15 Cool 3D Printing Projects Ideas

Cool 3D Printing Projects Ideas: 3D printing is a process of converting digital files into three-dimensional solid objects. 3D printing is also known as additive manufacturing because the additive process is used to create 3D solid objects.

3D printing becoming more and more popular every year passing thanks to the technological advancements in 3D printing. Free CAD Software to Create 3D Designs, 3D scanners, and 3D printers are easily available in the market, making 3D printing very easy whether you are a professional or not.

15 Cool 3D Printing Projects Ideas

Today we will look at 15 Cool 3D Printing Projects Ideas which you can print for yourself.

1. Cable Holder

We have to deal with many cables of a computer system with printers and scanners. This cool cable holder design is one of the best useful things to 3D print.

Designed By: Bardia Zadeh

Design Link: Thingiverse

2. The HIVE – Stackable Hex Drawers

Stackable Hex Drawers can be very useful thing in a household or office. It can be used to keep tiny important things in one place.

Designed By: Dan O’Connell

Design Link: Thingiverse

3. Maze Lamp

A maze lamp is a very attractive design to 3D print. It looks very beautiful on the coffee table or office desk. It is an xvery lightweight 3D object which can be used as a lamp.

Designed By: Nik Markellov

Design Link: Thingiverse

4. Compact Camera Tripod

If you are a photographer or a vlogger this compact camera tripod can be a very useful thing for you. It is lightweight and foldable so that anyone can carry it for outdoor photography or shooting. This tripod camera can be used for all the major DSLR cameras.

Designed By: Andrew

Design Link: Thingiverse

5. Customizable SD/Micro SD Card Holder

A customizable SD card holder is the coolest thing I have ever seen in 3D design and it is a must-have if you have various types of SD cards. It can carry all types of SD cards with all sizes.

Designed By: John Kari

Design Link: Thingiverse

6. Pen Holder

This is a very cool pen or pencil holder for the office or study table. It has a very unique design as compared to traditional pen holders.

Designed By: Daniel

Design Link: Thingiverse

7. BeQui Robot

BeQui Robot is a flexible robot with 16 joints that can be used as a mobile phone stand to watch videos. This is a very cool robot and useful for everyone.

Designed By: Bq Labs

Design Link: Thingiverse

8. Pump Hand Drill

Pump hand brill design is another cool thing to 3D print. It can be beneficial in any household. The hand drill grip is very comfortable to hold properly while drilling hard surfaces.

Designed By: Seng-Poh Lee

Design Link: Thingiverse

9. Paddle Boat

The paddle Boat design from Hamel Monohull is a very good thing to 3D print. It is a very light weight paddle boat.

Designed By: Kurt Hamel

Design Link: Thingiverse

10. Kitty Phone Holder

A Kitty phone holder can be very useful for placing your phone while watching videos or playing games. It is a very lightweight 3D phone holder and looks very cool when kept on the table.

Designed By: Eric Tan

Design Link: Thingiverse

11. The Endeavor

The Endeavor is a cool ship design to 3D print. is the beautiful looking ship of a greatest explorer in history Captain James Cook.

Designed By: MakerBot

Design Link: Thingiverse

12. Headphone Stand

If you are a music lover and have very cool headphones then you should 3D print this tanto-shaped headphone stand. It looks beautiful and any headphone can be mounted on this.

Designed By: Adam Molnar

Design Link: Thingiverse

13. Earbud Holder

Earphones are very delicate so we need to keep them properly or the wire gets broken. This is a very cool and most unique earbud you will ever see. You can keep any earphone safely in this holder.

Designed By: Robert

Design Link: Thingiverse

14. Android Key Chain

is a very cool design to 3D print for android fans. The android shaped key chain looks beautiful and unique.

Designed By: Murray Clark

Design Link: Thingiverse

15. Planters

This design is very cool and gives a retro look after 3D printing. You can place it on the office desk and can be used for home decoration.

Designed By: Adafruit Industries

Design Link: Thingiverse

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So these are the 15 Cool 3D Printing Projects Ideas you should try. Don’t forget to tell us which design you liked most and any other designs other than these 15 you like in the comment section below.



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