Best Fixed Blade Knives

Best Fixed Blade Knives


Everyone has a knife, it is an undisputed fact because everyone has a Kitchen as everyone cooks. Generally, knives are for meant just for cutting, but fixed blade knives are needed for more than cutting, they are certainly not meant for the kitchen. There are many reasons why people buy fixed blade knives but it is usually for outdoor purposes. What is unique about fixed blade knives is that they do not fold and they are usually much more stronger than your regular folding knives. In terms of combat which is one of the major cases in which a fixed blade knife is needed, they can be easily used faster as there would be no need for unfolding. Since fixed blade knives have no moving part, they hardly break and so they are very durable and can last for eternity.

So, if you are looking for the best fixed blade knife to buy, here is a list of high quality fixed blade knives that are the best you can get currently.

Note that this list is in no particular order

1. Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter Fixed Blade Knife

If you have used any of benchmade knife company products before, you would most certainly agree with me that they are usually of good quality. The Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter fixed blade knife is one of such quality products from Benchmade knife company and one that stands out among other products as well. It is a strongly built fixed blade knife that can last for a lifetime. The knife is 9.2 inches in length, just the blade is 4.43 inches. The blade is polished and made with High quality American CPM-S30V stainless steel which is corrosion resistant and ensures precise cutting. The handle is sturdy as well, it is made with a resin-soaked fibreglass material. The handle is moisture resistant. The Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter Fixed Blade Knife is a fixed blade knife, it comes with a leather sheath with belt loop. It is not heavy to carry as it weighs 7.7 ounces. It is a good buy for whatever you need a fixed blade knife for.

2. Cold Steel 38CKJ1 Hunting Fixed Blade Knife

Hunting, if that is what you do or what you enjoy doing, then you would need a fixed blade knife as sturdy as this one. With a 5mm thick blade, the Cold Steel fixed blade knife can cut almost anything. Manufactured by the Sportsman Supply Inc, this knife is one of the toughest you can get. The blade is made with laminated VG-1 stainless steel and designed in a clip point style. Being made with VG-1 Stainless Steel makes it corrosion resistant. The knife handle and blade are made in a to match finish. It comes with a knife sheath, the knife sheath is made with kydex which is a very strong and durable material. The Cold Steel fixed blade knife is of moderate length, the handle is about 4 inches long and made of kray-ex while the blade is 6 inches long. It weighs 8.2 ounces, it is a good and solid rescue knife in any situation.

3. Ka-Bar US Marine Corps Fighting Knife

This knife looks like a common type of knife you see in action movies. From the description, you can see that is a knife likely meant to be used by the military. It gained popularity in the second World War as it was the most used by the United States Marine Corps. Well, you need not be afraid as this knife is not just for fighting, it can be used just like any other fixed blade knife. You are assured of the durability of this knife as it is manufactured with tough 1095 Cro-van steel which is very sharp. The guard is made with brass and a gold plated design with a pommel. The knife has a leather sheath, same colour with the handle and perfect for protecting the knife blade. The knife weighs 11.2 ounces with a 7 inches blade length and an overall length of 11.9 inches.

4. Gerber Strong Arm Fixed Blade Knife

The Gerber Strong Arm Fixed Blade Knife is multi-functional as it can be used in different situations. The blade is made from 420 HC steel with a well shaped edge while the handle is made from Glass-filled nylon with rubber over mold. It is moisture resistant and doesn’t slip off the hand whether it is wet or dry. This knife weighs about 7.2 ounces. In length, The fixed blade is 4.8 inches long while the handle is 5 inches long giving an overall length of 9.8 inches. It has detachable belt hoops on the sheath that makes it possible and easy to carry the knife horizontally. Three is also a snap-in Molle strap feature on the sheath that makes vertical carrying hassle free. The Gerber Strong Arm fixed blade knife is worth any penny you would spend on it.

5. Super SOG Bowie Fixed Blade Knife

We have to thank the SOG brand for this outstanding fixed blade knife. This knife is a perfect knife for outdoor use. The blade is 0.2 inches thick and made of AUS-8 steel with a stylish black finish. It is 7.5 inch in length and has a straight, sharp edge that will make your cutting easier, quicker, precise and accurate. The handle is made with contoured brown leather washers and it is very comfortable to hold while you cut. The sheath is made with leather and features a snap closure, there is also the belt loop that makes it easy for you to keep the knife close to you and easy to reach. The Super SOG Bowie Fixed Blade Knife has a total length of 12.88 inches and weighs 1.09 pounds. Other additions this knife comes with include a lanyard hole, leather lanyard.

6. MTech USA Xtreme MX-8054 Series Fixed Blade Tactical Knife

The Mtech Fixed Blade Knife is one with a rigid tanto style design, yet it is flexible and it  can be used for virtually any application. The blade is very sturdy with saw back serrations and a blood grove, it is 5.5mm thick and made from Grade 440 stainless steel with a black finish. The handle is made with G10, a glass-reinforced resin material, it is moisture resistant and ensures a firm grip no matter the weather condition. It has finger grooves which goes further to make your grip comfortable and a lanyard hole so you can hang it easily. The nylon sheath it comes with makes carrying your knife easy,  it also helps in safe guarding the knife blade. The Mtech Fixed Blade Knife weighs 1.1 pounds and has a total length of 11 inches. It is a well made knife of high quality.

7. ESEE 6P-B Fixed Blade Knife

This is a unique fixed blade knife. It is unique in the material and manner in which it is made. With its grey linen Micarta scales, this knifes’ blade weighing 3/16 inches and in black finish is manufactured from high carbon 1095 steel, a very sturdy and quality material. The blade is of good length, it measures 6.50 inches and with an ordered cutting edge. The handle is removable and made from micarta canvas with a lanyard hole in its pommel. The ESEE 6P-B Fixed Blade Knife is very mobile, it is light weight with a weight of 1.03 pounds. This fixed blade knife also comes with a sheath made from molded polymer, it is very reliable when it comes to protecting your knife blade. A clip plate, paracord and cord lock is also included.

8. Kershaw Camp 10 (1077) Fixed Blade Camp Knife

You can count on the quality of Kershaw products anytime any day. The Kershaw Camp Fixed blade knife is a knife that can be highly utilized, very easy to use and with 1.85 pounds weight. The knife is made from high quality 65MN steel material, it is very sturdy and resistant to wear and tear.  You will certainly be contented with the length of the blade as it is 10 inches long. The blade is equally well powder coated that protects it and makes it non-glare. The handle is rubber overmould with a textured layer and a built in hand guard, it is non slip and makes sure that your grip is firm. There is also lanyard holes in case you would love hanging your knife. The Kershaw Camp Fixed Blade Knife has the perfect to match sheath with nylon straps and lashing points.

9. Tops Screaming Eagle Hunter Knife

The Tops Screaming Eagle Hunter Knife is an impressive and high performing fixed blade knife. It is well made, very sturdy to hold in the hand and weighs just 1 pound. With a black traction 5160 steel blade and a 2 1/2 sharpened edge, this knife can cut through almost anything. The knife is 11 3/4 inches in length but just the blade is 5 5/8 inches long. The handle is made with Black linen Micarta and is well balanced to make your grip firm. A stylish and strong sheath is also included, this sheath is made from nylon and in black finish. The Tops Screaming Eagle Hunter Knife is a perfect survival knife, it has a secondary edge on the top of the blade that can serve as a backup in emergency situations. It was first produced for the soldiers in the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division.

10. Buck Knives 0118 Personal Fixed Blade Knife

The Buck brand has been around for years and has been producing top notch knives. You would love this Personal Fixed Blade Knife for how solid it feels. The knife is constructed in a full tang design and has a finger guard with a deep choil that makes it look appealing. It has a 1/2″ Clip Point 420HC Steel Blade with a perfect cutting edge, the blade is also corrosion resistant. The handle is curved and features palm swells so as to make you hold it comfortably and with ease. There is a pommel for additional balance. Carrying this knife is easy, the leather sheath with a snap fastener and the integrated belt loops will definitely make sure of that. The knife is about 8.5 inches long and weighs 7.2 ounces. There is a lifetime warranty on this knife.

11. Cold Steel Recon Scout Fixed blade knife

The Cold Steel Recon Scout Fixed blade knife is a customers favourite. The knife blade is 5/16 inches thick and designed in the popular clip point style. It is made from  0-1 High Carbon heat treated steel and about 7 1/2 inches long which should be more than enough for use especially outdoors. The knife handle is concave, about 5″ Long and made from Kray-Ex which is a very sturdy material. The handle makes it easy to hold on to even when your hands or the knife are wet. The knife weighs 1.6 pounds and has an overall length of 12 1/2 inches. It comes with a versatile polymer sheath that effectively retains your knife. This is a great fixed blade knife made to last and serve its purpose. It is definitely recommend for anyone, you can do anything you want with it 

12. Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Fixed Blade Knife

This knife has features that would just make you pay for it. The knife blade is 3.2 mm thick, 4.3 inches in length and made from high carbon steel,  it is made very sharp and hardened. It is well coated to safeguard it against corrosion. What will interest you is the spine, it is optimized so it can be used with a fire starter. If you pull the spine along a fire starter, it creates sparks which can then be used to light. The Morakniv Bushcraft Black has an over molded rubber handle is an over-molded rubber grip that is anti-slip, it can be used at anytime regardless of the weather. The knife has a total length of 9.1 inches and comes with a plastic sheath with belt loop that helps make sure your knife is safely by your side.

13. CRKT HoodWork Karen Hood Fixed Blade Knife

The CRKT Fixed blade knife was produced with surviving in the woods in mind with a very sturdy and what I call robotic look. Made with 1095 high carbon steel, the blade is 56-58 Rc hard, coated with cerakote and with a serrated edge. The knife is durable and perfect for use in whatever condition. It is styled with a an orange 550 paracord lanyard which also keeps the knife close and within reach. The handle is made from G10 material with removable scales. The handle also has holes that will be appreciated in arrow straightening. The knife sheath is made from full grain leather, it is vegetable tanned so it does not corrote the knife blade. The CRKT Fixed Blade Knife has an overall length of 11.31 inches and weighs 9.2 ounces. Furthermore, the CRKT Fixed Blade Knife is covered by the  CRKT Limited Lifetime Warranty.

14. Tonife Fixed Blade Neck Knife

This fixed blade knife is smaller than your regular fixed blade knife but, it is on my list because of how reliable it can be, you can bet your life on it. The Tonife Fixed Blade Neck Knife is a nice outdoor knife, it comes very sharp and is even ready to be used immediately if need be. This is a full tang blade that comes with a black neck chain so it can be stylishly hung, people may even mistake it to be a chain necklace. The knife blade is crafted from 7Cr17MoV satin Stainless Steel and 43mm length, 3.2mm thick. The knife handle is steel as well but with an additional G10+ steel for more quality. The knife sheath is sharp as well, not sharp in the sense that it cuts, just sharp looking. It is made from durable kydex material.

15. Schrade SCHF14 Drop-Point Fixed Blade Knife

When you buy a Schrade knife, you should know that you are getting a high quality knife. The Schrade Fixed Blade Knife is a full tang designed fixed blade knife with a length measuring 7.9 inches. The knife blade is 3.4 inches long with a weight of 5.6 ounces and comes sharpened and ready for use. The knife Blade is made with quality 8Cr13MoV Stonewashed High Carbon Stainless Steel material. The handle is made from G10 material with a forefinger groove design that ensures that the knife hardly slips off your hands. The Schrade Fixed Blade knife comes  with a very useful knife sheath that is made from kydex. The sheath has belt loops so you can keep your knife close to you. You can also pass your lanyard through the lanyard hole so you can hang it.

16. Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife Fixed Blade Knife

This is another fire starter fixed blade knife. It is a fixed blade knife with a Swedish FireSteel fire starter included. The Firesteel fire starter is attached to the handle of the knife and can be easily accessed with just a twist. Also, the spine of the knife can also be used to light up sparks. The Light my fire fixed blade knife features a unique design on its blade tip. It is grounded to be able to carve thin slices, yet, it is still up to the task in a more tougher situation. The blade is made from hardened stainless steel Sandvik 12C27 and has a very solid feel with a 3.5 inches length. The knife measures a total length of 8.5 inches and is 94 grams in weight. The Light my fire fixed blade knife also comes with a plastic sheath and a 1 year warranty is issued.

17. Zero Tolerance Hinderer FieldTac G10 Knife

The Zero Tolerance Hinderer Knife is a knife that executes tasks flawlessly. This knife is a lighter and smaller version of the Ric Hinderer FieldTac knife. Despite its size, it is still one of the toughest fixed blade knives you can get. With a full tang design, The knife blade being 4.2 inches long is exceptionally made from Vanadis 4 Extra powder metallurgical cold work steel. A very rare productive material which is resistant to wear and tear as it is covered with a tungsten DLC non-reflective coating. The handle made from machined G10 is designed with a forefinger contour that makes your hands balanced and comfortable holding it. The belt sheath it comes with is also of good quality and it is proper for protecting your knife blade. The knife is of good length as it measures 9.2 inches.

18. Condor Tool & Knife Primitive Bush Knife

Last on my list is the Condor Tool & Knife Primitive Bush Knife. It is a fixed blade knife designed by two good heads in the industry, Matt Graham and Condor. It is a bush knife as you can see from the description so it can be of good use when out in the woods. This knife looks like a regular kitchen knife, but you can differentiate it due to the wideness of the blade and also how solid it is. The blade is made from 420 HC stainless steel material, 3mm thick and is over 8 inches in length, longer than most fixed blade knives. The handle is wooden with a walnut satin finish. The knife measures 13 1/2 inches in length and it comes with a sheath made from leather. The sheath is very sturdy and durable, it is just the perfect sheath needed for such a stunning knife.


Now that you have been provided with different options to choose from for the best fixed blade knife you can buy, you can now go ahead and place your order. I do recommend that you order these products from well known shopping stores like Amazon or eBay so as to get original ones. Also, make sure you take safety cautions when handling your fixed blade knife so you don’t injure yourself or anyone else unintentionally.



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