HaloVa Diaper Bag Review

Nowadays, Backpack diaper bags are becoming a trend, this is because they are a lot easier to carry around and are usually styled so they can serve other purposes aside from holding diapers.

One such diaper backpack is the HaloVa diaper bag, a multi-functional diaper backpack that is currently among the top sellers. This diaper bag may or may not be the ideal diaper backpack for you; this review will let you know which.

Features of the Halova Diaper Bag

The HaloVa Diaper bag is classy, not too much fancy a design, unlike most diaper backpacks. It features just one solid and “classy” color with a touch of leather brown.

It is available in different colors too, not just one so you have a choice to make for the one you prefer. The bag looks more than just a diaper bag, if not told it is a diaper bag, one could argue that it is not.

The HaloVa diaper bag has an exterior made from leather, a high-density skin-friendly PU leather to be specific. The interior of it is made of waterproof polyester; it has no odor and is BPA-free. The bag is breathable and capable of withstanding certain wear and tear.

The main compartment is wide, so wide and it opens at 90 degrees so you have easy access to the items inside the bag.

Just like most diaper backpacks, it is securely closed with a sturdy zipper. The bag has different storage pockets, 2 insulated ones are also included.

Weighing about 1.15 pounds, the HaloVa diaper bag is lightweight which is the primary reason why it is very portable. There are different ways of carrying this diaper backpack, you can hang it as a backpack or hold it from the top handle.

This product comes with a Money Back Guarantee. Within 90 days of purchase, you can refund it if you are not satisfied with it, but I bet you would be.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Insulated Pockets


  • No changing pad



With this review, you should have known if the Halova diaper bag is the ideal diaper backpack for you or not. But, you should know it is a highly recommended diaper bag by customers who have used it.

If you need a diaper backpack, one that is stylish and still very functional, the HaloVa brand has this diaper bag to offer.



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