OtterBox launches first collection of AirTags cases with three rugged styles

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OtterBox has officially released its first AirTags case series.

The new covers come in three distinct designs, each with a more durable build than the previous one, and give further protection for your Apple item finders while also allowing you to clip them onto keys and other gear.

OtterBox has released the first batch of AirTags cases

OtterBox has released the first batch of AirTags casesOtterBox, a little late to the game, is now officially releasing its first selection of AirTags cases, about a year after the Apple item finders were initially revealed.

Almost all of the more well-known businesses in the field have previously tried their hand at clipping the accoutrements to anything from keys to backpacks and everything in between, and OtterBox is finally stepping in with its own take on the subject.

Each of the new OtterBox AirTags cases, which come in three distinct models, stands out from the crowd with the brand’s own trademark designs.OtterBox has released the first batch of AirTags cases

Each one has a unique design, yet they all revolve around the keychain form-factor.

They all feature the same clip at the top that allows them to be paired with keychains or slipped onto bag zippers and other similar items.


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