Best Overnight Diapers for Toddlers

There are several reasons why you need the best overnight diapers for toddlers. Babies and toddlers wake up many times during the night, with the two biggest reasons being that they are uncomfortably wet or they are hungry.

A soaking wet diaper will wake your child and you, so it makes sense to have a nighttime diaper that offers more protection than its daytime counterpart.

Toddlers need a diaper that can handle many overnight leaks that invariably occur. And to be frank, daytime diapers just aren’t up to the job.

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The 5 Best Overnight Diapers for Toddlers

If you’re still feeling a bit unsure, here are our recommendations for the best overnight diapers on sale now.

1. Huggies OverNites Diaper Review

Babies and toddlers who are heavy wetters have it tough, and their parents suffer too. It isn’t a good feeling to be awakened night after night because your child has a leaky diaper. You need a brand of diaper that can stand up to your babies’ bedtime wettings.

Huggies OverNites Diapers can keep your child dry for up to 12 hours. These diapers can hold a significant amount of liquid. But why do these diapers withstand so much moisture? Their SnugFit waistband is one of the reasons.

This unique waistband fits snugly, but not too tight, on your baby. Plus, Huggies OverNites also have a Leak Lock design that helps keep moisture away from a child’s skin. This lowers the risk of them getting a diaper rash as well. Also, the tabs on these diapers stay put, even after a long night’s wear. Huggies OverNites are more than just functional: they are charmingly designed, and the ones with the Winnie the Pooh graphics are simply adorable!


These diapers control leaks very well. Even if your baby sleeps in a soiled diaper all night, you shouldn’t have any issues with diaper rash. The tabs also stay in place.


These diapers are quite expensive, so be prepared to shell out some dollars. Also, they do have a slight chemical odor and might bother you or your infant if either or both of you are ultra-sensitive to smells.


2. BumGenius Freetime All-in-One Cloth Diaper Review

If you want a good night’s sleep and to help the environment as well, you might want to consider using cloth diapers. Cloth diapers have evolved over the past few decades and are now more comfy and absorbent than ever.

BumGenius Freetime diapers can get your baby through the night feeling dry. They come with a leak-proof cover, and snap closures that are very handy and don’t break off like a lot of tabs tend to do. Plus the snaps are adjustable and can expand with your child as he or she grows. One size of this diaper can fit babies and toddlers up to 35 pounds. The elastic gives the perfect stretch to conform comfortably to your child’s waist and legs. Also, they don’t cause the red marks some of the disposable brands do.  

The absorbency strength of this diaper is from the extra soft, semi-attached inserts which suck up liquid. There’s no need to put anything extra into the diaper, and when it’s soiled, you can take it off your toddler and simply throw it into the washing machine. This makes this cloth diaper very low maintenance and similar to disposables.


These diapers have sweet, colorful designs, and you can use them for a long time because of the handily adjustable snaps. There is no diaper stuffing required. Plus, it’s simple to wash.


These diapers may be a bit costly but remember you can use them over and over. They are bulkier than disposables and can stain from diaper ointment.


3. Pampers Baby Dry Diapers Review

As all new moms should know, it’s safer for a child to sleep on their back, but once they learn to roll over, they don’t necessarily comply. Even if you lay your infant down on her back, they can end up rolling over at some point in the night. This movement and the different positions can make it challenging if you’re attempting to keep a toddler dry.  

For sizes 1, 2, and Newborn, Pampers Baby Dry comes with a convenient wetness indicator on the outside of the diaper. The indicator will change color when your baby’s diaper is soiled, which can be very helpful to any mom or dad.

These diapers have three layers, unlike many that only have two. They offer up to 12 hours of wetness protection and have an added UltraAbsorb layer to help keep your toddler dry the whole night.  

One of the reasons these diapers can hold so much wetness, yet still, feel thin, is the absorbent gelling material they have inside them. The gel looks like hard little pebbles when dry, but when wet the layer softens and increases in size.

These diapers feel soft on the outside and in. With their flexible leg and waist openings, you’ll easily find the most comfortable fit for your child.


They offer long-lasting leak protection. They are fairly cheap for an overnight diaper. The tabs are elastic, and not rigid like some of the other brands.


If the diaper becomes overly soiled, the absorbent gel material can break through the diaper, which leads to a mess. Also, the sizes run a tad small, so you may want to buy a size up.


4. Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diaper Review

With a boy, it can be quite an undertaking to find a diaper that can handle his messes. But here’s a tip: Always make sure you point his boy part down when changing his diaper. This helps him to stay dry for longer.

These diapers have special leg gatherings with a leak barrier to stop moisture from escaping the diaper. The leak guard core also soaks up moisture in a hurry, helping to keep your child dry through the night.

Luvs brand belongs to the more cost-efficient brands of diapers. They also feel very soft to the touch. The stretch tabs can be refastened, which is an added benefit not all diapers have. So, in case you don’t get the diaper fastened snugly enough the first time, you have the option of peeling the tabs back and trying again.

These are cute, fashionable diapers and excellent performers. For improved peace of mind, Luv offers their customers a money-back guarantee if they aren’t completely satisfied with their product. Simply send the receipt and UPC to Luvs within the 45-day timeframe allowed and claim your refund. All moms love money-back guarantees because it takes the risk out of trying new baby products.


This one is a very affordable overnight diaper option. They open well for a quick and easy diaper change. The tabs can be refastened.


Like Pampers, these diapers also use a gel material, which can sometimes stick to your baby’s bottom if the diaper is overly soiled. They don’t have wetness indicators.


5. Bamboo Nature Diapers Review

With their increased size of the bladder, toddlers can produce more urine than babies. Some of them will need a real heavy-duty diaper to get through the night. To complicate things, toddlers are often like mini escape artists. They can tug their way out of almost anything that isn’t comfortable. And that’s perhaps why parents need to focus on finding a comfy, absorbent diaper to get the job done.

These diapers offer an environmentally safe method of diapering your little one, while also providing amazing absorbency to combat overnight mishaps. They are created from the pulp of bamboo trees using a sustainable forestry method. For every tree that is cut down, more trees are planted.

If you are concerned about finding an overnight diaper that is natural and doesn’t contain all the chemical ingredients other diapers do, you should like Bamboo Nature. They are safe for children with sensitive skin and have been tested by dermatologists, and according to the manufacturer, do not cause allergies or irritation.

Very breathable on the thinner side and extremely soft, the diapers can be worn in the daytime as well as at night. Even though they are quite thin, they are very absorbent and can save you from having to change your child’s bedding in the middle of the night.  


No chemical odor from these diapers. They are gentle on the baby’s skin. These are very absorbent, even for overnight use.


They run small in size — you will want to size up. Occasionally you’ll find one of these diapers with defective tabs.


What’s the Difference Between the Best Overnight Diaper for Toddlers and a Daytime Diaper?

This is a common question asked by moms and dads across the world. What a lot of people don’t understand is that a daytime diaper is designed to do a very different task.

Daytime diapers are meant to be worn only during the day. They are thin and can be worn comfortably under the toddler’s clothes. Overnight nappies, on the other hand, are way more padded and superabsorbent. They help protect your little bundle of joy throughout the night, so both parent and child can get the sleep they need.

Daytime diapers are usually changed every 2-3 hours. The overnight variety is meant to last for 8-12 hours. Overnight diapers also have an absorbent ring around the thigh, ensuring a leak-proof fit.

Of course, both kinds of diapers should be able to perform the task they were designed for, whether nighttime leaks or daytime springs.  If the diaper you are currently using doesn’t perform the way it should, then, by all means, check out another brand for your little one’s comfort and health.

Multiple Layering in Diapers

The multi-layers in a diaper each perform a specific function. They are designed to move moisture away from the toddler’s delicate skin and to prevent leaks around the thighs as well. After all, it is the wetness the little one feels that wakes them up at night. The best overnight diaper for your toddler will have three layers, the top, an absorbent shell, and an outer, waterproof layer.  

The Top Layer

This layer is in direct contact with the infant’s skin. It should be soft and cozy.  No parent wants a rough surface rubbing sweet pea’s skin as he or she sleeps. This layer also helps prevent pesky rashes as well.

Absorbent Layer

This is the core layer. It performs as a sponge, sucking away all that un-comfy moisture from your child’s skin. The more absorbent this core layer is, the happier your baby will be, and the better they’ll sleep at night.

Waterproof Layer

This is the layer that ensures moisture stays inside the diaper with no leaks and no seeping through. When you purchase overnight diapers, always make sure it has all these layers before you part with your cash.

Disposable VS Cloth Diapers

Long has been a debate between cloth and disposable diaper. Disposables are way more convenient for sure. However, as the name suggests, you can only use them once. Cloth diapers are more cost-efficient than throw-aways, but they lack the convenience factor. As such, they are not overly popular with busy moms and dads. Plus, they need to be frequently laundered.

How Do You Know Which Is the Best Overnight Diaper for a Toddler?

Before rushing out to buy boxes of overnight diapers, be aware that not all overnight diapers work as well as the manufacturer claims they do. Here are a few questions to ask before you buy overnight nappies for your baby.

How much moisture can the diaper absorb?

The diaper needs to act like a sponge to keep your toddler dry until morning. It should be able to absorb all of the liquid and move it away from the toddler’s skin. If the diaper isn’t absorbent enough, your toddler will be restless and unable to sleep through the night. A diaper with multiple layers will generally perform adequately until morning, keeping your baby dry and happy.

Does the diaper fit your child properly?

A red mark on your toddler’s skin, especially around the upper legs, is an indication the diaper doesn’t fit him or her well. A comfortable baby means more shut-eye for both of you, so you’ll want to purchase diapers with a flexible fit around the legs and waist.

Does your baby react badly to the diaper?

Some infants can break out in a rash from certain materials used in diapers. If this happens to your child, avoid using that particular brand and try another one to improve your child’s comfort.  

How much does the diaper cost?

You will want to consider the cost of the diapers you choose. Some overnight diapers can be quite expensive, and they are more costly than daytime diapers. Your baby’s comfort and well-being are essential, however, so you don’t want to scrimp too much when choosing a good overnight diaper.

What is the diaper made of?

If you’re worried about chemicals in the fabric of your baby’s diapers, your best bet might be to stick with cloth diapers or all-natural ones. This can make a big difference if your toddler has super-sensitive skin.

Tips to Make Your Diaper Switch a Success

Once you have chosen a brand of overnight diapers, you can still use some tips to ensure you and your little one have a peaceful night’s sleep.

Never buy in bulk

Of course, you can save money when you buy diapers in bulk. But it can be better to start off purchasing just one package and test if they will work out for your baby. You may have to try out several brands before settling on one that suits your toddler’s needs.

Consider sizing up

Sometimes using one size bigger for an overnight diaper that your baby wears in the daytime can work wonders as well. A slightly bigger diaper holds more moisture and might be just what your baby needs to keep him from waking up in the middle of the night. It all depends on the child of course, but it is a strategy to consider.

Stick to your daytime brand

If you have a daytime diaper brand you prefer using on your child; the nighttime version could well work best for the two of you. Plus, if your daytime diaper doesn’t leak or cause rashes, the ones designed for nighttime wear probably won’t either.

You can double up on the diapers

Toddlers are bigger and hold more urine than babies, so one overnight diaper is not always enough. If you wake up to find your child with a wet and heavy diaper, you know it is time for more moisture control. Double up and use two on your toddler.

What’s your bedtime strategy?

Life with a baby, a toddler, or an infant can be unpredictable. There is no fail-proof method to ensure your child will sleep all night, every night. The best you can do is put the overnight diaper on your baby around the time you think they are getting sleepy, and of course, make sure their belly is full too. Then, cross your fingers and hope for a restful night. For toddlers, in particular, there are a few tricks you can try to help prepare the ground for a good night’s sleep.

Toddlers are pros at stalling so make sure you change or their diaper right before putting them to bed. When you announce, it’s bedtime a toddler will find a million reasons why they are not ready for beddy-bye.

They might want a bedtime story, or they suddenly become thirsty or hungry. Paying attention to your toddler’s many strategies will help you know when to make a final diaper change before tucking them in for the night.

For instance, take the last call for beverages about an hour or two before bedtime.

Make sure your child’s last cup of water or milk is about an hour or two before bedtime as this will cut down on leaks during the night. If your child is thirsty before bed, give them a few sips as opposed to a whole sippy cup or a bottle. Less liquid means fewer leaks!


And Our Favorite Is …

The diapers on our list are all superior products, but we love BumGenius Freetime cloth diapers the most. They are great for both day and night because of their terrific absorbency and their super-soft material.

Freetime diapers hold up well wash after wash, and they’ll fit your child for a long while because of the adjustable snaps. They’re also super easy to clean and contain no chemical substances.

As an added benefit, you will sleep comfortably knowing you’re doing something great for the planet. The initial investment is considerable, but they are definitely worth the cost.


Keeping our kids warm, dry, and comfortable at night is a priority for parents. A poorly made overnight diaper can deprive you and them of a good night’s rest. The best overnight diaper should be able to provide all the moisture protection the little he, or she needs during the night.

When you purchase diapers, always check if they have multiple layers. The layers provide comfy contacts, absorb moisture, and prevent wetness from soiling the child’s bedding.

The next time you purchase an overnight diaper, be sure to choose one of the products reviewed above. Use this information to make an informed decision when choosing your baby’s overnight diapers. We wish you the best of luck in keeping your baby dry and happy.



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