Best Pali Changing Table Reviewed

Let’s be honest, some things are more ‘nice to haves’ rather than ‘must-haves’ when a baby arrives.

As first-time parents, only the very best will do, and out of sheer excitement, with a touch of panic and maybe a smear of FOMO you rush out and buy every available baby product that you’ve seen on reviews, heard about via friends, or seeing on a celebrity baby.

Truth is a lot of these things aren’t necessary but there are a few items that you can’t-do without. Call them life hacks that’ll save your life as a new parent.

If you consider that for the first year or so of your baby’s life, you’re going to be doing nothing but changing diapers.

During the night, early morning, after a feed, during a feed, right before a feed, then again straight after you’ve just put a clean one on.

Babies are for the first year at least nothing but peeing and pooping machines. It’s what they do. It’s what they’re good at.

Considering how much time you spend at a baby changing table you’d probably be getting your money’s worth in the first month.

What might seem like an expensive and almost unnecessary purchase when you take into account everything else you might need to buy, the changing table is an investment and will get more use than a stroller or a seat.

Depending on the style of the changing table it also has multiple uses, especially if you choose one with drawers for storage.

Think of a changing table like a battle station; the diapers and everything else inside or close by is your arsenal of ammo to get you through every situation and the comfortable pad on top is the perfect place to put baby while changing yet another diaper.

If budgets are tight, and usually with a new baby on its way they generally are, then a changing table isn’t an absolute must.

They’re a nice way of staying organized; it’s a nice piece of furniture for a nursery and if you choose well you’ll be able to use for it years to come, even after the baby has grown out of diapers.

If you’re sitting on the fence and trying to make that final decision, to buy a pali changing table or not, they do have some benefits, which include:

  • Helps your back and knees, especially if you’re tall and bending over a bed has you looking like a giraffe at a drinking hole. If you battle with a bad back you’ll appreciate just how much a changing table alleviates those aches and pains
  • Storage is sorted if you have a changing table. Depending on the style you choose they are a drawer unit and you can keep everything from diapers and all the other bits you need for the procedure as well as for clothes, toys, towels, blankets, and other bits and bobs. The fact that changing tables are multi-functional is what most parents like and probably sways their final decision in favor of purchasing one
  • If you get a rolling changing table it can be moved from one area in the room to another or even from room to room

But don’t get too excited as you jump in your car and rush off to the nearest baby store. There are a few downsides, which you need to think about. These include:

  • The cost; they are expensive, so be aware of that
  • They’re big; make sure you have the space
  • They’re not portable so you have to change baby where the table is, which might mad dashes now and then, or more now than then

New parents make do with what they have and maybe it’s a case of ‘ignorance is bliss; if you don’t know what life is like with a pali changing table you won’t know what you’re missing, and there’s a good chance you’re not missing out on anything.

But if you have had one you’ll understand the convenience and might not get why others don’t have one.

PALI Max Changing Table in Natural


Pali is a leader in baby furnishings, from beds and chests of drawers to changing tables and cribs. Their products are eco-friendly and the company has a strong commitment to keeping their products green.

This Pali Changing Table helps you keep your baby fresh and safe with the least amount of fuss. It has store shelves as well as a sliding drawer where you can keep diapers, baby wipes, baby powder, different creams, and whatever else you might need.

True to Pali’s products, safety is always a priority and this table is no different with its safety rails as well as the elegant curves and excellent workmanship.

All their products are finished with non-toxic lead-free water-based paints and they only use water base glues; they even go so far as to use recycle any materials that can’t be reused and the techniques they have in place to produce their products minimize harmful emissions and exceed American standards.

When you purchase from Pali you’re not only keeping your baby safe, you’re taking the wellbeing of future generations into account too.



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