Best Liquid Transfer Pump of 2019

Owning a liquid transfer pump can be very handy in a lot of situations. It is a very useful tool that requires less effort when it comes to transferring fuel, oil, or any types of liquids from one source to another. These type of pumps can be very useful, but only if you have chosen the right transfer pump.

There are actually quite a lot of liquid transfer pumps that you can choose from, but this doesn’t mean you’ll search and just pick out a random product that says “best liquid transfer pump”. You should stop and consider looking at the product’s features to avoid making a careless decision.

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Top 6 Best Liquid Transfer Pumps Reviewed

Before you even purchase your own transfer pump, it is important that you should be familiar with the different types of transfer pumps and their mechanisms on which they work.

After making examining and checking out various kinds of liquid transfer pumps in the market, we have finally found the best ones that you can choose from.

Here are the best products:

1. FUELWORKS Electric Fuel Transfer Pump Kit Review

1. FUELWORKS Electric Fuel Transfer Pump Kit ReviewOne thing that you should know about this product is that it is exclusive in pumping diesel fuel. This product has a small which makes portable and compact.  Despite the transfer pump’s small size, its functionality is actually pretty reliable.

Another great thing about this transfer pump is that it can be adjusted, it is possible for you to have it customized depending on the intended usage. The included hose can be easily cut to adjust the length, which will be based on your needs.



  • User-friendly
  • Equipped with a thermal protection switch
  • It has a sleek and compact design


  • The hose rolls unintentionally
  • It only works for diesel fuels


2. Fill-Rite Fuel Transfer Pump Review

2. Fill-Rite Fuel Transfer Pump ReviewThis pump is powered by a 20-amp DC motor, which means that it delivers you with incredible power. However, this also causes it to be much louder than the other competing transfer pumps out there. One of the reasons why a lot of people like this product is because of its versatility. It is compatible with different kinds of fuel types such as kerosene, diesel, and gasoline.



  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Comes with a built-in strainer
  • Applications are versatile
  • Very durable
  • Is explosion-proof
  • Has 2-years warranty


  • It is quite loud than other transfer pumps
  • It has no anti-siphon valve
  • The filter quality could be better


3. Self Prime Oil Transfer Pump Review

3. Self Prime Oil Transfer Pump ReviewIf you are looking for a transfer pump that doesn’t have frills, this product can come up to your top list of choices. Though, this product lacks whistles and bells, which might have been the reason why it didn’t become as popular as the other products.

However, you should know that this product is only suitable for light pumping applications. This is not the right transfer pump for you if you are using much thicker oils.



  • It is very affordable
  • Easy to be used
  • Pumps fuel very quickly
  • Lightweight
  • It has a built-in filter
  • Cast iron construction


  • Not as popular as the other products in this article
  • It is prone to wear


4. ARKSEN Fuel Transfer Pump Review

4. ARKSEN Fuel Transfer Pump ReviewThis liquid transfer pump is powered with 12-volts and comes with a 22-amp motor and ¼ HP. While the pump’s flow rate is around 20 GPM, the wattage that it uses is 264 watts. If you are looking for a versatile transfer pump, then this product will also suit you.

Based on the pump’s technical specs, it can be used in various kinds of liquids like heptane, diesel, mineral spirits, kerosene, and hexane. There are also several features to ensure your safety when transferring the liquids.



  • It can resist explosions
  • It has thermal protection from high temperatures
  • The body is made out of cast iron
  • Very durable
  • It has a great pump quality
  • Transfers fuel at a quick pace


  • Creates a loud noise
  • The nozzle’s quality should be improved


5. Goplus Electric Transfer Pump Review

5. Goplus Electric Transfer Pump ReviewThe technical details of this product come with a 110-volt motor, which is capable of delivering you with a flow rate of up to 16 gallons per minute. This product is very affordable, yet very efficient when it comes to transferring liquids. The pump is made out of heavy-duty iron, so expect it to be a very durable transfer pump.

Unlike some transfer pumps, this product has quite a heavyweight. It may not be as light as the other products, but expect this one to be longer lasting than the others.



  • Self-Priming
  • You can both use automatic and manual nozzles
  • The price is very reasonable
  • Has a sturdy and durable structure
  • It is very easy to use
  • Has a large flow


  • Only works with diesel


6. Tera Pump Hand – Cheapest Fuel Pump Review

6. Tera Pump Hand - Cheapest Fuel Pump ReviewIf you are looking for a very handy and portable liquid transfer pump, then this product is the best one for you. Unlike the previous products, this one powered with 2 AA batteries. It doesn’t require any electricity to be powered up. So if you want to have a portable liquid transfer pump for an emergency, this product would be your best choice.



  • Very affordable
  • Compact and portable
  • It only uses batteries
  • User-friendly
  • Very easy to use
  • It can be used on non-corrosive liquids
  • Lightweight


  • Not as durable as the others



Having a reliable liquid transfer pump can help you in certain kinds of situations, like for example, your vehicle has run out of gas and you don’t have spare stock for a refill nor have a gasoline station close-by. If you have a portable liquid pump with you, you can try waving at the other drivers and ask if they can share a bit of their fuel for you.

This is just a sample of an emergency situation where the transfer pump can be quite useful.



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