As babies grow, you should change their feeding pattern. Once they no longer depend on milk, they are introduced to eating solid foods. And once this time comes, they will need their feeding plates.

– Bestseller Silicone Baby Plates Comparisons Table – 

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WeeSprout has a long list of quality baby products. This three-pack Silicone divided toddler plate is one of them. The plastic is soft and pliable as it is made of 100% silicone. You can serve your different baby dishes on one plate with the three divided sections which are thick enough, so the food spill is minimized.

Perfect size for your baby meals. You can put it in the microwave. It can be easily washed over a dishwasher. Your babies are sure to enjoy using these colorful plates and you as an adult can use them as well.



This is a relatively affordable baby plate when compared to all other silicone plates on the market. Silicone baby plates are preferred more than normal plastic because you can heat them and they are very flexible.

The three divided sections of the PandaEar divided unbreakable silicone baby, and toddler plates are all deep enough and can almost function as a small bowl. They are easy to clean, you can hand wash them, or you can put them in the dishwasher. No doubt you would love the Pandaear silicone plates.



The list won’t be complete without a Munchkin product. When talking about baby products, the Munchkin brand always is on the watchlist. The suction effect is excellent. It makes it more unique and desirable for preventing food from spilling on the floor.

It’s perfect for kids of about five months + or and is BFA-free, and dishwasher safe. They feature deep sections and hold just the right amount of food for your baby.  These plates are soft and flexible and break hardly. The Munchkin Stay put Divided Suction plates are of real value for their price.



Get these baby plates for your babies if they are trying to learn how to feed themselves. The Bumkins Silicone Grip Dish, Suction Divided Plate is top-shelf dishwasher safe and also freezer and microwave safe.

The plate is divided into sections that can contain different portions of baby foods. The suction is sturdy and helps it to stay in a place throughout your baby’s meals. This product is highly recommended for use, and it will surely impress you as it is strong and durable. The Bumkins brand always produces awesome baby products, and the silicone grip dish and a suction-divided plate are no exception.



What I love most about this Baby Bjorn set is its adorable design; it is available in two color combinations, orange/turquoise, and purple/pink. This product is very durable and can be reused for different kids as the years go by.

If you have baby twins, it will be nice to get this two-pack set so they both will have identical feeding plates, spoons, and forks. It is easy to wash and very soft and flexible for your babies to hold with ease. Needless to say, the Baby Bjorn Baby Plate, Spoon, and Fork Set are great for babies learning to self-feed.



It comes in Bright and attractive colors thus you get to choose the favorite one for your baby. It is made of unbreakable plastic which is very durable, and it is BPA free, microwave and dishwasher safe. The price is affordable for the kind of high quality it guarantees.

They are excellent for a quick breakfast, lunch, and dinner and can be used to serve snacks as well. The Ikea Kalas BPA Free bowl can be used for babies 0-3 years old, and it will help your baby develop a good eating habit. Some customers attest to using it your over ten years. It is a perfect baby plate for you to buy.



This Rig-style product is made of 100% silicone, is high quality, and is shaped like a mushroom. The silicone material makes it very durable and unbreakable. It is of a perfect size and very comfortable for baby feeding, believe me, your babies are sure to enjoy using it. 

It sticks well to surfaces making it hard for babies to pull off. It helps in minimizing the possibility of your babies spilling food on the floor. It is very soft and flexible making it easy for babies to grip. It is easy to wash too; this product is recommended as a lot of customers have testified about its quality.



You will love these little plates and bowls sets because of their cute designs and excellent quality. It can be put into the dishwasher and the microwave as well. This Skip Hop Zoo set is BPA and PVC-free, and it can be used for babies of 6 months and above.

The plates are thick and very durable, and they hardly break if your babies are the type that always likes to throw things. This product is highly recommended and is sure to meet your required taste. Your babies are sure also to enjoy using it too, really nice product.



One of the best baby plates out there today that you can buy is the Hippopotamus Silicone Divided Plates for Toddlers. These plates are made of really good material with very nice quality. The weight is nice as well, not too heavy for babies to carry themselves. It is also easy to clean, dishwasher safe and they don’t break when they fall on the floor, Non-breakable!

They stick easily to table surfaces and make mealtime more moderate and fun as well for your babies. Your babies can use these plates comfortably without spilling food all over the place thereby saving you time and effort.



These plates are FDA approved and are made of high-quality soft silicone. They feature an extreme suction that sticks the plates to the table until your babies finish their meals making them unable to toss them around as babies do.

Even if they do throw it down, there should be no cause for alarm as the plate is unbreakable.  It is BPA Free and non-toxic, it is microwave and oven safe, and it is also dishwasher safe making it easy to clean. Although it is a little bit heavy, it is larger than most baby plates and is still of good worth for your baby’s use.



The Re-play divided plate is very cute and flexible for little hands to grip comfortably. This product is well made with bright colors. It’s divided into three sections that help separate different foods during baby meals. It comes in a really good size, and the depth is perfect.

It is thick and very solid but yet it is not heavy at all, and they also do not bend at all. The Re-Play divided plates are ideal for daily use. It is BPA, PVC, Melamine, and Phthalate free; it is also dishwasher safe too. It is very durable, and if duly taken care of, these plates are sure to last for a very long time.



Q: How can I clean these baby plates?

A: You can clean them by hand washing them with warm water and washing soap. Most baby plates mentioned above are dishwasher safe so you can put them in a dishwasher as well.

Q: To what temperature are these baby plates dishwasher safe?

A: No actual temperature really, they can stay in the dishwasher for up to 15 minutes, so they are safe in dishwasher temperature.

Q: What age range are baby plates suitable for?

A: No specific age range but I believe from 4 months to 4 years should use a baby plate.

Q: How deep are these baby plates?

A: The baby plates come in different sizes and shapes but are at least 1.5 – 2 inches deep, they would hold the right amount of food for your babies.

Q: Are these baby plates stackable?

A: Of course they are, you can stack them just like your normal plates.


Things to consider. 

Babies are sure to get fed up with you feeding them, so you should get them their feeding plates to avoid baby troubles. Using baby plates minimizes the mess that could occur when you feed your babies yourself.

By that, using baby plates to feed your babies should make life relatively more comfortable for you and more fun for your babies too. Besides, your baby learning how to self-feed is a nice development.

Just like every other piece of material, there are lots of baby plates in the market and stores for you to buy. But there are some things to be considered to get the best there is. You should be considerate of which materials a product is made of. These baby plates are made of different materials, different sizes, and shapes, picking the best for your baby’s use will not be as easy as you think.

When looking for the best baby plates to buy, the material it is made of should be overemphasized.

What are they made of?

The most popular baby plate materials are made of plastic, silicone, wood, and ceramic. For babies, a stainless or wooden material may be too hard for them to handle and most ceramics break easily. Babies do not like materials that are hard like wood, so a plastic baby plate is what I believe to be mostly recommendable. 

Nevertheless, whichever one you want to go for, make sure it will be up to the task. This article will guide and help you decide what baby plates you should buy and which ones are of good quality. If you think your babies are old enough to start eating all by themselves, read below to find out what I am sure of are the best baby plates you can buy.


By taking your time to read this review, I can assure you have found useful information after going through the list of best baby plates I recommend for you to buy. Whichever one you choose to buy will certainly meet your taste.

All the baby plates listed above are of good quality and inexpensive, you can buy them for just a couple of dollars and use them for as long as you deem fit.

As for advice, always check your baby plates to make sure they are clean before using them to grow a healthy feeding baby.

With Baby plates, your babies will be able to join the rest of the family to eat at the dining table. Make your babies feel special; get them their feeding plates.



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