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New parents know the hassle of changing a baby out of a dirty diaper and how inconvenient it could be to do that multiple times a day.

There is always the risk of spoiling the surroundings while changing, and that becomes a headache to clean afterward.

The Ozark River Portable Sink Changing Table is a one-stop solution to all sanitation problems, featuring a unique design for optimum ease and cleanliness.

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The Product is a two-in-one cleaning and changing unit which comes with a metal finish germ resistant portable sink and a changing tray right adjacent to it. It can hold gallons of water for washing hands and the waste is deposited in the space below.

There is an outlet for dispensing liquid soap as well, and the changing bed comes with buckles, a changing pad, and sturdy walls to ensure the full safety of the baby.

If instead of a sink you could make use of an added crib, the Sorelle Cape Cod crib and changer combo will be a much better choice for you.

Product Features:

  • The dimensions of the table are 25 x 39 x 58 inches and it weighs 233 pounds.
  • It features a self-contained hot water instant system for the comfort of the parent.
  • The storage tank enables over 42 rounds of hand washing with a 5-gallon fresh water reservoir and a 6-gallon waste water reservoir.
  • It comes with a liquid soap dispenser.
  • The product includes locking storage beneath the bed and an adjustable shelf that can be molded to suit the baby’s needs.
  • The changing station comprises a 1-inch thick changing pad, a safety strap, and a laminated basin top for a modern feel and safety precautions for the baby.
  • The hand washing station is completely portable, made of stainless steel that is germ resistant and can be easily cleaned.
  • Assembly of the same is required and there is an obvious weight limit of 40 pounds that can be put on the changing tray.


  • This is a very unique product that caters to the specific needs of parents of a newly born. It is also very versatile as it doubles up as a sink basin as well.
  • The look and feel of the table are extremely chic and modern and would make a great addition to the interiors of a house.
  • Even though the product has very specific functions, the addition of storage space and an adjustable shelf makes it versatile to store things in. All the baby’s handy products like baby wipes, towels, change of clothes, fresh diapers, powders, oils, etc .can be stored in one place without hassle.
  • It comes with belts, buckles, and walls to ensure the full safety of the baby.
  • The fresh water reservoir needs to be refilled once and then the parent can forget about it for a while.
  • The best of all is that it is a perfect travel companion for the baby as sometimes finding a washing station becomes difficult.


  • The table could be a little bulky to carry as it looks like a viable alternative for travel purposes but, weighing 233 pounds, could be an inconvenience to take around.

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