Gogoso Diaper Backpack Baby Nappy Bag Review


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Seeing mothers carrying their diaper backpacks as they step out is becoming a usual sight. As a mother, you will need a diaper bag; it’s something that can hardly be compromised. This review is about the Diaper backpack from the Gogoso brand.

Features of the Gogoso Diaper Backpack Baby Nappy Bag

This diaper backpack is fashionable as it is designed with style. The love symbols on it will make you love this bag, and it is available in 5 different designs, so you get to choose which is the best for you.

Having an attractive design is just one thing that makes this diaper backpack preferred, but hold on, this backpack offers more than just an attractive design.

Made from high-quality waterproof fabric, you can put everything you need in this bag. It has enough space for that. The central space is ideal for putting in large items. This opens vary widely, so you can easily access the contents inside without a hassle.

There are so many pockets where you can input items; the three thermal insulated pockets in front are just perfect as it helps to keep your bottles warm. It also has separate waterproof pockets inside where one can put wet items (wet diapers).

For portability, this is one bag that you can take anywhere, anytime, without encountering stress. It weighs 1.75 pounds, it sure wouldn’t be portable if it were heavy, so it is not. You can either hang it as a backpack or hold it like a handbag with a top handle.

It can serve as a travel bag or backpack too. The Gogoso Diaper Backpack Baby Nappy Bag can be attached to a baby stroller; this is done without a hook or straps, rather with a button instead.

This diaper backpack also comes with a portable and quality changing pad, something you would want.

You are being issued a 1-year warranty when you purchase this product, so if you find it faulty in any way, you can easily contact the Gogoso brand for a replacement.


  • Lightweight
  • Insulated Pockets
  • Portable
  • Travel Backpack



It is hard for one to be disappointed with a diaper backpack such as this one. The Gogoso manufacturers produced a very quality product when they produced this diaper backpack.

If you are contemplating which diaper backpack or bag you should buy, this will make a good buy.


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