ECOSUSI Diaper Backpack Review


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The ECOSUSI Diaper Backpack is a top-selling diaper bag with a beautiful design. It is both a diaper bag and a Changing Pad, so it is multi-functional. We’ll be reviewing this bag to know how reliable it can be.

Features of the ECOSUSI Diaper Backpack

As stated earlier, the first feature you would notice in this diaper backpack is the design, a crystal-like design with about three color combinations. It is a bag made from polyester material, not just any polyester, but this one is water-resistant.

You will find it very much accessible and comfy to use as the bag has enough space to hold whatever items you need to put in a diaper bag.

It has a Zipper, a very sturdy one that safely secures all items in the bag. The front panel opens, which is advantageous in different cases. The main compartment opens fully; also, this allows you to view all the contents in the bag quickly, and you can easily access whatever is inside without having to take anything out.

Then there are the back and side pockets that you would love. You can put items like your wallet or phone for easy reach. This bag doesn’t have too many pockets, but it has just the needed ones.

For carrying, the ECOSUSI Diaper Backpack is one diaper bag that you can carry around easily without encountering stress. It is a backpack, but the bag has a handle at the top, which you can hold or hang.

There are adjustable shoulder straps that support you and make you comfortable as you carry this bag. This diaper backpack can also be attached to a baby stroller with its two stroller hooks.

The stroller hooks are detachable as you wouldn’t want to have them on all the time. Besides, it is a lightweight diaper bag as it weighs just 1.7 pounds.

The ECOSUSI Diaper Backpack comes with a matching changing pad. The changing pad measures 13.7″ x 27.5,” so it has enough space to contain your baby as you change the diaper; it can even be used for twin babies.


  • Attractive design
  • Lightweight
  • Very Mobile
  • Changing Pad
  • Stroller Hooks


  • Not too many pockets


The ECOSUSI Diaper Backpack is one of the best diaper bags available, no doubt that as even Amazon reviews confirm that. For its unique style and durability, this bag is recommended for nursing and expecting mothers alike.


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