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Kids can give anyone a headache because of their high, never-ending energy. But admit it, no matter how much your kids annoy you or how much you get mad at them for destroying things inside the house. You would still love them with all your heart because they still are your little angels.

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Since kids have a lot of energy, there would be times that you might lose them in public places. Especially if you have lost your kid in a very crowded area.

To prevent this from happening again and again (kids can get lost multiple times), you should get a safety wrist to prevent them from getting lost when you are not looking at them.

Top 5 Safety Wrists for Kids to Avoid Losing them from Your Sight

It can be quite scary when you are going out with your child, especially in crowded areas and foreign countries, as you’ll always hear a voice at the back of your head that your child might get lost, snatched, or even get kidnapped.

With that nagging voice inside your head mixed with paranoia, you would want something that can make sure that your child is still by your side while moving from place to place. And that something is called a Safety Wrist.

5. Zooawa Child Safety Hook and Loop Wrist Link

This anti-lost safety wrist is designed to keep your child close to you while public and crowded areas. Kids, especially toddlers can get overwhelmed in large crowded places, thus making them scared to get too far from you.

Wear this Zoowa wrist link and ensure your child’s safety. You would also help build up their confidence and provide more space for them to explore, without feeling getting lost. This wristband is very comfortable for you and your child, non-toxic, flexible, resilient cord, and safe.

This product comes in two wristbands in the colors blue and pink, so if you have two kids, one’s a boy, and the other’s a girl, then this is a good package deal for you.


4. Blisstime Safety Wrist Link

Keep your child close to you and safe from harm with this wrist link, but at the same time, you also provide them with enough space to roam without getting too far from your side. This wristband is very easy to use as all you need to do to clasp the bands on each of your and your kid’s wrists.

This safety band can extend up to 1.5 meters, and you can adjust the circumference of your kid’s hand side to up to 14 cm for a comfortable and perfect fit.


3. Kit Anti Lost Wrist Leash for Kids and Toddlers

How about two-kit safety gear for toddlers? You can either keep your child close to you by using a wrist link or a safety harness, whatever makes your child feel comfortable.

However, as for the wristband, it is not recommended for 3-year-old toddlers and above as they can easily remove its Velcro seal. It would only work well for the younger ones. The harness is more suitable for toddlers that are 3 to 5 years old.


2. Siyoo Reflective Anti-Lost Wrist Link

Now, this has a more unique design than the previous products, the strips are reflective, even at night, which adds to your child’s safety. The wristband is made from superior breathable cotton on double layers, and extra padded to ensure absolute security, and is soft enough for your child’s comfort.

This product comes in two colors: a blue wrist leash of up to 2.5m and a green one that can extend to up to 1.5 m. Use the longer wristband for your most adventurous kid to him or her some more space that he or she can move to.


1. Holm Anti-Lost Wristbands

This wristband is quite similar to the first product, but this time it comes in a blue 8.2 ft long wristband, and an orange that is about 4.9 ft long. This is perfect if you have both male kids. It is very comfortable to use, so there’s no need for you to worry about your kid’s complaining about it.

The wrist links are also versatile and durable. Both bands have 360 degrees rotating connectors to protect your toddler from his or her erratic movements. Both bands are also made from steel cords, which are covered with smooth, durable plastics for comfort. The plastics are durable enough to handle shocks and scratches.



1. Why Should I Use a Safety Wrist for my Child?

If you want to keep your little runner safe from harm and prevent them from getting lost, then you should use this product. This can also be convenient if your hands are full while walking through a crowded place with your child, this way you’ll know that your child is still close to you without holding their hands.

2. Can My Child Easily Remove the Wristband?

This would depend on the tightness and security of the product. Some safety wrist links come with a little key to have a more secure lock on the kid’s hand side. Kids are sneaky, so there might be times when they can remove their band.

3. How Long Can It Extend?

This depends on the band’s brand name and what its description says. But usually, the wristbands can extend from 1.5 to 2.5 meters long, which is long enough to keep your toddler still safe.

4. How Much Does It Cost?

These items are affordable. You can get one for only about $7. But even if some of the products are that cheap, they are still durable enough to last for a long time.

5. Is there Another Option Aside from a Safety Wrist Link?

Yes, there is, if you or your child isn’t too comfortable about using a safety wristband, then you can use a safety harness that goes around your child’s chest as your other option.

You can get a harness as a deal package when purchasing a safety wrist link. Therefore, you can just go for that so that you can use either of the products and decide which safety gear for kids suits you and your kid best.

Final Thoughts:

Safety gear for kids can be convenient, especially if your kid or kids love to run around in public places. This way, even if you are not giving them your full attention, you’ll be glad to know that your kid is still there beside you and away from harm.



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