BROLEX Stretchy Changing Pad Cover Review


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The BROLEX Stretchy Changing Pad Covers are one of the most affordable changing pad options on the market now. Even though it’s one of the finest deals when it comes to price, it still has a few fine features.

It comes in 3 different fun colors and pattern options. These stretchy changing pad covers are in packs of 2 for the best deal.

Material and construction

This changing pad covers measure 32” by 16”. It is made from 100 percent polyester that is both breathable and soft.

The top side of the pad is stain-resistant so that the changing pad covers can provide long-lasting solutions despite any leaks and spills.

Elastic goes entire the way around the sides to hold finely to the diaper changing pad.

There’re holes on either way for the changing pad safety straps to stick via so that your little kid can have the safety advantages of the diaper changing pad with the cleanliness of the changing pad cover.

These changing pad covers can be machine washed among uses for a smooth and straightforward cleanup.


  • Supreme Quality – the ultra-soft material of the stretchy changing covers is going to treat your baby’s skin smoothly – forget about any rashes and unwanted skin issues.
  • Easy to wash – this stain-resistant changing pad can be cleaned smoothly, as it is machine washable
  • Very easy to use – thanks to its elastic bottom feature and the buckle straps holes that work like safety straps, this may change pad cover can be used within moments and guarantee to stay in its spot no matter what.


  • These are one of the most affordable and reliable changing pad covers on the market now.
  • They’ve slits for the safety harness to pass through.
  • They are machine washable.
  • Easy to use
  • Decent security features
  • Available in fun colors


  • The material is very thin and rips simply.
  • These are a bit cheaper in quality

Final words BROLEX Stretchy Changing Pad Covers

These are the sort of changing pad covers that’d work well if you plan on throwing out the covers usually for new, fresher covers.

This is just because they work remarkably well and are cute, but are extremely affordable.

The thin material of the BROLEX Stretchy Changing Pad Covers doesn’t allow these covers to last if longevity is your main purpose for your purchase.


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