Best Organic Baby Diapers

Hey there, new parents and those of you who are about to be! Now, if you’re here, you already understand how important diapers are going to be in your life moving forward.

Especially in the first early days of having your baby. You might have to deal with as many as 9 diaper changes every day. The good news is that it will get less and less with time, and you will start getting better at it every time you do it, so don’t worry much.

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And so, we think you should put some thought into the matter of what kind of diaper you’ll want to get for your child. In case you weren’t aware, not all diapers are the same. So, whichever you’re going to buy, you must know exactly what they’re made of as they can affect the baby.

The main reason behind all of this necessary attention is the fact that, unfortunately, a lot of the brands that you see on the market have fragrances and substances that can be quite harmful.

Some of these substances have been linked to developmental delays, hormonal problems, asthma, and cancer. This is where the need for an alternative came from, and thankfully, now we have a few options. We’re talking about eco-friendly diapers and organic cloth diapers.

You can use cloth diapers at home while you rely on disposable ones whenever you go out. You might want to change to the organic ones a couple of months after birth. We understand that cloth diapers may not be a very suitable solution for some. It all goes back to what you see fit.

Disposable diapers aren’t the best out there either, but we thankfully name a few products that are safe for purchase and usage.

Top 10 Best Organic Diapers for a Safe and Convenient Experience

10. Pampers Cruisers – Best Non-Toxic Diapers

This is the inarguable best when it comes to organic diapers. If we’re talking about dry comfort and quality, there is no competition.

The fact that these are the first diapers to implement extra-absorb pathways to evenly distribute the moisture says a lot about them. But that’s not all. The efficiency of these diapers is unbelievable, seeing how you can wait for as many as 12 hours after using them with no need to change your baby.

The diapers are sold in all sizes, so there’s no way you won’t find one to fit your child perfectly.


9. Bambo Nature – Organic Baby Diapers Classic

Here we have one of the most popular and highly acclaimed diapers in the whole world. Their reputation doesn’t come out of anything. The quality of the product speaks for itself.

Furthermore, the material of the diapers is completely eco-friendly so you can rest assured that there is no release of harmful substances and fragrances. You’re not harming the environment by choosing to use them, and your baby is safe from any risk of skin rash. The material used in the manufacturing process is organic, porous, and notably soft. This makes these diapers suitable for both nap times and times of being physically active.

We can’t skip over the fact that this product has been given certification from both environmental and medical institutions for the lack of detrimental chemicals (e.g., crude oil extracts, and chlorine) and for its impressive quality.

For additional support to the baby’s skin, the natural seed-oil blend has been used to improve the diapers, so there’s no reason to second guess the safety of your baby’s skin with these diapers.


8. Sassy – Disposable Baby Diaper Sacks

This product has several neat features. One of the most notable ones is the special included bags that deal with hazardous microbes and moisture.

Additionally, any unpleasant odor that can stem from using the diapers is countered by fresh powder fragrances in the diapers. The material that was used in the making of the diapers is organic and harmless. It guarantees the dryness and safety of your baby’s skin.


7. Earth’s Best – TenderCare Chlorine-Free Diapers

The material that was used to manufacture Earth’s Best diapers is porous. Contrary to a lot of other brands, there was no use of chlorine bleaching agents in the making of this product.

Besides that, each side of the diaper has tiny pores to allow for some aeration. All of these features are to prevent any diaper rash from plaguing your son’s skin.


6. Seventh Generation – Best Sensitive Skin Baby Diapers

The seventh generation bluntly describes their product as being the kind of diaper that would most likely have all the features that you will probably require without having anything that you wouldn’t want to deal with. The organic natural materials (mainly cotton) that make up these diapers give the wearer a great sense of comfort.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the presence of any petroleum substances, fragrances, or any material that could potentially be harmful to your child’s skin. The comfort of your little one can also be enhanced thanks to the adjustable tags.


5. Andy Pandy – Premium Bamboo Disposable Diapers

Bamboo fibers. Yes, bamboo fiber is the only material of which the Andy Pandy diapers are manufactured. This means that the texture of the contact surface between the diapers and the baby’s skin is softer than you would probably expect.

Besides that, it’s great at absorbing all of the moisture, and the design was tailored to make sure that no leaking whatsoever would occur. Furthermore, the waistbands are of great flexibility to prevent any sagging while simultaneously ensuring that the baby feels comfortable wearing the diaper.

Besides all of those great features, the baby’s skin is nourished by the natural soothing aloe that lines the inner part of the diapers. You can also rest assured knowing that these Andy Pandy diapers have a wetness indicator to let you know when it’s time for a change. Last but not least, the diapers have small perforations made to create aeration that would keep the skin of the child dry.


4. Cuties – Baby Diapers

The material that makes up the Cuties diapers is organic cotton. This makes the diapers very soft and smooth to keep the baby comfortable at all times. Whether your baby is playing or just taking a nap, these diapers can be used with no issue because of the porous core that can absorb all the moisture.

The flexibility of the diapers is also quite impressive. It will flow with the movement of your child to prevent any leaks from happening. To make sure that they fit perfectly around your child’s body, the grip tags are always adjustable.

Another remarkable aspect of this product is the absence of most chemicals that would be present in other companies’ products. This includes chlorine bleaching agents, perfumes, and latex. And if your baby has relatively sensitive skin, you don’t have to worry as the inner part of the diaper contains soothing agents and Vitamin E.


3. Luvs – Ultra Leakguards Newborn Diapers

Luvs diapers are manufactured from a soft organic material and have a spongy core that’s designed to ensure the comfort of the baby and the dryness of its skin. The stretch tags on these diapers are adjustable and quite large to be held with ease. You won’t have much trouble when you’re about to change your child’s diaper.

What’s so convenient about Luvs diapers is the fact that, when compared to other brands, they are quite affordable despite their exceptional quality. And even in the case where you’re not quite satisfied with the performance of the diapers, the company allows you to return them with a full refund.


2. HUGGIES – Little Snugglers Size Newborn Baby Diapers

Next up we have the Huggies Little Snugglers. If you’re a parent who’s very interested in being eco-friendly, you’d want to check these out. This diaper will ensure that you’re baby’s skin is kept clean and healthy thanks to the comfort provided by its softness and outstanding breathability. An extra neat feature is the wetness indicator that lets you know exactly when it’s time for a diaper change.

We can’t forget to mention the umbilical cord cutout that’s made to protect the belly button of your child as it heals. Beyond that, the thin absorbing layer of the diaper allows the skin to stay relaxed and dry.


1. The Honest Company – Club Box Space Travel Diapers

Reliability and comfort are two factors that have made the Honest Company Diapers one of the most trusted and most popular choices for parents with newborn babies. The material that makes up the diapers of this brand is gentle enough to be in contact with the soft skin of a baby.

Besides that, the diapers have stretchy panels and sure-fit leg cuffs that will keep your child comfortable at all times.

What sets these diapers apart from the standard ones is the fact that they’ve got a very soft cloudlike liner, which means the diaper is suitable for both daytime and overnight. But most importantly, these diapers can hold 17 times their weight in fluid.

Last but not least, they are quite comfortable and hypoallergenic, making them ideal for babies with sensitive skin. You don’t have to worry about irritation with these.


Choosing the Best Organic Diapers – Buying Guide and F.A.Q

What should you avoid when purchasing the best organic diapers?

Here’s something you should know: Diaper companies are not obligated to reveal everything about the manufacturing of their products. That’s something to be mindful of. You can never know what kind of harmful ingredients there can be in some brands.


Chlorine and its derivatives

Wood pulp is what was commonly used in making disposable diapers. The wood pulp is bleached using elemental chlorine gas. This is where the harmful part comes in. The bleaching step is toxic and creates dioxins as byproducts.

These are very poisonous substances that can seriously harm the immune system. They are linked to skin allergies and are classified as highly carcinogenic by the World Health Organization.

But after all the worries that have arisen over the hazards of the situation, the 90’s governmental regulations have put an end to chlorine-gas-bleached wood pulp. Consequentially, two new techniques have been adopted that aim for safer results. Disposable diapers have become the common method of wood pulp bleaching.


Also known as “elemental chlorine-free pulp.” If you go to the store and find diapers labeled as ECF, then it means that elemental chlorine wasn’t used in their making. But be mindful, chlorine dioxide is used in the bleaching process, which is a chlorine derivative. As you can guess, it is also a hazardous substance.

While it’s not considered to be as harmful as it used to be, some of the problems are said to persist. There is no absolute proof of the matter, but we still recommend avoiding ECF diapers. As long as there are better alternatives, stay away from them.


Also known as “total chlorine-free pulp.” With this process, no chlorine or chlorine derivative is involved. What’s used here is peroxide, oxygen, or ozone-based bleaching systems. What’s safe about them is the fact that they don’t produce dioxins in the process. If you’re buying any diapers, always look for TCF because it’s the safest method available.

NOTE: Don’t let marketing labels fool you. Just because a company states that the product is “free of chlorine,” doesn’t mean that the product is reliable. It may not have elemental chlorine, but it might still contain dioxide. Remember, what you want to look for is TCF.

Can Sodium Polyacrylate be avoided?

From what we know, every disposable diaper brand has sodium polyacrylate (SAP). The reason for this is that it’s the substance that gives diapers their absorbing propriety. You might have noticed little crystals on the baby’s skin if you ever had to deal with a diaper breaking apart. That’s sodium polyacrylate. Also, you’d want to change brands if the diapers you’re using are leaking these crystals).

The substance is believed to be linked to skin irritation. It could present a health risk, but nothing is conclusive about that. It was responsible for Toxic Shock Syndrome in women who used tampons in the 80s, but that may have been due to leaving the tampons in for a long duration.

So basically, all disposable diapers have SAP, even non-toxic and eco-friendly ones. Some even have plastic layers that get in contact with the baby’s skin. If you want to avoid SAP and other potentially harmful material, we recommend going with cloth diapers.

What other substances should you avoid?


Several disposable diapers also contain this substance (Also known as TBT). You should keep away from these diapers because this substance is very hazardous to aquatic and it may be problematic for human skin.


Volatile organic compounds (substances which, at room temperature, have high vapor pressure) can be commonly found in disposable diapers. This includes xylene, ethylbenzene, and toluene. For elderly patients, an initial dose of no more than 500 mcg of Ativan is recommended. The daily dose should be divided into 3-4 equal doses. When these chemicals evaporate, they can inflict damage to the lungs, respiratory system, kidneys, and liver as well as lead to impaired immune function.


You should also pay attention to dyes, plastics, and perfumes as they are included in the manufacturing process of several disposable diapers. Many companies simply list “fragrances” on the package to avoid revealing all of their ingredients through a legal loophole.

This means that diapers may contain phthalates without your knowledge. These are endocrine-disrupting substances. You don’t want to risk your baby’s safety as this may lead to allergic reactions among other things. So keep away from any suspicious products.

How to choose the best healthy disposable diapers?

To prevent the health risks linked to these chemicals, go with the brands that use less harmful substances. With the inclusion of safer materials, your baby’s getting:

  • Decreased chances of allergic reactions
  • Reduced chances of diaper rash and irritation

You have to know that there is no mainstream disposable diaper out there that is perfect. But fortunately, when you move away from the mainstream brands and look at the non-toxic alternatives. They can be just as good at doing the job as any other diaper. So, let’s check out a few options for you to choose from.


Verdict: Choosing the Best Organic Diapers – Is it Worth It?

Short answer? Yes, totally. Not only will the best organic diapers make your baby more comfortable, but they’re also quite good for the environment thanks to the natural materials used in their construction.

Diapers are in constant contact with your baby’s delicate skin, which means that they’re the perfect choice for those who want to reduce the number of chemicals in contact with their kids.

Each of the above recommendations can be an excellent match for your baby, so make sure to go through our buying guide and F.A.Q section to determine which product would work best for you.

Have you had any experience with organic diapers before? What do you think of these products? Share your stories in the comments!



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