivory-made round crib. Besides, the latter is more expensive.

Other accessories included are the canopy, bedding sheet, and a comforter which are all necessary to add comfort to the baby. Further, you can customize the way it looks by putting some ribbons to tie the canopy more elegantly.


8. Baby Doll Bedding Sensation Round Crib 

Do you want your baby to look like a king in his palace? This is not a palace but the best round crib that seems to be a palace in looks. Who could imagine a baby living like a royal at a young age? Baby Doll made it possible in one way or another.

Baby Doll Sensation Round Crib is a sensational one when in terms of how it looks. It is finished with a majestic and perfect combination of cream and gold. 

Together with the bedding is made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton, which are comfortable for the baby. Also, these materials are in favor of being machined-wash.

Another set of accessories is included such as a comforter, bedding sheet, shock absorber, and dust ruffle. You can renovate the crib in your way by using ribbons and other beautifying resources to completely achieve a grandeur best-round crib. Of course, paying a price is indispensable with this luxurious crib.


9. Baby Doll Darling Round Crib Set, Lavender

This crib is certainly designed for baby girls out there. We know how hard it is to look for a crib that will suit the gender status quo. But this time, we’ve found one that’s seamlessly and unbelievably suitable for a girl.

It is designed similarly to a doll crib because of its cuteness, and the crib is adorable in lavender color. To complete the set, it comes with a comforter, extra cushions, two large ribbons, and a canopy.

Those add-ons give extra comfort to the baby girl. All of these are made of easy-to-wash cotton, and the color will not fade, nor will the object not be distorted.

Overall, it’s not only a normal crib, for it can enhance the look of your room or wherever you’ll going to place it. And also, the crib can be transformed for a baby boy’s sake by enhancing its color design or by choosing another set of bedding.

The next item is the answer.


10. Baby Doll Bedding Round Crib Bedding Set, Blue

Compared to the prior model, this one is primarily intended for a baby boy. The beddings are all blue as a sign of masculinity. A crib that perfectly fits the likeness of your child and staring at its blue color is so mesmerizing.

Aside from a blue color, an added black color makes it more suitable for boys. Other specs are just the same as the one for baby girls.


11. Dream On Me Sophia Posh Circular Crib, Lavender Ice

The second item for Dream on Me is the Lavender Ice Circular Crib. Same with the first product listed, perhaps the only difference is the appearance of each crib. You can provide a tiny shelter for the baby without spending too much in your pocket.

The crib is surrounded by solid wood railings that keep the baby safe. It is colored with lavender releases a cool feeling while seeing it. The baby inside the crib will surely enjoy the ambiance of lavender color, and if possible, you can add up a colorful canopy (sold separately) or customize an elegant curtain to cover up the crib. Also, the best round cushion is not included in procurement.

Assembling the item will be easy for the tools needed to be counted in. Thereafter, many safety standards have been followed, including CPSC and ASTM standards. The crib is also lightweight and affordable.


12. Bella Rose Round Crib with Rose Appliqué

We tried to discover other sites that sell the best round cribs, and we’ve found this adorable Bella Rose Round Crib. You can visibly see the difference between those mentioned earlier and this one through how it looks. At the time of review, the product is not yet available.

Primarily, the added rose applique is so elegant and eye-catchy. The rose applique is painted with non-toxic materials. With this feature, it is more likely created for a baby girl.

The conversation is over with only one added design. To continue, it is handmade specifically for the newborn, but still, it can be useful when the baby gets older.

Further, the crib has wheels for convenient mobility. The railings are fixed and sturdy in securing a child while having a nice sleep. However, the mattress is sold separately.


13. Jaylen Round Baby Bedding 

If you want your baby to experience a luxurious sleeping crib, Jaylen has got your back. By having this time, spending additional costs to complete the package is undeniable. There are many color and design options on the blankets, canopy, bedding sheets, and other essentials to complete its luxurious look.

Its coverings are colored with a combination of pink and blue that makes it elegant in the eyes of both the parent and the baby. The package included bumpers, a bedsheet, and an extra décor on the lower part of the crib. The manufacturer gives you an option in buying a canopy and extra sheets for a better outlook.

You can customize the item according to your desired final look of it. What matter is the safety of the baby and the mood it gives in the entire room where it is placed? For now, prepare some cents as it demands a greater cost to acquire one.


14. Blue Star Best Round Crib Review

A more child-friendly round crib, Blue Star has a great job of creating one. Babies tend not to appreciate a colorful crib because of their innocence, but a symbolic one could catch that baby’s attention.

Why do we say so? Those mentioned above are all plain even though it’s colorful. This item is different.

Blue Star Round Crib is finished with non-toxic blue and added a moon and stars that arouse good night vibes. A baby would love it as if he/she is under the sky while having some rest.

This item is made of Ramin hardwood that requires a bit of assembly upon delivery. Additionally, there are four mattress height positions which are good for the baby as it grows bigger.

The product is USA-made therefore quality assurance has been achieved.


15. Chantelle Best Round Crib Review

Up next is another elegant looking for the best round crib. Elegance doesn’t always mean putting so much décor on it but on how it complements any room style. We know that babies grow fast and letting them experience a well-dressed round crib has an impact on their growth.

From now on, do a makeover on your baby’s crib. Chantelle Round Crib is more of a regal outlook that is perfect for the baby to look majestic in a crib.

There’s an optional amoretto applique that makes the crib more elegant. The resource used in creating this item is a solid wood that could last for years to come. Additionally, the mattress has two height positions and hence fits grown-up babies.

For customization, you can put a canopy on a crib and add some décor such as ribbons. No worries for the crib conforms to US safety standards.

The problem is it costs that much. However, the money you paid would be worth it once you see the baby happy and peaceful with its new best-round crib. Other than that, Chantelle Round Crib is not only beautiful in looks but more in its quality.


16. Liberty Sleigh Crib =

Are you searching for the best round crib that has better quality yet demands a smaller cost? Liberty Sleigh Crib has what you’re looking for. It is still costly but in a smaller bill as compared to the preceding best-round crib. Let’s now talk more about it below.

Liberty Sleigh Crib is made from North American Hardwoods finished with dark brown. It has a simple design as the poles are in a curve. However, because of its simplicity, it is admired by many.

Additionally, an assembly is required after it is delivered. It has a sure lock feature to secure the baby in it even when it’s playtime. The bedding is available in different attractive colors; you are free to choose which is which.

Further, a mattress is included in the cost of purchase. That’s the reason why we said a while ago that this item is costly but it is worth of cost. They also meet the safety standards of the US to prove how effective this best round crib is


17. Fairytale Pumpkin Round Crib

Babies love to live in an enchanted world. Make your baby girl feels like she’s Cinderella who’s riding on a pumpkin carousel. However, the real thing is, it’s just a charming baby enjoying her sleep in a crib. Let’s confuse people on how magical your baby’s room is.

It appears like a pumpkin that is usually seen in Cinderella’s story. Fairytale Pumpkin Round Crib is made of hand-forged iron resulting in a more elegant and shiny crib.

This perfectly complements a baby’s room for the manufacturer has considered all the details to end up with a magical best-round crib. With this kind of crib, expect to do more on assembling it. Further, a mattress is included that has two height positions.

As expected, the price to be paid is highly expensive and we guess, it is the most expensive best round crib listed in this article. The good thing is, the manufacturer decided to sell this product with no shipping fee. At least, the cost has lessened compared to when the shipping fee has to be paid. Thanks to the manufacturer.


18. Frette Round Crib

We bet this item is the simplest above all the best round cribs mentioned. However, the price is still high and it takes a lot of hard work to obtain one. Just like the other round cribs that bear a higher cost, perhaps this one will prove to you that its price speaks for its superiority.

Frette Round Crib is just a circle crib with fewer designs. The crib is made from powder-coated iron finished with six different non-toxic materials. It doesn’t demand huge space at home.

Then again, an assembly is required to achieve a better outlook of the crib. Additionally, the mattress is also included in the package.

Frette conforms to the US safety standards which promote the assurance of the safety of your baby. For additional security, there’s a sure lock feature on the crib’s base.

We’ve mentioned that it costs a higher price, that’s true. However, the shipping fee is free. Indeed, a worth-the-price round crib on the list


19. Airplane Round Baby Crib

There’s a plane! That’s what we yell whenever an airplane is in the air and babies are amazed whenever they see it. From now on, you don’t have to scream out loud for the baby to notice an airplane. The manufacturer brought a plane in a crib.

To make things clear, we’re not talking about a literal airplane but only a plane design. There are four small planes attached to the poles, and other planes are printed in front of the crib.

Moreover, the best round baby crib is made of Ramin hardwood available in two non-toxic paint coverings, including naturally finished and coated with white color. For mobility, lockable caster wheels are present.

The crib is not fully assembled when delivered thus making action on it is necessary. However, the mattress is not included yet it has 4 height positions. In addition, the materials being used meet the US safety standards. Sadly, the shipping fee isn’t free which marks it is more expensive.


20. Rainier Round Crib 

Cheers to the last item listed! Nowadays, darker colors have been so popular and more eye-catchy. Perhaps, it is more elegant and more stylish as matched to those with a lighter color. Though babies are more likely attracted to lively colors, why don’t we give it a try for Rainier Round Crib?

We believe that darker colors are much easier to complement with other home décors. Rainier Round Crib is colored dark brown near to black.

Together the complete bedding, bumper, and crib skirt make this crib a one-at-time purchase. However, these materials are not machined washable as it is all made of silk and fur. That adds to its uniqueness!

Sadly, a canopy is not included. But overall, this one is recommended for styling enthusiast parents out there. Its attractiveness is greatly admired. However, the cost is still high for average-earner parents. The good news is there’s no shipping fee added.



We’ve searched for questions that are so important to ask when buying this kind of crib. Hope the answers are clear to you and if there are additional questions to be raised, a comment box below is made for you. Here are five queries that will surely help you to decide which round baby crib to buy:

What is a round baby crib?

There’s no huge difference between the usual baby crib and the best round baby crib. This type of baby crib is named after its shape which is round. There are no sharp edges, and it is easier to see the baby with this type.

Why should I choose to buy a round baby crib?

If you mind a safer and sturdier crib, choose a round baby crib. Besides the edges aren’t sharp which is safer for babies. Additionally, it demands a smaller space in any room and also bears a lesser cost.

Things to consider in buying a round baby crib

As usual, before acquiring a product, knowing the best factor a product must have is a privilege for a buyer. At this point, we’ll reveal the factors a round baby crib must bear.

  • Space-saver: Even though a round baby crib is known for its portability, they don’t still have the same diameters. Choosing the ones who occupy a smaller space at home is recommended.
  • Assembly: Mostly, bulkier baby essentials are delivered unassembled. Check if tools and instruction manuals are added during the purchase.
  • Adjustable mattress height: Spending too much in purchasing a crib must foresee its future usefulness. Having an adjustable mattress height is advantageous not only for infants but also for growing babies.
  • Railings construction: Railings are the primary protection from falling. Well-built fences can be seen on the materials being used in construction. 
  • Additional mattress: Mattress has a high cost. However, some models include mattresses in one purchase which lessens the cost.

What are the advantages of using a round baby crib?

Positive feedbacks about a round baby crib were its sturdiness and longevity. Also, it gives a new outlook in any room where a baby can move freely without getting any scars. Lastly, seeing the baby is more comfortable with this no-corner crib.

What are the disadvantages of using a round baby crib?

First, the baby grows fast that it eventually outgrows a round crib. Another is there’s a limited number of accessories that fit on the best round baby crib. Besides, a suitable mattress itself is hard to find, and appropriate accessories are costly. Sadly, its availability is limited in other areas.


During these times, a round baby crib is not as popular as rectangular, and square ones are more well-known. On the other hand, learning more about it will surely make an impression on you to buy one.

We have mentioned 20 best-round cribs for you to decide which is the best for your little one. Still, we recommend you look for more round cribs in the market.

If you have any questions or recommendations, feel free to write them down below. We’re willing to help you.



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