16 Best Breathable Crib Mattresses

Having a baby with so much difficulty getting enough sleep is hard and will give you sleepless nights. Hereafter, one of the best remedies for that struggle is to have the best breathable crib mattress.

This bedding will let the baby have a sound sleep.

16 Best Breathable Crib Mattresses

16. Newton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed

The Newton Wovenaire crib mattress. The mattress can make your baby sleep in peace. More than that, it is a lifetime use crib cushion until toddler times, and its effectiveness is probable.

The mattress is made of hypoallergenic materials that don’t contain latex, glues, solid springs, or foam.  Hence, it is composed of 90% airflow-free materials and the remaining 10% is an FDA-approved polymer. It is fully covered with a 2-layered 3-D spacer fabric cushion cover that allows airflow.

Aside from being breathable, both the mattress cover and the woven air cushion are washable. A simple reminder is to avoid washing it with hot water for it’ll result in shrinkage. The fitting is designed for all standard size cribs measuring 52″ x 28″ x 5.5”. The wovenaire mattress could last up to toddler years.


15. L.A. Baby’s  2 in 1 Soy Fstandard-sizeress

Making sure that your baby is safe during his/her deep sleep is achieved by L.A. Baby Crib Mattress. No more worries about your baby’s nighttime as you can also peacefully sleep tight after a tiring day. 

The crib mattress comes with a waterproof and natural bamboo cover. This cover looks stunning colored white, is made of hypoallergenic materials, and has dust mite defense. It is proportionately constructed with bamboo fiber, spandex, and microfiber that make it stretchable and a perfect combination for the mattress.

While the mattress is composed of three breathable materials, incwhichng eco-soy foam, memory foam, and bamboo viscose mix. For added protection, it is surrounded with an additional layer of polyester to keep the baby contrary to dropping. This mattress promotes comfort and freshness for the baby.


14. Pebble Lite 4″ Crib Mattress

Many online selling platforms are popular in our time, you just have to explore. As you thought about your baby’s comfort, choosing the best mattress for that little kiddo is to look for. In this product, the feat themures you are looking for in mattresses are well-thought-out.

Pebble Lite focuses on the crib mattress’ breathability. The mattress is made of resources that are both breathable for it is composed of PETE air spacers that allow airflow.  Also, it promotes healthier sleep for your baby as the crib mattress bears non-toxic and recyclable materials. Significantly, the cushion is antimicrobial and BPA-free which results in an eco-friendly mattress.

Further, the mattress cover is water-resistant that ends up to easy cleaning. It serves as an added comfort by way of being soft that matching the breathable spec of the mattress. Owhichll, the cushion’s cleans and dimension fit on every existing crib purchased earlier.


13. Babyletto Pure Core Non-Toxic Crib Mattress

Peaceful sleep demands the purest mattress. We call it the purest mattress because of what materials it is made of.

Therefore, the best of every mattress depends on the resources being used and Babyletto applied some ideas in producing this pure core crib mattress.

Pure Core Crib Mattress is made vegan which is the purest form of resource when it comes to cushions. Other than that, the mattress is free from chemical sources such as allergens, latex, chemical-containing materials, and unnecessary foams. Compared to other mattresses, this one has dual-sided cushion yet it is lighter in weight and simpler.

It comes with a soft waterproof mattress cover thus easier to clean and wash. In addition, the cover is easy to remove from the mattress at times of cleaning. The whole material fits on the standard size of crib measuring 52” x 27.9” x 5.5”.


12. Lullaby Earth Breeze Crib Mattress 2-Stage

As the former model of Breeze Cristandard-sized mathe ny positive feedback, Lullaby Earth carries on branding their crib mattresses. The best of the former has been leveled up with this 2-stage breeze crib mattress. How do we say so? Let’s figure it all out below.

The mattress is made for both infants and toddlers that can be trusted by parents. It is not literally a 2-stage mattress but the thing is, it is a versatile mattress that both sides are useful. One side is more firm as it ly intended for infants while the other cushion side is for growing kids. Don’t worry as the mattress is toxic-free and allows freshness over your baby.

Moreover, the inner core of the mattress is waterproof and the cover is machine-washable. It follows safety standards for the materials used in producing it. Further, the edge of the mattress prevents the child from slipping off as it is well-constructed and durable enough.


11. Emily Crib Mattress By My Green Mattress

Mattresses are not only made of superb foam materials but as well as a coil springs. Coil springs are usually seen on cars that absorb energy. To apply it on a mattress, these materials are more effective in allowing airflow on it and it makes the surface firmer.

Others said a soybean-made mattress will end up being naturally-made while in reality, it’s not. The fact is only 5% of soy or another plant oil is permissible for mattresses. Hence, it isnaturally madendividual coil spring that creates a firmer and more natural crib mattress. It is also proven that airflow is improved through the coils resulting in a naturally fresh cushion for babies.

Moreover, the cushion cover is made of Eco-wool from the USA. This material is skin-friendly, especially since babies have so much sensitive skin. In addition, the cover is soft and hence baby can sleep more comfortable. However, a coil-made mattress demands more costs yet it’s a wise investment indeed.


10. Oeuf Organic Mattress 

Who can imagine having a crib mattress made of organic resources? Only Oeuf can do that! Organic sources are not only good for animals but as well as for humans, specifically for sleeping babies. Let’s find out why.

The outer appearance may be deceiving as it looks innocent and simple. However, looking at the inner core of it will make you “wow” as it contains coconut shell fiber. Additionally, the coconut husks are also covered with natural latex and organic cotton to prevent scuff on the baby’s skin. You wouldn’t notice the inner core thereof.

The mattress is 5” thick and it is measured 28″ x 52″ x 5 1/2″ that is smaller than the prior mattresses. However, it is an organic and of course a naturally-made crib cushion.


9. Colgate Eco Clawhicha III Crib Mattress

Several parents said that Eco Classica III is known to be on top when speaking to a mattress rich in organic materials. However, it is not a 100% organic-made cushion contradicting what is advertised. But still, it is worthy of purchase and to discuss.

It is a 6” thick multi-layered crib mattress. The layer is composed of organic cotton, plant-oil resulting in a firm and soft foam, and flammability barrier both on the inner and outside core. Additionally, the mattress iplant oilble for infant and toddler use. For an infant, the layer is firmer while for a toddler, the layer is softer. Further, there are no harmful resources used in producing this mattress.

Then again, the utmost appearance is so simple however the features it bears are all necessary to end up with the best crib mattress. Also, the materials used are hypoallergenic thus it prevents skin allergies in babies.


8. Sealy Cozy Cool Hybrid 2-Stage Coil & Gel Crib Mattress

It is an award-winning crib mattress yearning for the best mattress brand in the USA and a standard-bearing crib mattress as it conforms to many necessary children’s standards. Aside from that, the materials used in creating this mattress are a combination of different types of mattress composition.

It is a combination of coil spring and soybean cool gel that assures its firmness and prolonged existence. As normal, the firmer side is for the infant and the softer side is when the baby grows up a little. The foam is covered with Cooltex cotton fabric that is soft and breathable for babies. Additionally, the foam cover is water and dirt-resistant which averts bad odor when milk has poured out.

Cleaning the material is not a problem anymore because of its waterproof feature. Overall, the combination of resources is so perfect that lets babies and even toddlers comfortable while sleeping or playing in a crib.


7. Naturalmat Organic Spring Crib Mattress

Not having a breathable crib mattress has many bad consequences, including too hot a cushion and an unstable baby’s sleeping routine. Therefore, you better choose a breathable and portable crib mattress that keeps your baby get enough sleep and even to play safer.

It is an on-the-go, roll-up mattress made of the spring coil, coconut husks, organic wool, angettingatural cotton, and latexhe organic coconut husks make the mattress more breathable and firm. The organic wool together with the natural cotton kept the cushion warm in colder days and cold in warmer days. While natural latex is extra support for the mattress as your child grows older.

Nonetheless, one spring crib mattressons chemical-free even though one of the materials used is latex for it comes naturally from a rubber tree. This mattress is suitable for both infants and toddlers. Naturalmat also offers other 4 models of crib mattresses that differ in the materials used.


6. Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Dual Firmness Crib Mattress

Since 2002, Moonlight Slumber carried a name in the industry of quality crib mattresses. Their mattresses are even applied for medical used but for now, we’ll talk about crib mattresses. Considering baby’s health is vital nowadays and perhaps Dual Firmness Crib Mattresuse what you need.

This mattress is dual-sided, one side for infant and the other side for toddler. The texture of each side is different, one is softer and the other one is more fixwith ed. Moreover,infants made of fabric that is toddlersly constructed because of its antimicrobial feature. Other than that, the cushion is water, odor, and dust mite resistant which is indispensable on mattresses. Also, it is chemical-free and ensures the safety of your child.

For cleaning, since the mattress is water and odor-resistant, making it clean is so much easier. A simple sponge or wet cloth is adequate for cleaning the mattress. Thus, avoid using cleaners that contain additives for it may cause breakage on the futon.


5. Nook Sleep Pebble Pure Organic Crib Mattress

Having a decent sleep is a great achievement of being a child. Not only at night but during the daytime in which a parent can do several chores without worrying on what’s going on the crib. Foremost, if you need a fully secure crib then buy Nook Sleep Pebble Pure Organic Crib Mattress to completeabouthe setup.

Spendinin g another cent to buy a mattress cover is now disregarded. You can spend money one at a time and have a complete package of a crib mattress. The dual-sided mattress is composed of organic coconut husks and natural latex and wool. These materials have an antimicrobial capacity and end up with a breathable mattress.

It is available in 4 colorful designs, including blush, lawn, peacock, and Pacific. Additionally, the cotton-made cover is waterproof and stain-resistant. For cleaning purposes, the mattress cover is removable for easy cleaning and it is machine-washable.


4. Milliard Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed Mattress

Finally, an affordable crib mattress is on the list. However, do not underestimate Milliard Crib Mattress just because it tolerates low prices compared to other listed products. Perhaps this must be a good start to investing in your baby’s welfare. Yet, expect many downfalls upon this mattress after a long time of usage.

It is sophisticatedly designed with catchy polka dots on its cover. This will surely entertain your baby when its playtime. Sadly, this mattress is not fully organic and naturally-made that’s why after unboxing, you’ll smell a plastic-like odor test is a foam-padded 5” thick mattress and happily, it is naturally made some say, its waterproof feature is not working.

According to the above statements, this crib mattress is not highly recommended even though it is cheaper. But, as long as your child is comfortable with this, you can push through it. With a cheaper price, you’ll get a good-looking crib mattress, isn’t a bonus part?


3. Air Mesh Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad

Another crib mattress was found in other sources. As babies don’t dare to tell when they want to pee during afternoon sleeps, this could be the best crib mattress for you. It will keep your baby still in the comfort zone of sleeping.

The Air Mesh Crib Mattress Pad is layered in three protections. On top is a breathable fabric that keeps the freshness of mattress during hot weather. In the middle is air channel material that allows airflow throughout the cushion. At last, the bottom part keeps the mattress away from moisture and it is waterproof.

Overall, the materials used promote antimicrobial and hypoallergenic features. Overheating is also prevented due to its coolness spec with the help of the air channel technology in the middle core of the mattress. The mattress fits on all standard-size cribs. Its thickness is also unimaginable about 7”


2. DHP Safety First Heavenly Dreams Firm Crib Mattress

A baby at peace is a lovely baby. It’s so nice taking care of a baby who is always in a good mood before and after sleeping. And one way to achieve that is a crib mattress that’ll render your baby a heavenly feeling while sleeping.

The mattress is made of polyester fiber and vinyl materials which are effective in fighting allergens. This will keep your baby’s skin free from infections and other skin allergies. Additionally, the mattress pad is chemical-free because it doesn’t contain phthalate and lead. An additional special resource used is the thermo-bonded core which makes it safer for the baby’s skin.

All in all, the crib mattress is resilient in all areas such as stains, odor, and even spilled water. For that reason, the whole mattress is easy to clean and can be used again anytime. Further, it is the biggest crib mattress listed as it is measured 54” x 27.5” x 5”.  Beyond this, it can accommodate a maximum weight of 50 pounds with no difficulty.


1. Graco Premium Foam Crib & Toddler Bed Mattress

To achieve a healthier immune system for your baby, a perfect crib mattress is needed. Last but not least is the Graco Premium foam crib mattress. Why do we say so? It is a mattress that’ll keep your baby firm from sickness.

The most admired feature of this mattress is its antimicrobial power of it. That’s why it is said earlier that babies are kept safe from sickness because of that admired feature.

Other than that, it is constructed with 5” foam that is breathable and water-resistant. Also, the material is so soft that will surely make a baby sleep deeper and longer.

However, the downfall of this mattress is the bad smell while unboxing it. Expect a chemical smell that lasts a long period.

And also, wait for three days until the mattress expands to its utmost enlargement. Yet, those downfalls are the only experience in a short period for in a long run, its expediency is seen.



What is a crib mattress?

The crib mattress is a kind of soft-bed intended for infants and toddlers. It is comparable to a cushion placed in a crib for it is exactly measured as to the dimensions of a crib.

What are the types of crib mattresses?

The types of crib mattresses depend on the materials being used in producing them. There are foam-made mattresses which are normal for this product and hence it is more pocket-friendly. Another is a spring coil-made mattress where this type is more expensive and heavier however it is still made of foam and cotton. Another common type is a coconut fiber-made mattress which is not a fully organic one.

Why do we recommend a breathable crib mattress?

It is important to keep a baby comfortable and feeling fresh while sleeping. Having a breathable mattress will prevent suffocation and overheating which will cause bad health conditions for the baby.

Things to consider before buying a breathable crib mattress

To end up with the best crib mattress, the following must be taken into consideration:

  • Size: Since it is to be placed in a crib, the mattress’ size is vital. In terms of its thickness, length and width they differ. However, consider buying a standard-size mattress to be sure.
  • Materials used: Avoid those made with chemical-friendly resources. Make sure the cover itself is breathable.
  • Cleaning: Consider the weight of the mattress and other resistant power of it such as on stains, odor, and water.
  • Safeness: See if the mattress is labeled with GreenGuard and CertiPUR-US certification and other safety standards.
  • Versatility: Some mattresses can be used until the child has grown up.

Are mattress covers included upon purchase?

Yes, it is included. As the size of the mattress is fixed, it is not amenable to have a different purchase of mattress cover.


There are many available crib mattresses but a breathable one is safer to use. All of the crib mattresses mentioned above are all good and hence we still recommend for you to find the best and right crib mattress for your baby. Just remember good mattress results in better sleeping habits and more reliable playing time for a kid.

You are free to leave a comment and wait for our response.



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