Does Siri Work in All Countries? Explained

Voice assistants have become an increasingly popular feature on smartphones, and Siri is one of the most widely used. However, its availability across borders and languages can be hazy. If you’re curious to know if Siri works in your country, then this article is for you.

Detailed Discussion on Does Siri Work in All Countries?

Siri works globally and is available in over 36 languages. However, some of its features might not be available in certain countries because of regulatory limitations or local content laws.

Countries with Limited Siri Functionality

Currently, Siri’s features are limited in some countries. Here are some examples:

  • Russia: Siri is available in Russian, but some features such as sending or reading out messages, and reading news are not supported.
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE): In accordance with local laws, Siri does not provide support for certain features such as setting up alarms, timers, or playing music with explicit language.
  • Saudi Arabia: Just like the UAE, Siri does not support playing explicit content or any feature that is not in line with the country’s laws.

Which Countries Support Siri?

Siri’s support is universal due to its integration within the iOS and macOS frameworks. However, some countries’ languages are not yet supported. Here are the countries where Siri functions in their native languages.

  • Arabic (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates)
  • Chinese (China mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan)
  • Danish (Denmark)
  • Dutch (Belgium and The Netherlands)
  • English (Australia, Canada, India, Singapore, South Africa, The United Kingdom, and The United States)
  • Finnish (Finland)
  • French (Belgium, Canada, Francophone Switzerland, and France)
  • German (Austria, Germany, and Switzerland)
  • Greek (Greece)
  • Hebrew (Israel)
  • Hindi (India)
  • Indonesian (Indonesia)
  • Italian (Italy, Switzerland)
  • Japanese (Japan)
  • Korean (South Korea)
  • Malay (Malaysia)
  • Norwegian Bokmål (Norway)
  • Polish (Poland)
  • Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal)
  • Russian (Russia)
  • Spanish (Mexico, Spain, and The United States)
  • Swedish (Sweden)
  • Thai (Thailand)
  • Turkish (Turkey)

Concluding Thoughts on Does Siri Work in All Countries?

Siri is available in most countries and can understand many languages, which makes it a great tool for users worldwide. Despite some limitations of Siri’s functionality in certain countries, Apple is always working on expanding Siri’s features and support for more languages.

Siri is your Virtual Assistant

Siri is an AI-powered virtual assistant that can be used for various purposes, such as setting reminders, checking the weather forecast, or even changing your iPhone’s screen brightness. Despite the limitations in some countries, it remains an essential tool for many people worldwide and allows them to manage their daily tasks with ease.

FAQs about Does Siri Work in All Countries?

Can I use Siri in any language?

Siri is available in over 36 languages, but some languages are not yet supported. If your language is not supported, you can still use Siri in any other language that it supports.

Why can’t Siri do certain things in some countries?

Siri’s functionality is governed by local laws, which might restrict some features in specific countries. Additionally, some features might not be available because local content providers do not provide enough data.

Is Siri available in China?

Yes, Siri is available in China for Mandarin, Cantonese, and English languages.

Can I use Siri offline?

No, Siri requires an active internet connection to function. However, some functions can still work when offline, such as setting alarms, reminders, and timers.

Can I change Siri’s voice and accent?

Yes, you can change Siri’s voice and accent by going to the Siri settings on your iPhone or iPad. You can choose from different voices and accents, depending on your preferences.

Which countries have limited Siri functionality?

Some countries have restricted Siri’s functionality due to local laws or content restrictions. For example, Saudi Arabia and the UAE do not support explicit language or music. On the other hand, Russia does not support sending or reading messages and news.

Is Siri better than Alexa or Google Assistant?

This depends on your usage and personal preferences. Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant offer similar functionalities, but they differ in the ways they perform tasks. Siri is specifically designed for Apple devices and can integrate with iOS and macOS. On the other hand, Google Assistant is available on Android and iOS devices and supports many languages.

The Bottom Line

Siri is a great tool to use for managing your daily tasks and staying organized. Despite some limitations in certain countries, it still remains one of the most widely used voice assistants globally. It is important to note that Siri’s functionality can vary depending on local laws and content provider support, so always check in your area.



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