New MTN-G 2-Door 2-Drawer Changing Table Review


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If you are a full-time mother with babies that need attention 24/7, you understand how hard diaper changing can be. It’s not the process that requires effort; it’s the preparation required beforehand.

Changing diapers everywhere around the house can turn out really messy and you don’t want that because you will have to end up cleaning every corner of the house all on your own.

Thus, it’s better to have it done in one place for every time you become suspicious of your baby’s diaper. One such place can be provided

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MTN-G has designed this elegant baby changing table, also called the nursery diaper station to help you with all of your daily baby-care needs. This piece of furniture can be placed in the nursery for that strenuous diaper changing daily sessions. Other models, like the Just One Year changing table may be more lightweight but are also cheaper, for the sake of comparison. For even more options, see our top 50 best changing tables article.

Regardless, here’s why you need to consider buying this diaper station for your baby:


This nursery diaper station comes in a heavy-duty, solid material that makes it extremely durable. The body has been manufactured with the help of chipboard that makes for an unbreakable material, indicating that you could be using this single station for a few more babies that are yet to come.

Sufficient Storage

The changing table comes with as many as 7 storage compartments. These comprise of 2 drawers, 2 cabinets, and 3 open-space shelves. This is primarily why this nursery diaper station works as a diaper changing table and as a dresser for your young ones. You can fill the space with diaper-changing essentials such as nappies, wipes, and baby lotion. You may as well keep your toddler’s clothes in here too.


Product Specifications

  • Product dimensions: 35.4*27.6*36 inches
  • Color: Wood
  • Standard weight: 69 pounds
  • Material: Chipboard body and aluminum handlebar
  • The changing table comes fully assembled
  • Package includes 1 diaper changing table + 1 Instruction manual


Pros and Cons

Here are a few pros and cons that will help you decide whether or not this diaper changing table is worth the investment:


  • Durable, solid construction
  • Multifunctional
  • Has sufficient storage with 7 compartments
  • Comes with an instruction manual


  • Does not specify anything about safety and whether safety compliance has been ensured
  • Stationary, so you can’t easily move the dresser around conveniently



If you are out looking for a heavy-duty diaper changing table with dual functionality, this wooden beauty is what you need to order right away!


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