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If you know anything about having kids, it’s that you have to deal with tons of toys. That means constant cleaning and picking up legos to make sure the house doesn’t look like the aftermath of a tornado. It can be time-consuming, stressful, and downright exhausting, not to mention how hard it is to get any child to happily clean up their toys at the end of a long day.

What may help turn the clean-up into a fun and simple activity for your kid(s) is a toy chest – one place for all the toys makes the child’s room much tidier. But as simple as it might look, finding the best toy box for your child may hold some surprises, so we’re here to help you pick the best one.

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Best Kids Toy Chests Reviews

1. Tot Tutors Kids’ Toy Storage Organizer with 12 Plastic Bins

While the Tot Tutors Storage Organizer isn’t exactly a toy box, it is a storage unit that functions the same way and has a couple of pros over a regular toy box. You get 12 plastic bins to help your child organize all of those toys. There are 4 tiers with 3 bins for each level.

There are 4 different color schemes available, allowing the Tot Tutors Organizer to match the decor of your home. Having 12 removable bins makes things easy for your child to simply pick up a bin and bring the desired toys to an area of the home without having to dump all the toys out or carry them one by one.

Organizing can be done very well with this storage unit, for example, one bin can be dedicated to cars while another bin can be for train tracks and so on. This can help kids develop a knack for organizing and it can help with learning different categories – colors, shapes, sizes, usage, etc. Your child will get a feeling of satisfaction once they’ve organized and see how nice their toys look displayed in this organizer.

The large bins provide a big convenience for both parents and kids. Toys can be brought out 1 bin at a time, lessening the mess and improving the mobility in your home. The only thing is that you should consider using mounts on a wall to help keep this shelf organizer from tilting over if your child has trouble getting a bin out of its slot.


2. Little Tikes Primary Colors Toy Chest Review

Little Tikes is a brand we all love to turn to for wagons, play homes, and toy chests! They now bring the Primary Colors Toy Chest which offers a basic organization system that any child can get used to using. You get a large main storage area for big toys as well as two smaller, removable bins that work great for those smaller toys. If needed, the lid can be removed if it isn’t able to close over bulkier toys.

This toy chest is perfect for toddlers who are still learning very basic skills in life. A more simple type of categorizing and organizing can be implemented into your child’s routine. Learning the difference between big toys and small toys can be done easily thanks to a large compartment and smaller storage bins. Even though this bin can store up to 6 cubic feet of toys, its size is economical and it’s light for easy movement.

The removable toy trays can make bringing toys to different parts of the home a breeze for you and the little one. The build of this chest is durable and can last for years if handled carefully. You don’t have to worry about not closing the lid since it’s removable when necessary. Be wary that you don’t place too much weight on this toy chest since the plastic can bend over time.


3. The 3 Sprouts Kids Toy Chest Review

The 3 Sprouts Kids Toy Chest is another option we’ll be reviewing for you. A surprising feature of this storage unit is that it’s made 100% of polyester! That means you don’t have to worry about sharp corners that can harm your child, or about how to move around a heavy toy chest. This toy storage bin is very cute and features a large animal on the front (depending on the model) that any kid will adore.

With 3 cubic feet worth of storage, this is a great unit for smaller homes and apartments. You can also choose to purchase 2-3 of these toy chests to take your child’s organization to the next level. The polyester material is thin and cardboard helps it keep the structure, making it very minimalist. Essentially, the bin itself barely takes up any room in your home. Another great thing is that the lid can be opened and shut without a loud bang!

The design of this toy chest is versatile and adds charm to any child’s room. Thanks to the materials of this toy chest as well as its economical size, this is a very stylish yet affordable option for parents. Its only downfall is that the polyester material can be difficult to clean and the shape can be lost over time if over-stuffed. Though this may be expected with a cheaper product, making this affordable toy chest option a great value proposition.


4. Delta Children Multi-Bin Toy Organizer by Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon features a ton of shows that kids are crazy about. Bring those characters into their bedroom with this toy chest. There are several different character themes to choose from, including Paw Patrol, Frozen, Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, Cars, Spongebob, Dora, and more! Whether you have a boy, a girl, or both, you can choose their favorite character design to help make cleaning and organizing a fun task.

The colors on this toy organizer pop out and help grab your kid’s attention. There are 3 shelves made of wood and bins that are made of cloth. You get 3 small top bins, 2 medium middle bins, and one large bottom bin. Your child’s size was taken into consideration when designing this storage unit, so they won’t have to reach up high to get access to toys.

Since it’s a shelf, this toy chest is an economical option that doesn’t take up much room in your home. Toys can easily be organized by size and thanks to fun characters, you’ll be surprised at how often you find your child putting their toys away without you asking!


5. KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Box

While the KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Box seems like a bland option, it’s a lovely, multi-functional piece of furniture that your child will enjoy. Since it has a durable wood build, the toy chest can be used for toy storage as well as a small bench for your child to sit on when the lid is closed. This is all thanks to the provided back support provided by a spindle.

Opening the toy chest can be done by simply lifting the lid. KidKraft intentionally left a gap of space between the lid and the top of the bin to ensure your child’s fingers never get jammed. Wheels make this toy chest easy to move around the home. You can purchase this bin in 3 different finishes to make sure it suits your home’s decor. Since the design is basic, this is a toy chest your child can use for years without outgrowing it.

The multi-use function of this toy chest is extremely charming and can be made more comfortable up by adding pillows for your child to use while sitting down. The deep bin provides a lot of toy storage as well. One drawback is that this toy chest will require assembly and the instructions are provided as pictures and diagrams, not in text form.


How to Pick the Best Toy Chest

Choose a toy chest that will entice your child and make cleaning up fun, this way they can develop basic cleaning skills and discipline that they will need later on in life. When choosing a toy chest for your kid, you’ll want to take into consideration the following factors:

  • Is there enough room in the child’s room/our home for this toy chest?
  • Would one large compartment or multiple babies be preferable?
  • Is the toy chest big enough to contain all the toys or is it going to be a supplemental storage unit?
  • Is the design or structure easy and safe to use?
  • Does your child or do your children enjoy the form of the toy chest or like the design?

As long as you keep those questions in mind and figure out the important answers, you’ll be able to choose the best toy chest for your kid without a problem!



To give you the highest chance of finding the best toy box according to your needs, we compiled multiple different options in terms of price and design. With this in mind, there isn’t one singular toy box to recommend for everyone.

The Tot Tutor’s toy organizer is a spacious, solid, and long-lasting toy box, a middle-of-the-road option if such a design interests you. The Little Tykes Primary Colors toy box will fit younger children the best since it’s simple and small, plus it’s a budget option, the same as the 3 Sprouts toy box.

The Delta Children Nickelodeon-themed toy organizer will appeal to fans of the specific cartoons while the KidKraft’s solid wood toy box would be the most practical option since it’s a multi-purpose piece of furniture.

With our reviews and recommendations in mind, we hope you’ll have an easier time finding the perfect toy box for your little one.



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