Best Folding Changing Tables Reviewed

A changing table consists of a flat surface designed to comfortably hold the child while he or she is being changed. It is also designed to keep the child securely in place during the process.

To be comfortable and be able to more easily without straining or bending, the changing table should be at your waist height.

Not all changing tables are designed for grandparents, babysitters, godparents, parents with very little space, or parents with knee and/or back troubles. A folding changing table can aid with all of these.

Why purchase a folding changing table?

Whether you are a grandparent looking for a changing table you can take down and store when the baby is not at your home, or you are a babysitter who only has a baby in your home for a few hours a day, a folding changing table is ideal for you and your needs.

A folding changing table provides caregivers with the convenience of an elevated bathing and changing area while also offering the versatility of being able to be used in any room and taken down when not in use.

This concept also works for parents or caregivers with very little space. If your baby’s nursery does not have the room for a traditional changing table a folding changing table may be the changing table for the job. When finished using the folding changing table, it can be safely and easily stowed away when not in use to save space in high-traffic areas.

For parents with knee pain, kneeling on the floor to change a baby can be painful and sometimes impossible.

Parents who have back pain may find traditional changing tables to be too low and they may cause strain on their backs.

Folding changing tables typically have multiple heights and are easily adjusted. Another advantage to purchasing a folding changing table is they are generally lightweight and fold away easily, using only one hand.

What to look for when buying a folding changing table?


  • To guarantee a perfect fit, measure the space where you will typically set up the folding changing table as well as the area you will store the changing table when it is not being used.
  • Compare the heights of different folding changing tables. Taller parents may need a taller table. Folding changing tables typically come with adjustable heights.


  • Inspect the construction of the changing table for sturdiness. Your folding changing table should have strong and sturdy legs. Lightly shake the changing table. It should not wobble if it does choose a different option.
  • For added safety, look for a folding changing table with safety straps and barriers around all four sides.


  • Changing tables, with adequate storage, has compartments that allow you to easily store baby’s essentials. Look for storage that allows for baby’s necessities to be within an easy arm’s reach.
  • Ensure that the compartments are big enough to be useful, multiple compartments are helpful for all baby’s essentials like diapers, wipes, creams, and lotions.

Our pick for the best folding changing table is the Baby Diego Bathinette in Posh. Here is the review:

Baby Diego Bathinette Posh, Pearl

This review is of the Baby Diego Bathinette Posh in pearl. This folding baby changing table offers comfort and practicality while making the caregiver’s life a little easier.

The Baby Diego Bathinette Posh in pearl is a changer and bathtub in one with adequate storage to keep all bathing and changing essentials within reach and neatly organized.

Baby Diego offers parents the accessibility of an elevated bathing and changing position.

With its Italian design, this folding changing table is the most durable and sturdiest in its class. It comes almost completely assembled and can be assembled from the folding position in one minute.

The Posh conveniently folds for storage and takes up little space.

The Baby Diego Bathinette has been used for generations by caring mothers in Europe and Latin America and now it is available in the USA.

Paired with the changing table is an ergonomic tub for a baby that comes with a draining hose to make draining the tub easy.

Say goodbye to unhygienic kitchen sink baths, or bending over the bathtub, the Baby Diego Bathinette Posh allows you to bathe the baby with the convenience of an elevated bathing position in a more comfortable and hygienic location.

The changing pad for the Baby Diego Bathinette Posh includes a safety strap and is made of soft non-toxic cushioned vinyl and is easily wiped clean.

Product Dimensions: 31 x 25 x 38 inches

Listed below are the Pros and Cons of the Baby Diego Bathinette Posh, Pearl:


  • Two in one deal
  • Adequate storage with compartment trays on sides for easy use
  • Sturdy design
  • Arrives almost completely assembled
  • Folds easily and quickly with one hand when not in use
  • Changing table with safety strap included


  • Some reviewers stated the tub was bulky and hard to store when not in use
  • The drain hose is thin and draining the tub is a slow process
  • The vinyl changing pad cover can be cold on the baby’s body

As a caregiver, even if not biologically, to a new bundle of joy it is important to ensure the baby has its needs met.

A folding changing table can be beneficial to change your little one at a comfortable height from the luxury of any room in your home.

We are confident this buying guide gave you the information you desire to find the best folding changing table for your needs and the needs of your baby.

As you enjoy every available moment you have with the new bundle of yours we hope finding the perfect folding changing table for your need has been made a little easier.



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