Freshly Picked | Black Diaper Bag

Mothers always want something cute, very functional and that will be easy to use. Buying a diaper bag backpack such as the Freshly Ebony Diaper Bag will be an added advantage in making their nursing easier. But before you make that purchase, let’s learn about the product.

Features of the Freshly Picked Ebony Diaper Bag

Being black in color is one of the things customers love about this bag, you might not know but black is the favorite color of most people (mothers also) as it is classy and can easily match with any other color.

The Freshly Picked Ebony diaper bag is made with high-quality and very durable vegan leather material. The bag features sturdy YKK zippers for secured closure and a custom tassel. The interior and exterior lining is made with stain-resistant nylon. It is also spill resistant making it very easy to clean.

The Freshly picked ebony diaper bag has a very spacious interior with so much carrying capacity. It has a good length and can contain a laptop up to 13 inches long.

With a total of 10 pockets, 6 interior pockets, and 4 on the exterior, you can easily store items separately to be more organized.

The pockets are elastic so they can fit almost anything since they can expand; just one of the pockets is insulated, but it is better than having none at all.

There are metal snaps on the sides of the bag that make it possible for it to be fully opened so you can put in and take out items easily.

The bag has a metal and padded base that ensures it sits firmly when it is set down and does not fall over easily.

The Freshly Picked Ebony Diaper bag can be carried as a backpack, purse, or handbag. The shoulder straps are comfortable and can be adjusted; you can also unhook it from the bottom and hang it at the top.

Though no special stroller straps, this bag can be attached to a stroller as the straps at the bottom have clamps and yes it does come with a changing pad that will be very useful.



  • Light Weight
  • Portable
  • Shoulder Straps
  • Changing pad


  • Insulated Pocket
  • No Stroller Pads


The Freshly manufacturers designed this bag to be fresh, and fresh it is. It meets all expectations of a quality diaper bag backpack, is stylish, easy to use, and has a large carrying capacity.

It is recommended as one of the best diaper backpacks you can buy.



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