Like every other solar gadget, these solar spotlights absorb sunlight during the daytime to charge the batteries and then light up the bulbs at night.

The Solar Spot Lights helps to provide clear visibility of areas from a distance, thereby enabling you to see anyone moving in or around your environments at night time.

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With these, it serves as a means of Security as all possible hiding places will be lit up, and in cases whereby you or family members are retiring home late, it will help light up your path too, so you know where you are going.

Most of them are also Motion detectors (Motion sensor gadgets) and can detect possible movements around your environment by flashing that particular area where the motion was detected.

Also, if you are the type who uses a security camera, not getting a spotlight would render the camera useless as it won’t be able to record anything in the dark. So it would help if you had a spotlight to help your environments visible at night, so your camera can capture a thing.

Note that this list is in no particular order.

Best Solar Spotlights

1. LTIOM Upgraded 12 LED Outdoor Solar Lights, 2-in-1 Adjustable Solar Landscape Spotlights

LTIOM Upgraded 12 LED Outdoor Solar Lights, 2-in-1 Adjustable Solar Landscape Spot lights

This is a relatively new product, but it has been of good utility as many customers now recommended it. It is made with durable material capable of resisting water, frost, and heat. It has 12 LED bulbs, with each spotlight having 6. One unique feature you would love is that you can set it on the alarm, and it rings whenever anyone tries sneaking into your home; it offers security at a whole different level. It illuminates at an angle of 120 degrees and has a Lithium 18650 battery with a 3.7V capacity. It charges fast. It gets full with just 4 – 5 hours of receiving adequate sunlight and lights up for 12 and 6 hours in the low and high light mode, respectively. It is also an energy-saving solar spotlight.


2. Nekteck Solar Powered Garden Spotlights

Nekteck Solar Powered Garden SpotlightsThis Nekteck Solar Spotlight with a 200 Lumen output LED is a very efficient spotlight that illuminates your surroundings perfectly. It comes in two pieces in a pack, and the light and the solar panel are both adjustable at 90 degrees each.

It features a dual light mode, which means you can easily switch between two light modes – High light mode and Dim light mode. It charges very fast. If there is sufficient sunlight, it will take just about 4 – 5 hours to get fully charged. If fully charged during the day time, it can stay on for even up to 10 hours at night. It has a lithium battery with 3.7V and 2200mAh. It has a manual on and off button, but it also turns itself on automatically once it is night time. This solar spotlight is made with plastic material, but it is waterproof and comes with an 18 Month product warranty.


3. URPOWER Solar Lights Outdoor Upgraded, 2-in-1 Waterproof Solar Lights Solar Landscape Lights

URPOWER Solar Lights Outdoor Upgraded, 2-in-1 Waterproof Solar Lights Solar Landscape LightsThis is a solar spotlight with 6 LED bulbs. It is an upgraded version of the previous 4 LED Solar version. This solar spotlight is very durable. It charges very fast and takes just 4 – 5 hours to fully and yet lasts for a very long time. To make this solar spotlight very effective, you should install it in a location where it gets all the sunlight it will need. It has two lighting modes – High and low lighting modes. It is auto switch on and off but still features an on and off switch. The battery is Lithium 18650 with a 3.7V, 2200mAh capacity. The URPOWER solar lights are waterproof and heatproof as well.


4. SOLVAO Solar Spotlight (Upgraded)

SOLVAO Solar Spot light (Upgraded)This is a 4 LED bulb solar spotlight; each bulb has a capacity of 50 lumens, making it 200 lumens for the entire spotlight. With a 18500 lithium battery with 3.7V, 2200mAh, it takes about 6 – 8 hours to get fully charged, and the amount of time it stays on depends on the lighting modes you are using. If set on the low brightness mode, it can stay on for up to 6 – 9 hours while set on the high brightness mode. It can stay on for about 5 hours. The solar panel is 180 degrees adjustable while the light head is 90 degrees adjustable. It has a waterproof level of IP65 so that it can resist rainfall damages and likely weather conditions. It is a bit heavy, but that won’t be a problem as it is straightforward to install. It has the automatic on and off feature too.


5. Hallomall – Solar Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor

Hallomall - Solar Lights Outdoor Motion SensorFrom renowned manufacturers Hallomall, we have a high performing solar spotlight. It is a dual-head solar spotlight with bulbs in the middle too. Each of the two light heads has 7 LED bulbs, and the middle has 16 LED bulbs, making it a total of 30 LED bulbs, which together shines very brightly. It has a motion sensor and can be rotated at 360 degrees. This solar spotlight has an in-built rechargeable 18650 lithium battery with a 2000mAh capacity. It is auto on and off and also energy saving. It is water and weatherproof, capable of withstanding certain weather conditions like rain and snowfall. Unlike the others, it has just one lighting mode. It comes with a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty and has excellent customer service if you need to contact them for whatever reason.


6. BlackLemon – Solar Lights, BlackLemon 2-in-1 Waterproof 4 LED Solar Spotlight

BlackLemon - Solar Lights, BlackLemon 2-in-1 Waterproof 4 LED Solar Spot lightThese solar spotlights are intelligently designed to provide proper illumination. The solar spotlight comes 2 in a pack, and each bulb features four very powerful LED bulbs. This solar spotlight is 180-degree adjustable and can be set at any angle of your choice. It is produced with a very durable material capable of resisting water, heat, wind, and dust, meaning it is both waterproof and heats proof. It is effortless to set up and install as it can either be put deep in the ground or mounted on the wall. The battery is a 18650 rechargeable solar-powered lithium-ion battery with a 2200 mAh capacity. It can last up to more than 10 hours after getting fully charged. It is also automatic on and off and has two lighting modes – High and low.


7. Brightown – 2 Pack Upgraded Outdoor Solar Spot Lights

Brightown - 2 Pack Upgraded Outdoor Solar Spot LightsIf you need just that small – not too big – solar spotlight, you can make do with this as it is of moderate size and affordable. The four solar LED bulbs give out about 50 lumens, each hence emitting over 200 Lumens. It is wireless and easy to install with a 2 1 installation capability. You can either stick them firmly to the ground, or you mount them on the wall, whichever way you feel is best for you. It has a power switch for turning on and off, but it still has the automatic on and off feature. It has a 2200 mAh lithium rechargeable battery, which takes about 5 – 7 hours to charge and fully stays on for close to 14 hours.


8. CREATIVE DESIGN Solar Lights Outdoor, Colored Solar Spotlight Outdoor

CREATIVE DESIGN Solar Lights Outdoor, Colored Solar Spot light OutdoorCreative Design, that’s just what it is, really creative design. It is unique because its bulbs are colorful, and they altogether produce a total of 200 lumens. The colors are like that of a rainbow, and it changes frequently. The light head is 90 degrees adjustable, and the solar panel can also be adjusted for 180 degrees. It is IP65 and capable of withstanding common weather conditions like rain and snow. It has a 18650 Ni-MH battery with a 3.7V 2200 mAh, lasting for up to 3 years. The battery takes up to 8 hours to get fully charged. It can last 8 hours when on high light mode and close to 14 hours when on low light mode. This type of solar spotlight is ideal for decorations.


9. Aptoyu – Solar Lights 2-in-1 Waterproof 9 LED Solar Spotlight

Aptoyu - Solar Lights 2-in-1 Waterproof 9 LED Solar Spot light

If you need a solar spotlight mainly for security reasons, you can check out the Aptoyu Solar Spotlight. It is an upgraded solar spotlight as it uses the most recent LED technology. You are to charge it with sunlight for about 6 – 8 hours for it to get full. It features dual light modes, the high and low light modes. It stays on for 4 – 6 Hours in High Light Mode and 8 12 Hours in Low Light Mode. It turns on automatically at night and turns off at daybreak. It still has a power switch. The solar panel and the light head are adjustable, and this solar spotlight can be mounted on the wall or in the ground. It is water-resistant and truly a very efficient solar spotlight.


10. AMIR Solar Spotlights Outdoor Upgraded

AMIR Solar Spot lights Outdoor Upgraded

These solar spotlights were made with bigger solar panels so that more solar energy is absorbed. The spotlights take a maximum of 8 hours to get fully charged. It has two brightness modes – High and low. If on the high brightness mode, it can stay on for about 8 hours but stays on for close to 14 hours on the low brightness mode. The light bulbs shine very brightly with 200 lumens, and the solar panel and light head are 90 degrees adjustable, each of which is 180 degrees adjustable in total. It has an automated switch that turns itself on at night and off at day time. The battery is a 18650 lithium battery with a 3.7V and 2200mAh capacity. In further addition, it is weatherproof and long-lasting if maintained properly. This is a very durable solar spotlight from the AMIR manufacturers.


11. VicTsing Solar Spotlights, The Third Generation

VicTsing Solar Spot lights, The Third Generation

The VicTsing Solar Spotlight is a powerful solar spotlight with a high and low light intensity and shines bright white. It can be installed in two ways, in the ground or on the wall. It is ideal for outdoor use as it is waterproof and can withstand water and moisture. The 4 LED bulbs emit 50 lumens, each giving a total of 200 lumens, which is perfect for illuminating large areas. It gets fully charged after just 8 hours of exposure to sufficient sunlight. The 18650 battery is in-built with 3.7V & 2200mAH. It has an adjustable light head and solar panel and also features an automated switch. It is one of the most recommended solar spotlights, not just because of its quality but also because of the price, it is not too expensive, and you can get it on a low budget.


12. Leopard 2 S ETS 7 LED Solar Spotlights Outdoor Solar Lights

Lepord 2 S ETS 7 LED Solar Spot lights Outdoor Solar Lights

This product being on number 12 doesn’t mean the listed above are more functional than it (I earlier stated that the list is in no particular ranking order). This may be the perfect solar spotlight you need. This Lepord solar spotlight offers two color modes that you can switch to. The first is the automatic discoloration, where seven different colors are displayed. You may think it’s a disco light. The next is just one color fixed mode. The discoloration mode can last for 12 hours, but the fixed mode stays up for 8+ hours. The solar panel is highly efficient with 1.7W. It has a 2200mAh Li-ion battery that will need about 24 hours of charging under sunlight before using it for the time. This product comes with a five-year warranty, so you are guaranteed quality.


13. InnoGear Solar Light 8 LED Wireless Waterproof Solar Spotlights

InnoGear Solar Light 8 LED Wireless Waterproof Solar Spot lights

InnoGear is a popular manufacturing company, and their products are usually of outstanding quality. This Solar spotlight is one that shines very bright with its 8 LED bulbs. It is a spotlight that is most useful for security purposes. It is 90 degrees adjustable for the solar panel and 180 degrees adjustable for the light head. You can install this solar spotlight in two ways, it is either you stick it into the ground, or you mount it on the wall by using the screws. It features two lighting modes, the strong and dim light. It takes 8 hours to be fully charged when under sufficient sunlight, and this solar spotlight can stay on for about 8 – 10 hours.




Generally, solar spotlights are supposed to receive adequate sunlight for up to eight hours or even more every day. This is because the brightness of a solar spotlight depends on the amount of sunlight it received and how bright the sunlight was.

Also, the size of the LED bulbs and the photovoltaic cells’ quality should be considered.

Lastly, maintenance is something you should take to heart if you want your solar spotlight to last for you. Fortunately, solar gadgets do not require much support, so a periodical check to clean the dust should be enough.



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