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Knife throwing is an emerging trend in the extreme sports world, and to pick up on this trend, you need to choose one of the best throwing knives.

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Smith & Wesson SWK8CP Throwing Knife

Smith & Wesson SWK8CP Throwing Knife

Perfect Point’s PAK-712-12 Throwing Knife

SOG F041TN Throwing Knife

United Cutlery’s UC2772 Throwing Knife

United Cutlery’s GH2033 Throwing Knife

Perfect Point PP-028-3BK Throwing Knife

Avias Knife Supply Throwing Knife

Avias Knife Supply Throwing Knife

Perfect Point’s TK-114-3 Throwing Knife  Your Complete Guide to The Best Throwing Knives

Knife Throwing is a sport that has gained much popularity these days. It is the right activity to pick up whether you want to release stress and enjoy your time after a tiring day at work or to sharpen your mind and develop your cognitive skills.

It’s not just fun to hit the target; knife throwing enhances the accuracy of your aim and throw, and highly increases hand-eye coordination.

For those who are looking for a new hobby that mixes fun, excitement and brain empowerment, or those who are already keen on knife throwing, we are here to guide your steps towards building your own collection of the best throwing knives.

No, the Best Throwing Knives Aren’t Your Kitchen Cutlery

Although the best throwing knives’ design is similar to regular kitchen knives’, their different uses impose distinction in shape, weight, and blade. Regular knives are mainly used for chopping and slicing fruit and vegetables, whereas throwing knives are aimed for throwing and target-hitting.

Thus, throwing knives are made of a single piece of steel, carbon or any similar material. They are composed of two primary sections, which are the “Blade” and the “Grip.” The former is significantly sharp-edged to ensure the hit and stick on the target, while the latter is well-designed to be easily held.

The Various Types of The Best Throwing Knives

Different types of throwing knives are available, and to each its role and particularities. It is recommended to learn about their differences and specifies before choosing your adequate knife.

Blade Heavy Knife

As its name reveals, this type of throwing knife has more weight toward the blade, and its handle is especially lighter, making it easy to pick and throw for far distances. This type is designed for beginners at their early steps of training and learning about knife throwing.

Handle-Heavy Throwing Knife

For advanced practice, this type of knives is usually used by professionals and well-experienced throwers. Its weight is more headed towards the handle, which demands more capability and effectiveness when throwing.

Balanced Throwing Knife

This type could be used by both beginners and professionals. As the weight is equally divided between the blade and the handle, it is easier to throw it from both sides, making it an excellent choice of throwing weapon by everyone.

Kunai Knife

Originally manufactured in Japan as a cheap farming tool, this sharp knife is now used by professional throwers like ninjas or fighters. And it is not only used as a weapon, but also as a grappling hook, or a piston, and even to gouge holes in walls.

Weight and Length of the Best Throwing Knives, and Why They Matter

The length and the weight are important specifications of the blade, and yet they are usually neglected by many.

Although many prefer light knives, it is essential to set a limit. A super light knife can be hard to control in the air and also difficult to hit the target from a long distance.

To measure the knife’s weight, you have to multiply 1 to 1.5 ounces per inch by the throwing knife’s length. Hence, for a knife measuring 14 inches, its minimum weight should be 14 ounces, and its maximum is 21 ounces. There is also a correlation between the weight and length of the knife and the distance for which it is used.

The Best Throwing Knives on the Market

For beginners and those who lack experience in buying throwing knives, it is not easy to decide which type is the best. So, here is a list of 10 throwing knives along with their specifications, advantages, and drawbacks to aid you on your research for the best throwing knives.

Cold Steel 9733 80PGTK GI Tanto Throwing Knife

Topping our list, the Cold Steel 9733 80PGTK GI Tanto versatile knife isn’t only handy for slicing, but also for throwing.

The 9733 80PGTK GI Tanto throwing knife from Cold Steel is an unmissable piece to add to your collection. Thanks to its sharp and fine point, it is ideal for any chopping usage. The particular balance between the blade and the handle will even ensure its equilibrium while underwater.

Although it weighs more than the majority of other types to foster durability, it is easy to throw from both sides and ensures unmistaken throws.

This pack has a length of 7 inches, and each piece weighs approximately 8 ounces. The blades are made of 1055 carbon steel with hard spring temper along with black rust-resistant finish, while the handles are polypropylene-based. You can also get an extra Secure-ex sheath with a Velcro enclosure for effortless transportation.


  • Full tang 1055 carbon steel
  • Excellent Kydex-like sheath
  • Nearly indestructible


  • None

Smith & Wesson SWK8CP Throwing Knife

Manufactured with resistant stainless steel, this throwing knife presents a collection of 6 blades that can be effortlessly carried around thanks to the nylon belt sheath.

The double-edged spear ensures a precise and firm stick to any target, and the extended holes in the blade and the handle are well designed to facilitate the travel across the air with increased speed. It has a perfectly balanced weight, which makes a great spin. This collection is designed for professionals as well as complete beginners.

For the set’s specifications, its length measures 8 inches and each knife weighs 4.7 ounces.


  • Well-balanced
  • Nice Spin
  • Durable


  • None

Perfect Point’s PAK-712-12 Knife

This knife set from Perfect Point is characterized by a straightforward and no-spin throw.

The 12-piece stainless-steel set, of which six are silver and six are black, comes at a particularly reasonable price for the value and broadness you’re getting.

The blade design is similar to the regular kitchen knife, yet with a massive arch in the blade as well as the handle to ensure weight partition when throwing.

Every knife boasts a hole within the handle for effortless transportation and for you to easily arrange them within the attached sheath and pack organizer.

This collection is convenient for a decently experienced thrower, as the balance of weight and the fragile blades are intended for a straight throwing.

For the knives’ characteristics, the set contains 8.5-inch pieces, each weighing 3.25 ounces.


  • Quality Steel
  • Affordable price
  • Wicked Sharp blades


  • May seem a bit fragile for experienced users

SOG F041TN Throwing Knife

This set offers three stainless steel knives in jet black 420, with strengthened nylon handles encased in paracord to facilitate the grip and increase comfort.

These knives aren’t just ideal for throwing, but for every day use as well. With its linear and rigid-edged blade, this Throwing Knife is excellent for throwing as well as cutting meat during your trip in the hoods. You can easily wrap the sheath around your neck or leg if you wish to carry it discretely.

As for this collection’s features, each knife measures 12.5” and weighs 4 ounces.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Razor-sharp blades


  • The handle’s paracord will get undone eventually

United Cutlery’s UC2772 Throwing Knife

If you’re looking for a thin and peculiar design for your throwing, United Cutlery’s UC2772 throwing knife offers you a compilation of three blades including a flexible nylon sheath with belt loop and leg strap. The knives have their handles wrapped in cord, and a big loop to twirl the knife around the fingers.

This set comes with a length of 12 inches and a weight of approximately 3 ounces for each knife. The blades are made of stainless steel, while the handles are cord-wrapped.


  • Sharp out of the box
  • Sturdy and durable


  • The paracord wrapping around the handles isn’t great

United Cutlery’s GH2033 Throwing Knife

A bulky and solid knife that brings forth a perfectly-balanced throw, the GH2033 throwing knife from United Cutlery is tilted, aerodynamic, and swift when thrown.

The handle is very practical and comfortable to hold, and with its well-studied weight, it creates a spin while throwing.

The included leather sheath is customized for durability as much as practicality.

This set Is composed of 12.13-inch, 13-ounce knives, each of which is produced of 420 stainless steel.


  • Well-balanced with a good weight point
  • Perfectly-shaped blades
  • Durable


  • Mass produced rather than handcrafted

Perfect Point’s PP-028-3BK Throwing Knife

This throwing knife is such a small yet powerful piece, making it the perfect choice if you are a newbie in the best throwing knives sport. Yet at the same time, experts swear by its utility and efficiency.

Short in size and made of light stainless steel, this throwing knife by Perfect Point has a razor-sharp and elongated point.

In addition, the handles are paracord wrapped to offer you a comfy grip and to establish a well-balanced blade. Its edges are quite sharp, allowing the knives to stick to the targets quite easily.

Finally, the compact, ergonomic sheath is just the cherry on top, as it holds the three knives effortlessly within a limited space.

This collection comes in a 6.5-inch length. The blades are made of stainless steel while the handles are cord-wrapped, and you can have an extra Black nylon sheath.


  • Excellent quality
  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight


  • The paracord comes off quite easily

Avias Knife Supply 3 Piece Throwing Knife

Coming as a collection of three super sharp and remarkably light weighted throwing knives, Avias’ set also contains a nylon sheath along with a belt loop and a Velcro enclosure for easier transport.

With a lightweight of just three ounces per piece, the handles have numerous holes to add balance at the throw.

The blade’s body is significantly wide and ends in a narrow and sharp tip, and the knife has razor-sharp and cutting-edge sides. The set has a variety of 9 colors among which we find black, red, and blue, and has a fine design to suit all demands.

This collection measures 9 inches in length and 3 ounces for each piece,


  • Razor-sharp
  • Good looking
  • Well-balanced


  • The sheath isn’t that great

Avias Knife Supply 9 Inch 6 Piece Throwing Knife

For beginners who have developed quite an interest to this popular activity, Avias Knife Supply presents to you a 6-piece 9-inch set at an affordable price while seeing to its decent quality.

The weight is well distributed while ensuring a light carry, and the included nylon pouch allows you to easily carry around the 6 pieces, making it perfect for everyday use.

The blades are one-sided and razor-sharp for an accurate stick when it hits the target. The selection of 10 colors considers all tastes and needs, and the set of six pieces could make a great gift or to share it with your friends who also enjoy the best throwing knives


  • Affordable
  • Sharp blades
  • Well-balanced


  • Not suitable for experienced throwers

Perfect Point’s TK-114-3 Knife

Designed specifically for experienced knife throwers, this set from Perfect Point is spectacular since both speed and distance are required to throw every piece.

It’s worth noting that the sheath is excellent and very practical for everyday transportation, and even to stick to your side if you’d like to target blades at beer cans in your backyard.

Also, the knives are exceptionally balanced, and the well-accomplished weight distribution is aimed at long-distance practice.

This set is a masterpiece featuring a fancy set of three knives in black, classic silver and tie-dye to offer as a gift to knife throwing lovers or to add it to your own collection.

The set has its length at 9 inches and weight at 3 ounces per each, is manufactured in Stainless steel and comes wrapped in a Nylon sheath.


  • Good weight
  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • Not sharp out of the box

To Wrap It Up

Knife Throwing is becoming more popular every day, and if you want to pick up on the merging trend, it’s time to choose one of the best throwing knives.

Any of the above suggestions can be the next piece in your arsenal, so make sure to set your needs, abilities, budget, and expectations before diving into the choices.

Happy throwing!



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