Best Bike Trailer For Kids

Looking for a fun and amazing way to get around town with little ones in town? The best bike trailer is a great way to get the family out and enjoy the fresh breeze of the great outdoors on a beautiful day!

Whether you are running errands around town, heading to the beach, or taking your toddlers to school, there is no reason to not do it on a bike with a good bike trailer behind that carries your kid for you.

However, with a great selection of kid bike trailers nowadays, choosing one can be a bit daunting.

No worries, though! We already did the hard part and came up with a list of the best bike trailers for kids available in the market today!

Top 15 Best Kids Bike Trailers


1. InStep Sync – Kids Bike Trailer

The inStep is a reputable and trusted name in family fitness gear. And they have produced a basic trailer design that is incredibly small and only weighs about 40 pounds. Designed for simplicity, InStep Sync Bike Trailer does not have any fancy bells and whatever that weighs down. The seat is also minimalistic with a little padding on the harness and seat.

Designed to hold one kid in the back cockpit, the InStep Sync can hold up to 40 pounds of weight and comes fully equipped with a weather shield and a mesh screen that will keep your little one comfortable rising along behind you.

The trailer sits on two 16-inch durable pneumatic wheels that ensures a smooth ride with molded rims that give it a classic look. For easy storage, the trailer can be folded up, and wheels can be easily removed.


2. Burley Design Bee Bike Trailer for Kids and Toddlers

If you are hunting for a user-friendly and high-quality 2-seater trailer that will not hurt your wallet, then you should go with the “Bee” from Burley Design with its iconic “black-and-yellow” style.

Much cheaper than the Burley D’Lite, the Burley Bee offers several of the same great and amazing features and as just simple and as straightforward to set up, attach and tow.

It is among the lightest trailer out there and comes with pretty large cargo space, making it great for running errands in town or commutes. Passenger experience with the Burley Bee is very basic and comes without suspensions and unpadded seats. Although it comes with unpadded seats, your little ones are still securely nestled with its 5-point harness.

Also, the trailer is great for keeping harsh outdoor elements off your kids, thanks to their water-resistant design. The trailer also features a roll-away front plastic flap which can also be used for extra protection. It has tinted side windows to keep the sun’s harmful rays on your children’s faces and comes with rear ventilation that allows the cool breeze in.


3. InStep Quick N EZ – Bike Trailer

The family-oriented cyclists will surely love this one! Another bike trailer from a renowned company, InStep, the Quick N EZ Bike Trailer also comes with a simple design and can be used as a trailer or stroller. Suitable for two kids, it comes with a 2-in-1 weather screen and bug shield canopy for a cozy and comfortable ride.

Featuring pneumatic tires, this trailer offers a comfortable ride whether you are strolling or riding. It has quick release wheels, plus a folding frame that makes it easily transportable anywhere you wish to take it.

Its coupler can be attached to almost any bike without any issues, and swiveling front wheel provides more maneuverability when used in stroller mode. With support and padding for your little ones, you do not have to worry about your kid’s safety and makes outdoor trips more enjoyable for both you and your little one.


4. Burley Design D’Lite Kid Bike Trailer

The Burley D’Lite is top-rated for its versatility that impresses most people. It includes an attachment which allows it to be used in various sports such as cross-country skiing, biking, jogging in addition to being a stroller.

If your kid is not riding this versatile trailer, its seats can be folded down to create a flat surface and haul cargo, extending its use as a trailer that is far beyond kid use. It has a roomy interior that can accommodate two kids and with sides that are bowed outward for an extra wiggling space for your kids.

Featuring large wheels and an adjustable suspension, the D’Lite trailer offers a cushy ride even in unpaved paths. It has both vinyl window and a mesh screen that can be zip down to protect you from the harsh weather plus a 5-point harness that will keep your kid safe during the ride.

Also, this trailer comes with parking brakes that provides extra safety when using it as a stroller, and its stroller handlebar can be folded away when not in use.


5. Instep Take – Bike Trailer Review

For those on a tight budget, the InStep Take 2 can be a great choice. It has an extra-large cargo space so you can pack just about everything your kid needs as well as boasting one of the roomiest seating areas.

The trailer’s seat can also unclip from the frame so it can lie flat, making it a great option for hauling cargos like groceries and extend its use to more than just carrying kids.

As its name suggests, this trailer can accommodate two kids without worries. IT has adjustable seatbelts for comfort and safety. This trailer is very easy to utilize and assembles without any tools required and is extremely transportable.

However, being one of the cheapest trailers out there, most customers question its quality, making it more suitable for those who do not plan to tow a bike trailer often.


6. Thule Chariot Cross 2 Multi-Sport Trailer

Tried and tested, the Thule Chariot Cross 2 is Amazon’s Choice for bike trailers and is great in multiple categories. Although it may not be as versatile as the Burley D’Lite, the 2-seater bike trailer is a still a great option for multisport trailers— with the ability to change between skiing, biking, jogging, and strolling.

For the serious outdoor enthusiast who is also parents, the Thule Chariot Cross 2 is a great buy. It comes with great quality and has features designed with both passenger and parent in mind. With padded seats, large wheels, and adjustable suspension, this trailer will keep your little ones comfy and cozy on long rides on or off paved roads.

Featuring a rain shield, this trailer is completely watertight with the addition of a mesh screen and an extra-large sunshade that is completely adjustable to protect your kids from the harsh outdoor elements.

Also, it boasts reclining seats to keep your kids comfortable when they doze off. Designed to be stress-free and compact, this trailer can be easily folded, unfolded and switched between different attachments without breaking a sweat!


7. Schwinn Echo – Kid Bike Trailer

For the occasional riders who do not want to spend a lot on bike trailers, the Schwinn Echo is another great options. Offering full-size 20-inch wheels, you will have a smoother ride for your kids, but its lack of suspension makes it unsuitable for bumpy or unpaved roads.

This affordable bike trailer comes fully equipped with a retractable mesh canopy that delivers protection as well as great ventilation and views for your kids with a roll down weather shield just in case the weather turns south.

It has comfortable seats that come with 3-point harness as well as mesh pockets and shoulder pads for the ultimate protection and comfort. Plus, this trailer also comes with a flagpole for extra visibility while riding. Quick release wheels and a folding frame make for easy storage, while a safety parking break adds an extra level of security when using it as a stroller


8. Burley Design Encore Kid Bike Trailer

Another trailer model from Burley Design, the Encore is a safe, comfortable and affordable trailer with all-kit compatibility for optional conversion to skiing, jogging, and strolling. The Burley Encore comes complete with a hitch and tow bar making it ready to bike out of the box!

With lightweight and durable aluminum, pulling this kid trailer along even with two kids only needs very little effort. Its side window is tinted for UV protection and comes with a water-resistant covering. When you do not use it for transporting your kids, The Encore comes with a spacious cargo area that can carry your sports equipment or camping gears.

Suitable for two kids, the Encore features a hammock-style seating which means that your kids are not directly seating on the floor of the trailer. Plus, it comes with parking brakes that provide additional safety when using it as a stroller.


9. Allen Sports Deluxe Child Bicycle Trailer

This Child Bike Trailer from Allen Sports is one of the cheapest choices from a reputable name. Allen sports is renowned in making quality biking products since the year 1972, showing extensive experience in creating amazing and quality models.

Allen Sports has a line of bike trailers, and this particular model is a 2-seater option. It is among the lightest and simplest trailers out there but comes without any conversions, justifying its price tag.

This trailer comes with a large storage compartment for your gears or kid diapers and can be easily folded for easy storage. The trailer can hold around 100 pounds of weight. It features 3-point harness for safety and comfortability when riding and comes with a ventilation system for fresh air flow.


10. Thule Chariot Lite Cycle – Kids Bike Trailer

If you want a trailer model with Thule’s name and quality, but is not that ready to spend thousands of dollars, then you might love the Thule Chariot Lite! This trailer can be transformed from a bike trailer to a ski sled, to a jogger, or a stroller.

It is completely weatherproof to protect your little ones and still manages to add an impressive ventilation system via its mesh backing behind the passenger’s head. The entire trailer is pretty straightforward to unfold and be attached to a bike and only requires two steps unfold, thanks to the same socket hitch and ball on the much expensive variety— the Cross 2.

The Chariot Lite is much easier to pull than most trailers and is extremely durable that should last through many childhood trips and expeditions. It has a large storage space that can accommodate jackets or bags. Also, it comes with a suspension system for a little less bumpy ride as well as seat padding for comfortable rides.


11. Schwinn Trailblazer Bike Trailer for Kids

The name “Schwinn” on any bike always meant that you get excellent quality and the same can be said for kid trailers. This particular bike trailer from Schwinn comes with 16-inch wheels that provide the performance you need plus molded rims that provide a classy look with it.

It has a unique folding frame as well as quick release wheels that helps pack up neatly and easily for compact transport and storage. Fully equipped with a universal coupler, this trailer can easily be attached to almost any bike for added versatility and one-time installation.

The 2-in-1 canopy offers screening that allows the cool breeze in but also keeping away bugs and insects that may bother your little one. It also has a weather shield that will protect your kid when the weather is not that great.


12. Hamax Multi-Sport Child Bike Trailer

A child trailer that comes from a reputable and experienced Norway-based company, the Hamax Outback is a recent, high-quality addition on the bike trailer market. Although boasting sleek design, this trailer comes with a roomy interior and has seats which measures almost 2-inches wider than other trailers.

This wider seats together with a taller height than average make the Hamax Bike Trailer a great choice for older and taller kids. The Hamax Outback features a cushy seat padding that can be reclined, providing your kids with the utmost comfort.

That combined with adjustable suspension, larger than the average wheels, and a reinforced, large footwall, makes the Outback the “Cadillac” of bike trailers!

Its process of swapping between activities is one of the fastest and easiest among the list and simply requires a click-in and click-out with color-coded locks which lets you know if the attachment is very secure.

The Outback is equipped with UV-protected windows and a removable sunroof that protects your kid from the harsh elements. This trailer is also water-resistant and comes with ventilation to allow the cool outdoor breeze in.


13. Thule Cadence Child Bike Trailer

For the least expensive in the single sports option, the Thule Cadence is probably the most basic bike trailer from Thule. The “out of the box” initial setup of this kid trailer is simple and quick when compared to other models.

It comes fully equipped with a mesh screen and rain shield which can be zip down independently to protect your little ones from outdoor elements. It also boasts large tires for easy maneuvering and providing a smooth ride.

It has a compact and lightweight design for stress-free and effortless towing around town. All components of the Cadence were built with quality materials and will remain durable and sturdy for many years to come.


14. Aosom Elite II Child Bike Trailer

Another multi-sport bike trailer that will not hurt your budget, the Aosom Elite II can be used with 3 options: use it as your regular bike trailer that carries your kid around, lock the swivel tire in place and use it as a jogger or pop down the swivel tire and use it as a stroller for your little one.

This child bike trailer comes with a very simple and straightforward design and can accommodate two kids with a total maximum weight of 88 pounds. Both trailer seats feature a 5-point harness that will securely snuggle your kids and comes with a hand lock system that keeps the stroller safe when parking.

Your kids will be protected from the harsh outdoor elements thanks to its all-weather canopy and also comes with both plastic and mesh covering options. Its wheels measure 20-inches that provide a smooth ride with an entire frame made from lightweight steel that ultimately makes it easier for you to pull the trailer.

Also, this trailer comes with a safety flag and reflectors for safe riding. When not in use, the entire trailer can be easily collapsed for compact storage


15. Bell Sports Sailer Child Trailer for bikes

Made by Bell Sports, the Sailer Child Trailer is a double trailer and can fit most bicycles or be used as jogging or stroller. The trailer itself attached or removed to any bike easily with its quick release function. The connection also has additional safety features that keep the trailer remain upright even if the bike falls over.

Featuring 16-inches tires, this trailer offers a smooth ride on paved roads. This trailer can carry two kids and can hold up to 100 pounds of weight and provides decent space for storage for essential items and gears.

The Sailer is completely weatherproof and comes with two plastic windows on either side as well as a plastic front cover which helps protect your kids in case of rain.

At the back of the Sailer, Trailer features a mesh that protects your kids from harmful elements. This trailer also keeps your kids secured to their seats with its 5-point harness for the entire ride.

There is a fold-away handle at the back of the trailer which provides a place for you to hold the trailer when in stroller mode. Also, it comes with a front wheel that can be attached at the front which provides extra security and easy maneuvering when used as a stroller.



1. Is A Kid Bike Trailer Safe?

Kid Bike Trailers are much safer than kid bike sears, particularly the type that goes on the handlebar. Accidents may happen and even letting the bike slip can mean a serious injury and fall for your little one.

However, if you fall with a bike trailer, it will stay upright unless, of course, if you are traveling too fast. This is because the connecting bar goes between the bike pivots and trailer so even if you fall, the trailer will not twist around.

2. How old should the passengers be?

The youngest age that is safe for a bike trailer travel is 12-month old.

3. Can child bike trailers be used for anything else?

Child bike trailers are mainly for transporting your little ones. However, some people choose to use t for something else. These include cats, dogs, personal belongings or necessary gears for your outdoor trip. Most trailers double as strollers, and some can even have skis as an optional extra!

4. How are child bike trailer stored?

Many models are made to be folded easily when not in use, however, some requires you to remove the wheel. In general, the process is made as easy as possible for your convenience.

5. Do these bike trailers attach to any or all bicycles?

Most models come fully equipped with “universal” attachment adapters, however, this usually not cover all models. Therefore, it is best if you consult and read labels to see if your bike is compatible with the trailer.


There is no doubt that bike trailers are the easiest and stylish way to squire your kids around town while also providing the utmost protection and great convenience. It is a real all-in-one package that offers great benefits for active parents with kids to babysit.



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