Can Children Under 13 Have Apple IDs?


In today’s digital age, it’s almost impossible for children to avoid technology. With smartphones, tablets, and computers being ubiquitous, children are exposed to the internet and all of its benefits and potential risks. Kids often want to have their own Apple ID to buy apps, music, and other items from the company’s ecosystem. But can children under 13 have Apple IDs?

This article delves into this topic and provides a comprehensive guide for parents who are considering setting up an Apple ID account for their children.

Detailed Discussion on Can Children Under 13 Have Apple IDs?

What is an Apple ID?

An Apple ID is a crucial component in using Apple’s ecosystem. It is a personal account that enables you to use services offered by the company, including iCloud, iTunes, the App Store, and Apple Music.

Apple’s Age Requirements for an Apple ID

Apple has specific age requirements for creating an Apple ID account. Users must be over 13 years old to create an Apple ID, and they must be at least 16 years of age to provide personal information and register their credit card with the company.

The company’s age requirement policy is consistent with federal privacy laws, specifically the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which prohibits companies from collecting personal information from children under the age of 13 without the consent of their parents or legal guardians.

Good news for parents

Parents have an option to create an Apple ID for their children who are under 13 years old and still have control over their children’s accounts. Apple’s Family Sharing program allows parents or guardians to create an Apple ID for their child that’s linked to their own account. Linked accounts include the ability to share purchases and set appropriate parental controls.

As the owner of the account, parents have complete control over what their child can access, including limiting downloads, enabling location sharing, and putting restrictions on in-app purchases. With Family Sharing, parents do not have to worry about trusting their credit card information to their child or monitoring every purchase their child makes.

How to create an Apple ID for your child

To create an Apple ID for your child, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Family Sharing settings on your device
  • Add the child’s account to your family group
  • Follow the instructions to set up their Apple ID account

Once the child’s account is set up, you can control their access to content by setting up parental controls.

Concluding Thoughts on Can Children Under 13 Have Apple IDs?

Children under 13 can have Apple IDs with the help of their parents or guardians. Apple Family Sharing provides a practical solution for parents to share their purchases, manage their child’s access to content, and have control over their child’s account.

As responsible parents, it’s essential to help our children understand digital citizenship, privacy, and online security. Parents must monitor their children’s usage of their devices, including apps they download, search history, and online activities.

FAQs about Can Children Under 13 Have Apple IDs?

What is the difference between an individual and a family Apple ID?

An individual Apple ID is unique to a single person, whereas a family Apple ID is shared among several family members. Family members share access to content and services, and parents can manage their children’s accounts.

What are some of the features of parental control in Apple’s Family Sharing program?

Parents can set various parental control features in the Family Sharing program, including limiting purchases, restricting access to specific categories of apps and games, setting screen time limits, and enabling content filtering.

Can I use my credit card with my child’s Apple ID?

While parents can use their credit cards to pay for their children’s purchases, it is recommended that you use an Apple Store gift card instead. This way, you can track how much your child is spending and keep better control over their purchases.

Are Apple’s age limit requirements the same globally?

No, Apple’s age limit requirements are different in different countries. For example, in some countries, they require users to be at least 14 or 15 years to create an Apple ID account.


Children under 13 can use an Apple ID account with the help of their parent’s Family Sharing program. Apple has implemented specific age restrictions for their services to comply with federal privacy laws. As parents, it’s essential to ensure that we monitor our children’s usage of technology and educate them on digital citizenship, privacy, and online security. With Apple’s Family Sharing program, parents can stay in control, manage their child’s Apple ID, and keep track of their activity and app usage.



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