Best Volleyball Shoes of 2019

Best Volleyball Shoes Review for 2019: Counted in Four Known Shoe Brands

Let’s take a look at the best volleyball shoes that can be added on your footwear collection!

Having a sporty lifestyle will enhance more of your health and other parts of your living. You don’t have to be an expert in sports to be called sporty or to be part of the team to become legit sportsmen/women. All you need is a pair of shoe.

Foremost, let us define volleyball.

Volleyball is a team sport with an opposing team on the other side of the court. This sport demands cardiovascular fitness and quick foot movement. It is played in either indoor or outdoor courts but in formality, we’ll go on indoor courts. The chosen court demands appropriate shoes worn by the whole team not only for formality but also for safety and for preserving the court’s surface.

As we’re watching gameplays on televisions, we would see injured players because of unnecessary slip offs. It might be because of the sweats being dropped on the floor that players have stepped in and get slid. Or, it might be because of excessive jumping or landings. Whichever the reason is, the right thing to do is have a better pair of shoe.

Below are 16 top-picked volleyball shoes from the most trusted and most known sports shoe brands. We have included 4 reliable brands both for men and women.

16 Best Volleyball Shoes

1. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Hyperace

A hitter volleyball shoe for all women!

The shoe is made from breathable materials which keep the athlete’s feet cool and dry all over the game. With added TPU cage, shoes’ durability and proper fitness are ensured that possesses the game until the championship. The soles are made of rubber to make it appropriate for volleyball courts. The overall design results in lightweight shoes so the player shall move in the court with confidence.

Generally, the shoes are designed for hard court surfaces and for women who play a hitter position during the game. It doesn’t only fashion primarily for volleyball sports but for comfort to every sportsperson’s feet.

Good points

1. Superb fit and lightweight

2. Fit for any kind of courtyard

3. Affordable

The drawbacks

1. Not long-lasting

2. Below par designed

2. ASICS Men’s Volley Elite FF

Up next are shoes chiefly for men setters.

Setter’s role is to control the ball at proper positioning throughout the game and hence certain shoes are needed. Asics has applied Trusstic System Technology to ensure shoes’ stability and durability even it is lightweight. Materials used in production are all breathable such as an upper open mesh. Gel cushioning is added for shock absorption and for more flexibility. It is therefore constructed for players who need more ankle support. 

All in all, the shoe is made to provide overall foot health support in terms of how it is created. The sole part is made of rubber which adds for its durability to use in every volleyball court. Its load rate is highly admired by those volleyball elites.

Good points

1. Perfect fitting

2. Has the best grip on court’s surface

The drawbacks

1. Mid-range cost

3. Adidas Originals Women’s Crazyflight

Women do deserve high-quality footwear during the gameplay as men do. Adidas is known for producing great shoes over the years.

Overall, the footwear is constructed with high-quality materials from its sole up to its outward appearance. Executing high jumps is supported by the Boost Cushioning that prevents hurting toes and ideal for jumping. As an athlete, you need to take care of the court’s surface and with this foot supporter, it will be achieved. It is built with non-marking outsole which will not cause a scratch on court’s surfaces.

In short, the shoes are made out of technology-advanced resources that are expected in its brand. Adidas never really disappoints every athlete when it comes to their products. 

Good points

1. Well-design and highly-known brand

2. Worth the price

3. Durable and stable

The drawbacks

1. May not meet the expense of other women athletes

4. Nike Women’s Volley Zoom Hyperspike 

Another high-end shoe brand is Nike. When we talk about sports, Nike has a wide knowledge of sports equipment and that includes shoes. This item is the second Nike shoe product for women thus we can expect so much more.

To those who play volleyball, professionally, Volley Zoom Hyperspike is made. It is made of breathable mesh uppers with Flywire 3.0 technology ending to lightweight footwear ready for high jumps. With the extra Phylon midsole, it absorbs shocks resulting in a calmer and more chance of winning a game. Due to the outsole made of cushioning rubber, it guarantees greater grip on the surface and therefore renders a safer playtime. A TPU heel lockdown is built for better comfort.

It is designed with low-cut ankle to let the player move freely during the playoffs. The truth is the shoes were used basically on training sessions as some users experienced a long time break-in using these shoes.

Good points

1. High-status shoe brand

2. Well-built

The drawbacks

1. Takes time to familiarize or to break in

2. Mid-range pricing 

5. Mizuno Men’s Wave Lightning Z4

Are you a pin hitter and setter on your team? This shoe item will help you move quickly on volleyball courts with its low-cut look.

Mizuno is widely known as a manufacturer of volleyball equipment including the Wave Lightning Z4. Players will be more focus on the game wearing suitable shoes rather than terrible shoes. The materials used in coming up with this product have an Intercool Ventilation System specifically breathable resources. Wearing it will result in healthier and fresher bottoms. It has a suspension system for stability and shock absorption system for an ultimate comfort upon landing impacts.

The product is well-structured however the pricing is slightly higher than any known shoe brands. It means these shoes can render a high-quality performance on the court.

Good points

1. Stylish look

2. Low-cut design

The drawbacks

1. Slightly expensive

6. ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 8

Gel-Rocket 8 is the volleyball shoes for those aspiring liberos. Being a libero requires boundless stability on the court.

The outsole is made of rubber which makes shoes be more gripped on the surface while executing too much movement throughout the game. This avoids slipping off that’ll cause losing the game and helps in maintaining your balance. In addition, Forefoot Gel Cushioning System acts as a shock absorber during taking offs and does not hurt the feet in case of bad landings. Another is the Trusstic System Technology which makes the footwear lighter to wear without affecting its sturdiness.

Indeed, it is a pair of shoe that accomplishes the required stability and high shock absorbency needed by a libero. Additionally, it adequately holds feet with its true-to-size fitting and therefore comfier to wear.

Good points

1. Long-lasting shoes

2. Perfect for indoor courts

3. Also used for other sports such as badminton

The drawbacks

1. Has an added plastic material

7. ASICS Men’s GEL-Netburner Ballistic MT 

Gel-Netburner Ballistic MT renders a combination of comfort, stability, and support for your feet. By only purchasing the larger size than your normal size, is more recommended to experience the three.

It is available in different stylish colors intended for men. It is made of synthetic fabric with rear and forefront gel cushion resulting in more comfortable bottoms. In addition, padded areas include the tongue and the collar part of the shoe. Comfort is indeed achieved. For the stability, it is made suitable for volleyball players who are prone to slip on the court and with its rubber sole, it is proven that it lessens sliding to happen. Lastly, as foot support, it is built with good ankle support.

However, the shoe fits a little slack that sometimes uncomfortable to wear. That’s why in choosing the precise fitting, you should be cautious.

Good points

1. Stylishly design

2. Has a good grip

The drawbacks

1. Loosely fit 

8. Mizuno Men’s Wave Lightning Z2 Mid 

Wave Lighting Z2 Mid is the older version of the prior Wave Lightning Z4 by Mizuno on the list. Though this item is preferably for both men and women as for women, adjusting the size about halfway down is suggested.

The shoe is assembled with breathable synthetic materials that it ends up to be lighter and comfier to wear. A synthetic sole is added to prevent leaving marks and slipping off on the court. In all Mizuno shoes, there’s a parallel wave that controls the distribution of every impact that prevents a foot from sinking in the middle of the shoe. Dynamotion fit comprising the Flex eyelets that secures the heel and the Stretch Mesh for better comfort. It also has Dura shield toe guards that protect your toes for not getting hurt when extreme jumps happen.

It is designed as mid-cut footwear unlike the newer version designed as low-cut. The ending product is comfortable to wear but then again pick the right size.

Good points

1. Adaptable for men and women

2. Parallel wave adds comfort

The drawbacks

1. Only two color option

9. Adidas Performance Men’s Energy Volley Boost Mid

Back at it again with another Adidas shoe for volleyball intended for men. As expected, Adidas offers quality shoes that bear an expensive price. The way it is designed is far from the usual volleyball shoes look.

It has a hook and lock strap as compared to a normal lace which securely holds feet. The strap together with the sprint plate adds on the stability of the shoe whether use in executing jumps and landings. It is constructed with Boost Technology specifically a formed pellet cushion that makes comfier shoes. A rubber outsole is constructed to make it suitable for volleyball courts because of its excellent grip. The upper part’s spring web gives extra breathability and comfort upon feet.

Overall, the new look of Energy Volley Boost Mid will surely enhance the immovability of the shoe while on the play.

Good points

1. Well-designed

2. Has anti-slip lining

3. Lightweight

The drawbacks

1. Pricier than other brands

10. ASICS Women’s Gel VS Revolution

Let’s go back to the traditional lacing system with the ASICS Gel VS Revolution. ASICS really prove itself in creating high-grade volleyball shoes as mentioned prior to this product. Gel VS Revolution will secure an increase of speed on the court.

Gel VS Revolution is made of synthetic materials as well as a breathable mesh resulting in lighter and fresher footwear for women. A rubber sole maintains an excellent contact on court’s surface and prevents slip offs. It also comprises Gel Technology as a shock absorber in every touchdown on the ground. It lessens the direct impact on the feet thereof. The collar is padded to add comfort and grip. A lace insertion exists to avoid stepping in the lace that could result in slight injury.

Further, ASICS High Abrasion Rubber or AHAR keeps the footwear durable and last longer than expected. The product is available in three attractive and feminine color designs.

Good points

1. Great arch support

2. Comfortable to wear

3. Well-designed

The drawbacks

1. Not precise fitting

2. Wholly designed for women only

11. Mizuno Women’s Wave Bolt 7 

A shoe suitable for both practice and gameplay is a practical purchase. And Wave Bolt 7 is a great example of this flexibility. As well as made for offensive players who execute fast changing position.

The extra padding acts as an additional shock absorber and keeps every movement smooth. Doing an extra mile of jumping to block the ball is made fast as the shoe weighs only 10.2 ounces which is very light. It is designed with Airmesh upper together with Intercool system which makes each shoe breathable causing a cool and dry feeling. A rubber sole is also put together for safer contact on the court’s surface. Midsole part also has shock absorbing ability which doesn’t weigh you down while executing quick transitions.

According to customer reviews, Wave Bolt 7 has perfect fitting and grip on a volleyball court. These shoes are appropriate for all positions particularly from the back row of the team that requires quick executions.

Good points

1. Very affordable

2. Works well in every position

3. Has perfect fitting

The drawbacks

1. Stiff insole

12. ASICS Upcourt 3 GS Youth

Children play volleyball too. To keep them active in practicing a sporting lifestyle at a young age, providing them appropriate shoes must be prioritized. We’ll not let the youths play with bare feet and therefore ASICS created Upcourt 3 GS Volleyball Shoes explicitly for young athletes.

It is designed similar to adult’s shoes yet only differs in size and in weight. With these shoes, a young one will absolutely look like a legit young athlete. It is built with breathable upper mesh secured with traditional lace system for custom fitting. A Gel cushioning system is also present for added comfort and to avert feet injury. The collar and shoe’ tongue are padded and has embodied a signature logo tag to be certain that it is authentic. The sole is made of rubber rendering better traction on the court.

The shoe is not created for a specific position as it works well in blocking, serving, or hitting a ball. A sporty kid deserves to have shoes, particularly for volleyball sports. This shoe item is most starred and therefore liked by many parents of aspiring young athletes.

Good points

1. Most starred volleyball shoes

2. Has perfect fitting

3. Good arch sustenance

4. Reasonably priced

The drawbacks

1. Nothing to mention

13. ASICS Women’s Gel-Tactic 2 

If playing volleyball becomes your everyday habit, these on-the-go shoes must be added to your footwear collection. A fresher feeling indeed is realistic as it allows greater airflow because of the materials used during production.

Gel-Tactic 2 is constructed with seamless materials and therefore the user is away from irritation. Breathable upper mesh is made with the help of synthetic materials to bring about comfier yet stable footwear. The upper mesh promotes greater airflow which is favorable on athlete’s ends. Trusstic system technology is present to aid toes in spite of massive landing impacts. Also, a gum rubber sole is added in for extra grip on courts.

You can play harder through these shoes as it’ll render comfort as well as cooler feeling on your feet. Further, the shoe is designed to be comfortable for athletes having narrow feet.

Good points

1. Mid-range pricing

2. Great airflow

The drawbacks

1. Not appropriate for wider feet

2. Outside coat peels off

14. Mizuno Women’s Wave Hurricane 3 

Mizuno brand continues to produce the best volleyball shoes for women as they apply both technology advances and exceptional creativity upon their products. Wave Hurricane 3 is placed as one of the top options among volleyball shoes present in the market today.

Wave Hurricane 3 is low-cut design shoes which give way for other sports gear to be worn such as braces. The upper portion is made with textile and synthetic materials together with the padded collar and tongue. These materials ensure airflow and comfort upon team member’s feet. A lace closure is also added to shelter the lace even during a hardcore play. The sole part is made out of non-marking and exceptionally gripping rubber material that is advantageous on the court’s surface.

As part of Mizuno products, it has a parallel wave plate that supports lateral movements throughout the game. Overall, it is a lightweight shoe that is suitable for everyday volleyball play either for practice or for an actual game.

Good points

1. Lighter in weight than other volleyball shoes

2. Allows great airflow

3. Great stability

The drawbacks

1. Run small and too narrow

15. Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning RX3

Every volleyball player prefers lightweight shoes as the sport demands quick movements. Shoes are made to familiarize or to break in to end up using it more effectively. This item doesn’t require a long time to break in and hence easy to adapt with.

It is designed seamless which ends up to lighter shoes to wear. The fitting is unquestionable as Wave Lightning RX3 improves the fitting of the prior models under Wave Lightning RX of Mizuno. This doesn’t also allow the feet to feel uncomfortable while on a match. In addition, synthetic materials used are all breathable together with the shoe’ collar. Lace support is added to avoid untangled lace to take place. As usual, a rubber sole is made to ensure surface grip and prevent slipping off.

It is available in two combinations of colors including Black&Pink and Silver&Black as the sizing depends on what color you’re going to purchase. This must be the most affordable volleyball shoes counted in.

Good points

1. Reasonably priced

2. Trusted shoe brand

The drawbacks

1. Too slender in fitting

16. Mizuno Men’s Wave Tornado X

For the last time, Mizuno never really failed to offer quality volleyball shoes for men. It is excellent for indoor court because of the added feature that enhances its shock absorbing power. Indeed, Mizuno never misses surprising features on their shoe products. Let’s end this stuff right!

As usual, it is constructed with breathable, synthetic mesh materials that allow airflow towards your feet. It has an enhanced cushioning supports from the inside and out. The outsole has Infinity Wave feature that absorbs landing shocks frequently happens during a hardcore game. A rubber bottom gives extra shock absorption and excellent traction on the court’s surface that prevents unnecessary foot injuries. Another is the Dynamotion system which makes the footwear more flexible and stable throughout the game.

The footwear works well in both forward and backward movement on courts with slipping off prevention. To sum it up, the shoe renders great comfort, grip, and ankle support. It also eliminates fitting distortion due to Dynamotion fit technology.

Good points

1. Worth the price

2. Great shock absorption

3. Well-designed

The drawbacks

1. Sizing adjustment during purchase (about half size larger)

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs): More about Volleyball Shoes

To come up with the best volleyball shoes on your footwear collection, we need to figure out important stuff about it. No one would want a wrong purchase and therefore this section of the article must be understood and taken seriously. The following are factors you need to know before making a purchase.

What is a volleyball shoe?

Volleyball shoe is footwear particularly made for volleyball teams because of its specific features needed in executing a game. This type of footwear differs from other athlete’s shoes such as basketball shoes and other outdoor shoes in many different ways.

Volleyball shoes versus Basketball shoes

These two types of sport’s shoes may look as if identical but actually unlike. And having proper shoes in a certain sport is very vital to keep you uninjured throughout the game. Below are the dissimilarities of a volleyball shoe as compared to a basketball shoe.

  • Purpose

Volleyball shoes are designed to easily execute lateral movement and for more stability as compared to basketball shoes in detail prepared for forwarding movements.

  • Structure

Volleyball and Basketball shoes differ in terms of midsole design. Midsole design for volleyball shoes is made to prevent excessive twisting on athlete’s feet thus lessens the case of injury. The prior type of shoes has higher shock absorption level and yet more flexible. Additionally, footwear in playing volleyball is made of breathable mesh materials thus keeps the feet cool and dry. The outsole is literally made for indoor courts as compared to a basketball shoe that is usually suitable for outdoor use.

Criteria for the best volleyball shoes

There are many features that must be checked before telling a volleyball shoe is at its best condition. Here are the 6 most important factors to consider before purchasing a shoe product.

  • Breathable

Volleyball demands too much footwork to win a game and it is exhausting. Tired feet might produce a bad odor. A breathable volleyball shoe is normally made of synthetic materials that allow great airflow through the mesh. Cooler and dryer feet will render more winnings because of the comfort.

  • Stability

Volleyball players move hastily on the court to perfectly hit the ball. Too much foot works are done quickly in every direction and therefore a great shoe’ stability is required. There is much-applied technology system used by some manufacturers that maintain the stability of the footwear. Gel cushioning although soft-padded provides steadiness upon the shoe as it is supported with the midsole. A midsole is the center point of firmness that holds the entire shoe. Ankle support is also enhanced to prevent injury as a player executes a lateral movement.

  • Lightweight

It is better to jump while wearing lightweight footwear than a heavy one. As volleyball players tend to jump from time to time, choosing a lightweight pair of shoe is desirable.

  • Non-marking Outsole

We care for surface’ courts because clean and smooth surfaces encourage players to perform well in every game. Sweating on court normally happens and it may cause slipping off when stepped in. Therefore, a rubber outsole is added on every volleyball shoe for better grip on the surface.

  • Perfect fitting

In all kinds of shoes, perfect fitting is necessary to feel comfortable and to move easily. What more for sporty people? They are the ones who must look for a perfect fitting specifically a true to size fitting. Proper fitting will avoid unnecessary injuries as well.

Different shoe brands have different sizing depending on the kind of shoes you’re going to buy. To come up with a better buying decision, read customer reviews as well as look for trusted brands.

  • Cushioning

Comfortable feet perform more winning jumps and landings during a volleyball game. Flexible shoes are required for this kind of sport to support foot movement and to minimize foot aches. A cushion or padded shoe will end up lighter than other shoe types which are actually needed to execute spikes, blocking, and other volleyball hitting tactics easier and with great comfort.

Is volleyball shoes can be worn as regular shoes?

An athletic shoe is an investment for the gameplay. It is obviously pricey as compared to other shoe kinds and using it in no proper usage, will cause damage. Therefore, the answer to the question is no if you want to extend the usefulness of your shoes. Buying another pair of casual shoes is more practical in the long run.

What brand offers the best volleyball shoes?

We agree that volleyball shoes are designed the same in structure and in some other factors however there are surpassing sports shoe brands greatly adorned by athletes. As listed above, we choose Mizuno brand in the lead not because it cost higher than any other brands but it renders better performance too. Nonetheless, the other brands are still a good purchase and can be an option as top-quality products.


A volleyball team will never be completed without volleyball shoes as well as no time for winning. No matter how good the players are, wearing the right shoes is necessary to get the championship. These kinds of shoes are created to last long starting from the practice sessions up until the actual game.

The aforementioned products are all perfect for volleyball and we picked Mizuno Men’s Wave Lightning Z2 Mid as the best volleyball shoe among the list. Its designed flexibility is what we admire most for it fits for both men and women. The only downfall of the product is upon the buyer in choosing the right sizing is at times misguided.

In choosing the best volleyball shoes, it takes wisdom and practicality about the different shoe brands. Sports shoe availability is in a wide range these days and choosing which is merely difficult. Hope that this article has helped you to find for the right volleyball shoes for your next play.

Do you have any queries and suggestions? Feel free to hit your comment on the lower box and kindly wait for our response. Thank you! 



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