Parenthood comes with the frustrating hassle of constantly changing a baby out of dirty diapers multiple times a day.

There is always the risk of spoiling the surroundings while changing, and that becomes a headache to clean afterward.

The Pemberly Row Changing Table by Little Smiley is the perfect solution to all these woes and worries. It is a beautifully sturdy wooden changing table with world-class features that transforms into a regular chest of drawers for your home without much hassle.

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The table, equipped with easy-to-access drawers and two shelves beneath the changing table is a must-have for a new parent, as it caters to everything in childcare and makes it easy to raise a baby with complete ease and comfort.

This is a bulkier version of similar drawer changing tables, like the Delta Children Ava. It comes with several technical features to ensure the absolute safety of the child and is embellished with high-end espresso-finish wooden knobs.

Product Features:

  • The dimensions of the table are 19.5 x 47.2 x 36.8 inches and it weighs 118 pounds.
  • The table comes with 2 open storage spaces, including 3 large drawers on the left, 1 detachable shelf, and a smaller one on the right equipped with metal slides that ensure the full safety of the baby.
  • The changing station on the top can be removed, allowing transformation into a good-looking chest that is built to last several years.
  • It is eco-friendly and made with high-quality wood in an espresso chocolate finish which gives it a retro yet modern look.
  • It has decorated grooves on the top with ample space for both the baby and the required tools of baby care.
  • All the components on the table are detachable.
  • The Product is delivered with an instruction manual to assemble but tools are not included in the kit.


  • This is a very unique product that caters to the specific needs of parents of a newly born. It is versatile as it also transforms into a beautiful chest.
  • The look and feel of the table are extremely chic and modern and would make a great addition to the interiors of a house.
  • Even though the product has very specific functions, the addition of two more shelves and storage spaces makes it versatile to store things in. All the baby’s handy products like baby wipes, towels, change of clothes, fresh diapers, powders, oils, etc can be stored in one place without hassle.
  • The ridges, grooves, contours, and generally built products are made to ensure the full safety of the baby.
  • The table comes with a 5-year limit warranty and an instruction manual for assembly.


  • It cannot hold weight beyond 30 pounds which may be inconvenient for some parents.
  • It could be a little technical to assemble when tools are not included in the packaging.
  • Except for a few nitty-gritty, there are no obvious flaws in this product.

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