How to Automatically Enable Dark Mode on Low Power Mode to Save Battery on Your iPhone

Dark Mode and Low Power Mode: The Introduction

With the increasing dependence on smartphones for almost everything, battery life has become a significant concern for many smartphone users. Thankfully, there’s no need to panic when your iPhone battery is about to die. Your phone has some incredible power-saving modes such as ‘Dark Mode’ and ‘Low Power Mode’. These modes are available in all the latest iOS versions and will help you preserve battery life, especially when you’re performing battery-intensive tasks. Here, let’s dive deeper into how to automatically enable Dark Mode on Low Power Mode.

Enabling Low Power Mode

Enabling ‘Low Power Mode’ puts your phone in power-saving mode and makes several changes to your phone’s settings to save battery life. The Low Power Mode setting is pretty easy to enable, navigate to Settings, and choose Battery. Once you click on the Battery option, turn on the Low Power Mode. This mode will also help turn on your iPhone’s dark mode automatically.

Enabling Dark Mode

The iPhone’s ‘Dark Mode’ reduces battery usage as the dark pixels require less battery juice than the bright pixels. You can enable ‘Dark Mode’ by going to the Settings option on your iPhone. In the Settings menu, select Display and Brightness, and then toggle the Dark Mode switch. This mode will make everything on your iPhone a darker shade from the keyboard to the home screen and some apps.

How to Automatically Enable Dark Mode on Low Power Mode

The automatic enabling of dark mode on low power mode is quite simple as the two modes work hand in hand. You only need to ensure that the two modes are enabled. Once Low Power Mode is on, the iPhone will automatically toggle on the Dark Mode, saving you a lot of battery life

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can low power mode damage my iPhone battery?

No, Low Power Mode will not harm your iPhone battery. It merely reduces the battery’s consumption by turning off some of the non-essential functions. This mode is super helpful when your battery is running low, and you need to preserve as much power as possible.

Q: Can I customize Low Power Mode settings?

Yes, you can. Even though Low Power Mode automatically sets some features to conserve battery life, you can customize some of the features. You can turn off features such as automatic downloads, Hey, Siri, visual effects, and more.


With the increasing dependence on smartphones, battery life preservation has become a significant concern. Luckily, the iPhone has made it easy for users to save their battery life by taking advantage of ‘Low Power Mode’ and ‘Dark Mode. Dark Mode reduces battery consumption by using fewer bright screen pixels while enabling Low Power Mode will customize your settings to reduce power consumption altogether. By following the simple guidelines above, you can enjoy longer battery life without the need always to charge your iPhone.



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