Create a Video Blog using “Flip Screen” Camera

There are many uprising stars found who started doing a video blog. Do you want to become one?

In making a video blog, it requires so much passion and skills because it is not just a simple video making but you’ll be creating a content video with sense and of course with quality in terms of its appearance. Different video bloggers all over the world use different vlogging cameras depending on their desired outcome but a vlogging camera with a flip screen is widely used by many famous vloggers in producing their own vlogs.

Now, we’ll talk about different powerful brands and their models of the best vlogging camera with flip screen present in the market and we’ll give you a glimpse on their best features as well as on their “not enough” features.

Best Canon Camera with Flip Screen

  1. Canon G7X Mark II Digital Camera

Having much time in editing your video blog? Or, looking for an “easy to handle” camera? G7X Mark II of Canon will be your bet as many youtuber loved this cam.

Best Features:

Non-shaky video – If you love vlogging in a very crucial road or if you’re having a vlog that needs so much movement and wants a video cam that can handle shaky scenarios, G7X can do that for it stabilizes images caught in the cam.

Instantly upload – it has built-in Wi-Fi connection for you to upload your videos right after editing it.

High resolution – with 1080p it can produce a better quality video even in low light with the help of its flip screen (which is a touchscreen) and is easier to use.

Worth the price – Canon is a known brand which also means known to its quality and it is used by many vloggers who testified how it helped them to produce a quality video blog.

Lacking Features:

  • No external microphone for better audio recording
  • Limits to 1080p only
  1. Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Kit

Finally, a camera that brings auto-focus into life has been released. If you are that vlogger who wants more creative shots whether an image or a video, a DSLR type of video cam is fit for you!

Best features:

A DSLR type – some YouTubers still prefer to use this type of video camera for it has its autofocus feature which is needed in producing a clearer quality video and it also has more battery life.

High Video/Photo Resolution – even if a 4k resolution isn’t achieved, it still has a 24.2mp and APS-C CMOS sensor that produces a 1080p resolution which is obviously a way better than other vlogging cams. 

High Audio Resolution – Aside from having a clearer video with 1080p, it also renders a clearer voice as it has an external mic port which records voices clearly.

Lacking Features:

  • Obviously, not a pocket-friendly in terms of storage.
  • Poor image steadiness

Best Panasonic Camera with Flip Screen

  1. Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX10K Camera

Compared to the first one, it is more budget-friendly and has its higher resolution of 4k that’s why it was picked as number one by many video bloggers.

Best Features:

Low price – this will be the best for vloggers using a cheaper camera with Ultra-HD quality vid. Its low price doesn’t compromise the quality of the produced vlog.

Focusing alternatives – with its 20mp it can absolutely give you a more focus vid together with its zoom lens which can focus a minimum distance of 3cmX30cm, high-speed focusing, face detection focusing and more. 

Camera size – very portable to carry without realizing it has legit 4k resolutions.

Instantly upload – just like Canon’s G7X Mark II, you can upload your vid as soon as it is furnished.

Lacking Features:

  • No sufficient battery life
  • Autofocus doesn’t work well
  • No external microphone for better audio recording
  1. Panasonic Lumix G85

Is it your first time in video blogging with a desire to produce a great result? Well, Lumix G85 is the key for that awakening passion to explode!

Best Features:

Water and dust resistant – you can vlog anywhere without hesitating about your camera’s safety which works well even in oceanic splashes or dusty roads. If you loved doing more fun vlogs, Lumix G85 can be your partner in crime; a survivor camera indeed.

Lenses option – it has 30 lenses option which can give you different video quality experiences; being a first timer in video blogging with this features will bring you on top of the list.

High Video Resolution – it can render you a 4k resolution video even if you’re only a new vlogger with a flip screen.

Optional external microphone – if you’re not satisfied with its audio quality, you can plug into it a shotgun microphone which should be purchased in the same brand.

Lacking Features:

  • Not be able to achieve blurred backgrounds due to the MFT sensor.
  • Heavyweight

Best Sony Camera with Flip Screen

  1. Sony RX100 Mark V

You can do vlogging stylishly and professionally by using this compact video cam with so many features in it that could produce on “top” video blog that you wish.

Best Features:

Fast Auto Focus – you can capture a fast-moving object or action with this video camera within 0.05 seconds without getting a blurry result.

Good for Indoors shot – it has 20.2mp that brings good light videos even indoor and if not yet satisfied with the light it gives you can adjust the exposure on the settings.

High video resolution – even if not primarily good for vlogging, it has a 4k resolution in capturing videos and also an LCD screen to produce a high contrast quality video. Your video blog will prevent being shaky with this cam.

Good for slow motion takes – you can capture up to 960 fps slow moving actions that’ll bring with so much impact on your viewers.

Lacking Features:

  • An absence of an external mic
  1. Sony Alpha 5100

It’s so frustrating hearing a vlog that has made of loud background noises which are not necessary on the video. Alpha 5100 is doing great in eliminating those sounds!

Best features:

Download Apps – You can download an app (May it be a filter app) directly on your cam without needing another hardware for transferring downloaded apps.

One-hand operation – You can zoom in and out the focus while taking videos or photos by using one hand without inconvenience, unlike any other models. Also, you can take a selfie video blog with one-hand, which is really amazing.

Inexpensive – Compared to a6000 and a6300, this is more affordable and has no big difference in their features. Aside from being mirrorless, it also has a touchscreen spec which is seemingly a great feature for a vlogging camera for convenience.

Lacking Features:

  • Not a 4k recording
  • Lacks on image steadiness

Best Nikon Cameras with Flip Screen

  1. Nikon D5600

Connect your camera to your smartphone easily by downloading Smart Bridge System on your phone then you can transfer your videos into it even without Wi-Fi connectivity.

Best Features:

Smart Bridge System – as mentioned earlier, this app makes transferring of video to your phone conveniently and faster. Also, with this app, you can use a phone to shoot a video in a distance.

Flip Screen in different angles – this will be an additional advantage in producing more interesting and unique video shots especially in the world of competition by many vloggers.

Huge storage – you can shot as much of beautiful views around you to be featured on your vlog.

970 shots battery life – you can shoot a video whole day without worrying about getting lack of battery life.

39 AF points – you can have different focus structures in this model that can add up to a more unique video blog.

Lacking Features:

  • Limits to 1080p
  • Heavyweight
  1. Nikon COOLPIX A900 Digital Camera

Small but terrible digital camera used by many for its high-resolution quality; not just for image perfection but also for sounds. 

Best Features:

4k Ultra HD – you can have an Ultra HD resolution camera at its most affordable price thus using a tripod will not cause unsteadiness on every shot.

Smart Bridge system – most Nikon cameras are built with this spec which makes sharing of taken videos and photos faster.

PSAM mode – when you love doing more challenging shots this feature will help you control your cam manually.

Tilting LCD Screen – this will give you perfect shots in different angles and also its zooming skill which is 30x and 70x for optical and dynamic zoom, respectively, are another reasons for more interesting video outcomes.

Lacking Features:

  • Not a touchscreen camera
  • Not good for low light

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is a Vlogging Camera?

Vlogging cameras have more specs in taking an action or in motion objects than a normal camera does for which it is mostly used by YouTubers or travelers. Also, its video quality has a higher definition that is suitable for uploading in different video blog platforms like Youtube.

  • Why Camera with Flip Screen is recommended to video bloggers?

Most video bloggers are making exciting and unique videos which require a high-quality camera especially a high-quality camera with a flip screen to capture their selves properly and more angle-friendly views.

  • What specific type of camera with a flip screen is good for video bloggers?
  • Point and Shoot type

This type of camera is suited for the beginners for it is easy to use with the help of its automatic controls in adjusting exposure lighting and other camera settings.

  • DSLR-like camera

If you have already gained knowledge in making a video blog, this type of camera will be your great choice as it allows you to customize camera settings like a pro. But obviously, you will add more cost to purchasing this camera.

  • Mirrorless type

A combined power of a point and shoot and DSLR-like camera in a more pocket-friendly size without compromising its ability to produce a quality video blog but, it has a very limited battery life.

  • Which camera is the best for video blogging?

Viewers loved to see a video with high definition that’s why being a video blogger you need to consider which camera has its high-resolution power and can provide shots that are eye-catchy and looks real (whether shot in speed motion or in a slow motion). Additionally, making this kind of stuff needs a lot of editing thus looking for an all-in-1 video camera with its editing features is recommended to you. Lastly, the one we recommend – you need a camera with a flip screen to capture content in every angle possibilities.

  • What to consider in buying a vlogging camera with a flip screen?

External microphone. If there’s none, ask if there’s a port to connect separately purchased external microphone for the reason of making a video blog needs a clear audio for the viewer’s satisfaction especially if shoot in a noisy crowd.

Can be connected to Wi-Fi. With this feature, you can instantly back up your video files into your software and also you can instantly upload it when done in editing.

High-resolution features. Concerning its sensor size (megapixel), the higher it is the nicer output you can produce. A flipping screen is no use when it has a poor video quality.

Steadiness feature. Sometimes shooting a video in challenging platforms has a shaky outcome and with image steadiness feature you can prevent that problem.

Adjustable lens. The proper lighting of your vlog depends on its lens.


Publishing a video blog on different platforms takes a lot of costs including the purchasing of the best vlogging camera with a flip screen for your whole vlog will depend on the camera tool you’ll be using. Various vlogging camera models are available in the market but only a few will give a 100% quality video blog and if you’re not careful in buying your own camera, much money will be wasted. You can avoid that scenario by choosing known camera brands (with proven quality).

If you have more questions, leave it down in a comment. Can’t wait to see your own video blog; we’ll never know you’re the next uprising youtuber in this generation!



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