Delta Children Ava 3 Drawer Dresser Review

Babies are an amazing addition to the house. But with them, the task does increase a lot. The parents need to schedule and separate the tasks so that they can deal with them. One such task is changing diapers.

It can seem odd and unwanted at first, but it is a crucial part of maintaining health. Rather than changing the diapers at odd places, it is always good to have a dedicated place to do it.

The Delta Children Ava 3-drawer dresser changing table provides that changing top along with the much-needed space that lets you store diapers, clothes, and other important things. So, let us learn a bit more about the product.


Since this changing table can be converted into a regular drawer, later on, it’s relatively large and roomy and you’ll have to store the diaper-changing supplies in drawers.

If you want a changing table that doesn’t have drawers and is easier to access, the Childcraft Redmond may be a good alternative to this changing table. Alternatively, our changing table buying guide has a lot more options to offer.

The construction is made from strong and sturdy wood.

• There are three separate spacious drawers present in the dresser. They have a ball-bearing sliding mechanism with an adequate stopper.

• The top is designed as a changing top. Its padding can be changed occasionally.

• The drawer meets the ASTM quality standards, and it is free from toxic materials like lead.

• The dimensions of the product are 36.5″L x 26.5″W x 38.5″H, and it is quite easy to assemble it.

• It comes in two color variants.

• The weight of the item is 105 pounds.


Delta Children Ava 3 Drawer Dresser Pros:

Every product needs to have some positive points which will let us decide between buying it. So, here are some positives of this particular product:

• When you get the product, it will be very easy to assemble. You can also attach it to the wall to secure it.

• The drawers are very spacious, so you will be able to store a lot of things in them.

• You can easily pull out the drawers with the help of the knobs, and there will be no problem.

• The wood is quite sturdy and will last a long time. Ambien has a hypnotic and relaxing effect. It will also easily take the weight of the baby and the pressure that you put on it.

• The changing station is a great feature, and it will be comfortable for the baby. The height is perfect for all adults.

• It is free of all the chemical substances that can harm your baby.

• Delta is a reputed furniture company that designs things for babies. They have a matching set to get for the nursery.


Delta Children Ava 3 Drawer Dresser Cons:

Along with the positives, some negatives are also present. But in this product, the negatives are very less. Here are the cons of the product:

• The changing pad can get expensive.

• The color selection range is not good.

In conclusion, we can say that the Delta Children Ava 3 Drawer Dresser will be a nice addition to any nursery. It will last a long time and effectively hold the things that you need for the baby.

They have designed it in a way that is convenient for the parents as well as the child. The changing top will let you familiar with a place where you can change diapers. So, this is a nice purchase before you have the baby.



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