Best Diaper Bag for Dad – Get Your Babies What They Need in Style!

Not many people put serious thought into the idea of a diaper backpack. Most would assume that they can just bring out an old bag from school days and cram all the needed items inside of it for whenever they need to leave home. And while that may be true, stuffing the backpack with things isn’t the issue.

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The question that you should be asking yourself is whether you’ll be able to get a specific item quickly in your time of need if you’re going with a regular old bag. From our experience: No, it won’t be convenient.

This is where diaper backpack manufacturers step in to solve the problem. You might have never heard of the existence of such a product. But trust us, try it, and you’ll understand right away the purpose behind it.

In the past, when compared to moms, dads didn’t have a variety of choices when it comes to diaper bags. But today, you’ll find different kinds of products that differ in style and functionality.

Since you’re here, you might want to take a look at the best diaper bag for dad list that we’ve rounded up. You might just find the one that you’ll use and keep using after your kid grows up.

We’ve got you here the most functional diaper bags for dads that we could find. You’ll find in these cool features like a changing station and a phone charger. You might look at them at first and think that they’re just redesigned gym bags, but the truth lies in the numerous advantages they offer.

Best Diaper Backpack for Dad

1. JoJo Diaper Backpack from Paperclip

First up we’ve got a bag that will get all of the other neighborhood dads talking. Want to know why?

Well, simply put, this is a bag that comes with a front panel that unbuckles and unzips to give you a changing pad that’s got sidewalls on both sides.

Yes, we know. It’s pretty rad. You’ll find two styles, which are The Willow and The Bear. Both styles offer separate compartments to house a laptop and can be converted from a backpack to a messenger diaper bag. Need we say anything else?


2. The Julien Set from Leader Bag Co

This is the kind of bag that would change the mind of any doubter or skeptic that didn’t believe in the necessity for a diaper bag. This thing gives you 12 different compartments (this includes sleeves, pockets, and a removable clutch).

Besides that, the leather detailing give pacifiers and toting wipes a whole new meaning. We can’t forget to mention that this bag (made of leather or canvas) is unisex. So mothers can borrow it from dads whenever they need to.


3. Summit Rush from Colombia

Next, we have the Colombia Summit Rush, which is a very comfortable Diaper bag that comes with an insulated bottle compartment that you can rely on to store your kid’s milk properly. When laying your eyes upon it, it is clear that this bag looks like any other backpack. One difference that sets it apart is the top buckle straps which you can use to attach this bag to your stroller if you want to.


4. Caramel Convertible Backpack+ from Diaper Dude

Design and functionality are two significant aspects of this men’s diaper backpack. It is convenient to carry around as it is cool to look at. The overall design is quite distinct from the regular bag look, but that doesn’t mean that it loses any of the qualities that the manufacturer is known for providing. This bag has a changing pad and numerous pockets and it’s notably durable. Also, this one can as well be turned into a messenger bag.


5. Martindale Backpack from Little Unicorn

This one is rather simple to describe. It’s a very modern diaper backpack that can work for both moms and dads. It has got a very spacious main compartment as well as seven additional pockets for all of your baby’s items and yours (one of them is even designated for an iPad).


6. Perfect Pockets Backpack Diaper Bag from Jeep

I think the name in the title here sets a pretty high standard for this diaper bag to meet. Thankfully, it doesn’t disappoint. This bag, not only offers 12 separate compartments, but also an insulated pocket for storing milk or formula. That’s not the only thing this bag has to offer though. It has also got a hard case designed to hold baby wipes in a way that makes them accessible without even having to open the bag.


7. XLR8 Connect and Go Backpack Diaper Bag from Baby Boom

This diaper bag is a glimpse into the future. How you may ask? Well, it’s all thanks to the Smartphone charging feature, the attached Bluetooth speaker that allows you to play lullabies to your baby, and the light-up function that aids you with searching for items inside.



Best Men’s Messenger Diaper Bags

Not all fathers are the same. We don’t expect them all to go with a backpack for their first choice of mobile diaper storage. Thankfully, the messenger bag exists to offer an option for everyone. You can carry it around like an attaché case, wear it cross-body or just let it hang on one shoulder. In any case, we’ve got for you the best 8 messenger diaper bags that you can get your hands on.

8. Dash Signature Bag from Skip Hop

Who hates digging around their bag trying to find one specific item among plenty of other objects? Yeah, we all do. Thankfully, we’ve got a bag for you that keeps everything you put in it in place, even the smallest items. This bag also comes with a strap that allows you to attach the bag to a stroller. The strap is detachable for anyone wanting a more streamlined look.


9. Men’s Messenger Bag-Black from Diaper Dude

For the most comfort you can hope for, this bag’s strap rests around your chest. For any need of keeping things like wipes and food separate, you’ve got three zippered compartments on the outside. Besides that, this sporty backpack comes with a changing pad.


10. Weekender Grey Diaper Bag from Birdling

Now check this one out. This is a bag that comes with impressive 16 pockets. No other bag in this category has more pockets than this one. It’s very spacious and reliable. It can be repurposed to be used in overnight trips when the baby grows out of his diaper needs


11. Helix from Ju-Ju-Be

For some brands, comfort cannot overweigh the coolness of the bag. The shoulder pads in this bag are made of memory foam. The bag also has “crumb drains” for any baby “accidents” (Take a moment to grasp just how helpful this feature can be). Lastly, the Teflon Fabric protector was incorporated into the design to help you prevent any spills from turning into unwashable stains.


12. FastFinder from Fisher-Price

This is a case where the name of the product accurately describes what you can expect from using it. The bag has 9 compartments for organizing items. Each compartment is labeled with different icons for storage. Bottles, pacifiers, diapers, and more all have separate compartments with different logos to make everything a lot simpler. Searching for an item has never been so convenient. You can even have quick access to wipes thanks to the exterior wipe compartment.


13. The Original Messenger Diaper Bag from DadGear

Looks can be somewhat deceiving. When you take a quick look at this bag from the outside, it can seem like it has nothing to do with parenthood and babies. But take a peek at what it stores to see how practical it can be. From several storage pockets to a quick access wipe container, this bag will not fail you.


14. The Practical Diaper Bag + Changing Mat from TBD Deuce

Last but not least we’ve got the TBD Deuce Diaper Bag. If you have a sense of humor and looking for a bag that’s been tested against biohazardous substances (meaning poop) as well as a bag with plenty of compartments, this is the bag for you.


Choosing the Best Diaper Bag for Dad – F.A.Q and Buying Guide

What is the cost of the best diaper bag for dad?

This is a very obvious “make it or break it” point. Most of us can’t just afford to buy any bag they set our eyes upon. Here’s what you can mostly find in the diaper bag market.

Low end:

This is the range of under 100 dollars. Now, the only way to keep the price at an affordable digit, some compromises in terms of quality are needed to be made.

In most cases, the company will have to make downgrades in the durability, quality, and size of the bag to lower the expenses as much as they can. If you’re getting one, you’ll have to know that it most likely won’t last through more than one child. So, you’ll have to get another for any following pregnancy.


Here we have the 100 $ mark, give or take a few. Quality requires a bit of spending, and there’s no way around it. Products of a mid-range price give you sufficient storage and quality, especially if you’re willing to spend on the pricier ones in this range. And if you’re looking for a bag that you can depend on for more than pregnancy, then this is where you can start looking.

High end:

This is the big boys’ domain. Most will argue that once you go over the 100 buck mark, there is no true improvement in quality. Beyond this point, any extra cash you’re paying for is just for the looks or the brand (and we’re not judging, some designs look amazing).

Important: We have to stress that we don’t think buying a low-end bag is the best move to take. We just don’t think it can last as long as needed. Try what you can to increase your budget and reach the mid-range bags. And here’s something to keep in mind, once you’re done with your bag and if it is still in one piece, you can sell it to someone else!

What is the weight of the best diaper bag for dad?

This is one aspect that many don’t give enough attention to. You have to know upfront how much the bag weighs before making your purchase. Some products can be around 3 lbs. When empty. But here’s what you have to keep in mind: As heavy as it is when empty, it will only get heavier once you fill it up with stuff.

Those who especially have a medical condition (aching back, bad joints…) that wouldn’t allow them to carry any heavy items shouldn’t just buy any bag without checking the weight first. You don’t want to make things worse for yourself. Some aspects contribute to the weight of the bag, and they include:

    • Material (Durable materials and machine-washable material)
    • Design (added metal parts for example)
    • Features
    • Size

Having a huge load to carry on your back for even a short while can be very irritating. But that can be the price of having a spacious backpack. You might want to consider buying a hefty, roomy bag for long trips and a smaller, lighter one for shorter trips.

How important is the organization?

This is not a simple point to tackle. Many new parents will adopt a rigorous method of organizing items, like assigning different colors to different categories of items or putting things in alphabetical order. Others may not be as ordered. You know the good old way of “stock’em up in a pile and worry later?”

Yeah, the worry later part means you’ll probably find what you need at the very bottom of the pile. How you’re going to store your stuff influences what type of bag you’ll have to buy.

The abundance of pockets:

If you’re an organized person, you should go with this type. You’ll have enough pockets to divide your items in a very ordered manner. This is helpful for the moments at which you’ll want to locate an item as fast as possible without going through the pain of digging around.

Big compartments:

More of a piling person? This is the kind of bag for anyone who isn’t a big fan of organizing stuff. With a bag that has a large compartment, you’ll be able to stuff the pack with a significant number of objects. But you’ll most likely have a problem trying to find a specific item at the time of need.

Keep in mind, habits die hard. If you’re a piling kind of person and you buy a pocket bag expecting it to change your behavior, don’t be so surprised when you realized that your plan isn’t working. You’re not going to become organized overnight. In the end, when you don’t seem able to cram small pockets with a bunch of stuff, you’ll only grow tired of the whole thing.

So, in the end, it doesn’t matter what type of person you are because everyone can find a product that suits their behavior. Don’t try to force change and be true to your method so that everything works out.

What about comfort and ergonomics?

If you’re getting a diaper bag, then expect to be carrying it for long periods every time you leave the house with it. You’ll be having a nice day, but it can all be turned upside down if you feel irritated as you carry the bag’s load on your back. But that can be prevented.

The level of comfort that you’ll feel (or lack thereof) will depend greatly on some things besides the bag itself. We’re talking about things like your preferences and body type. Here are several points to keep in mind when it comes to this matter.

    • Adjustable padded straps
    • The bag’s weight
    • Your preferences in carrying things
    • Health issues (allergies, back problems…)
    • The size of your body

You’ll be happy to know that there’s an abundance of different bag designs to suit the requirements of every person, no matter their preference or body type. You might have an old backpack stored somewhere that you feel very comfortable using. Try to find a diaper bag that has a similar design to it.

In other cases, some people haven’t experienced what they would define as a comfortable bag. Before they make any purchase, they need to figure out this point first. You need to know what you’re buying. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your money on an uncomfortable bag that you wouldn’t want to use. So how do you determine the right bag for you?

Give it a try before you buy it.

Go down to the shops and check out all the different styles they have to offer. Give each one a try until you land upon the one that you feel is right for you. Once you do, head back home and order a bag of the same type online (online shopping can offer a better variety and can save you a few bucks)

Thinking of fashion?

Yes, functionality is the most crucial aspect of a diaper backpack, but it’s no harm to get yourself a bag that’s as fashionable as it’s practical. In the end, the look of the bag is the first thing that you’re going to notice, so it’s going to influence your purchase anyway.

Some people will prioritize the look over the function. They wouldn’t care if the backpack is missing a couple of features if it’s the best-looking one out of the bunch. Nothing is wrong with that as long as you’re satisfied.

In any case, since nowadays, dads are more likely to put as much work into parenthood as moms would, it means that the bag you’re going to buy will be shared by both parents. For this, you’ll want to get a somewhat gender-neutral bag.

But if you find yourself in a situation where you and your significant other can’t agree about the look of the bag, you should think about getting one each.

What features should you look for when choosing the best diaper bag for a dad?


The material isn’t just for show. Sure, the right material can give the bag an outstanding look. But most importantly, it can increase the functionality of the pack.

Ease of cleaning

This matter is linked directly to the type of material that makes up the bag. Back in the day, leather was deemed the easiest material to clean. But times change and technology evolves. Fabrics now can undergo treatments to repel stains and water spills. Some companies even claim that their bags are machine washable.

And while this feature can be very helpful for taking care of persisting issues, it’s usually only found in high-end products. Besides that, machine washing means that you’ll have to allow the bag some time to dry. This can take up to a whole day. Some people use their bags daily and cannot afford to let that happen.

Is it waterproof?

Isn’t it so cool and convenient to have a bag that magically repels water? I know, it’s pretty great. One additional benefit from that can be that stains will be less likely to stick to your bag which is always nice.

The materials Breathability

Since this is a diaper bag that we’re talking about, you should expect to end up carrying some smelly objects. From used diapers to milk bottles. In this case, you don’t want to be carrying around a source of bad odors that will make anyone around you run for their lives.

This is why you’ll want to have a bag that traps odors (not breathable). Some bags are even manufactured to resist odors, meaning that you won’t have to worry about any bad smells sticking to the material of the bag.

Interior Color

How is this of any importance, I hear you ask? Well here’s the deal: Bags with light interior colors help you locate items easily, especially in dim lighting thanks to the high contrast between the material of the bag and the objects that it would house. On the other hand, light colors mean that it will stain easier. Your purchase should depend on which aspect you care about more.


What a latch does is make sure that your bag is safely shut to prevent any items from spilling out. You should find the easiest type of latch to use and the most effective one at the same time. Zippers, for example, are a fantastic way of keeping everything secure inside the bag, no matter how full it can get.



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