Best EDC Knifes

Today, you have the widest choice of everyday carry (EDC) knives in the market. From the blade type to the weight, you can determine the best EDC knife for you from a wide range of options.

However, for most people, the most important factor will be the price of the knife. There is no purpose in finding the best EDC knife out there if you can’t even purchase it. This is why we’ve compiled a list of what we consider to be the best EDC knives under 100 dollars on the market.

Reviews of the Best EDC Knives

1. Ganzo G7531 Pocket Knife

One of the best EDC knives you can buy is the Ganzo G7531 pocket knife. Its 440c steel blade is corrosion resistant, therefore offering a lot of utility both in indoor and outdoor activities. The material is also quite durable by comparison, meaning the G7531 pocket knife’s blade will last longer than many others.

The handle of this pocket knife is made of carbon fiber, which is excellent for longer use, due to its durability along with how comfortable it is to hold. This is undermined a bit by the simple handle design which some might find too uncomfortable to hold for longer periods.

The G7531 weighs 4.45 oz (126 g) and the length of the blade is 3.47″ (88 mm). It’s available in a couple of color options, like black and green.


  • Carbon fiber handle is durable
  • Doesn’t take up much space


  • The shape of the handle isn’t the most comfortable


2. Outdoor Edge RazorLite Folding Knife/Blade Set

If you’re not going for a knife collection and simply want one knife to last you as long as possible, this EDC knife from Outdoor Edge, along with the extra blades, might be the best product for your needs.

You might think that this knife would be cheaply made, seeing the surplus of blades it comes (6 blades total) but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The blades of this knife are made of 420J2 steel which is very durable and versatile by comparison to other steel alloys.

Meanwhile, the handle of the knife is made of a glass-nylon polymer which is easy to grip. The rounded shape of the handle also adds to comfortable this knife is to use. The knives weigh around 2.8 oz (80 g) and are available in 3.0″ (76 mm) and 3.5″ (89 mm) lengths though be careful, as the shorter knives come with only 3 blades total. Overall, this is a great EDC knife that would fit almost anyone’s needs and it will last you a long time too.

[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • The handle is easy to grip
  • The blades are made of durable steel
  • Costs roughly as much as similar knives with no extra blades

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • Shorter models with fewer spare blades cost the same as the longer models


3. Kershaw Chill EDC Knife

One of the best things about this knife is the light quality it has. Customers would love the lightweight feature together with the sharp edge. The steel material is durable and perfect for longer use. The handle of the knife is excellent for any usage the customers like.

Users who want to use it outdoors would find the knife amazing. Why? Its blade is very durable and ensures a good cutting process. As you use it, you would discover more of the excellent feature it has. Customers like to have a knife that features a great quality function. This item makes sure you have the satisfaction you need.

In using it, any outdoor activity such as hiking would be easy for you. Thus, you can make the decision now and think of a purchase.

[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • One of the blades has a sharp edge
  • The handle’s perfect for any user’s hands
  • The sharp edges of the knife are perfect for constant use 

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The blade is quite small for some users 
  • The design might be great, but it needs improvement
  • The handle is excellent, but it’s heavy sometimes


4. Columbia River 5190 Knife

Knife enthusiasts would love the Columbia knife. It offers a durable blade that gives a durable feature to the knife. You would like the handle and the edge of the item. Buyers pay attention to the quality of the knife. Columbia doesn’t disappoint clients regarding quality.

Buyers would have a sure way to use the knife. It has awesome quality blades that are perfect for the needs of the user. If you have camping, the knife makes perfect use for it. The dependable features make it easy for users to be handy with it.

For sure, you would love the success this product gives you. For sure, your activities at home or even in the outdoor space would be excellent.

[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • The knife makes a perfect cutting and opening tool
  • The size of the knife makes it easy for clients to use it anytime
  • It has an attractive design that gets the attention of buyers

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The handle feels heavy  at some point
  • Some users want another color for the handle


5. Sanrenmu Land 910 EDC Knife

With a pocket clip and solid lock, you have the chance to feel secure in using the knife. The users would also marvel at the quality it has. The blade materials and the handle make it captivating to the client’s taste. For sure, using the knife gives them the advantage they need.

You can open packages or make your trip more exciting using this knife. Buyers love the design of the knife together with its sharp edge. There’s a guarantee you have excellent use of the knife in your outdoor activities.

This item is the perfect choice you need to make hiking or camping more excellent. You would find a great reason for using this knife in the best way you can. Also, users would love the lightweight feature it has that makes it worth buying.

[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • The knife has an excellent edge that suits the likes of the buyers
  • The handle is perfect for outdoor use due to its durability
  • The color of the knife matches the design of the handle

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • Some of its parts don’t match the color of the blade
  • Some users find the blade too small. 


6. Schrade SCH503B Sure-Lock Knife

One of the best features of this knife is its length.  Buyers have sure of achieving the satisfaction they need in using this item. Why?  The sharp edges play a big role in using the knife to open boxes. You also use it in doing camping and hiking activities.  Clients have a sure way to make each activity easy.

You can fit it in your pocket or use the sheath belt it has.  Buyers would love the comfort the knife gives them. You can have it too if you see the other amazing features the knife has to offer.

Also, the stainless steel feature makes it effective all the time. Other clients would surely love the comfort it gives them. Homeowners, would have a new perspective in making some of the household tasks easy.

[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • The sheath belt adds comfort to the users during hiking or camping trips
  • The handle is soft on the hand, but it’s durable to hold the blades
  • Buyers are sure to afford the price of the product

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The blade doesn’t fit the design of the handle
  • The knife of knife is great, but some buyers want a different design


7. Ganzo G712 Folding Knife

It’s another product by the Ganzo brand you would be proud to have. The stainless, durable steel materials make it attractive to the tastes of the buyers. Clients have the big opportunity to experience satisfaction in using the knife.

If you plan to go on a trip, the Ganzo knife is the perfect partner for you. The durable blades make any activity that requires the knife a success. Users have the chance to feel comfortable as they use the knife. How? It’s due to the handle it offers the buyers. You can expect the handle to have an easy grip.

Hence, it would be easy for you to use it with ease. Other clients can rely on the edges and the amazing design to enjoy using the blade. Many homeowners would have the benefit they need in using the knife.

[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • It gives you easy access due to the lock it has
  • The design compliments the overall performance of the product
  • Buyers would be grateful for the price

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • Some buyers have a difficult time using the knife due to the handle
  • Some users can’t still afford the price of the knife


8. Buck Knives 0750 Redpoint Folding Knife

You can take satisfaction in having buck knives. The design and the steel blade are great as you use indoors or outdoors. Campers and hikers would have a sure way to enjoy any activity by using a knife. The sharp edges have an excellent way to make an activity fast and secure. Buyers have easy access to knives.

You can use it every day in your home when you open boxes. If you’re part of a camping trip, the knife is ideal for making fire, etc. The knife would love the performance it gives them in any activity they’re doing.

First-time buyers are sure to achieve excellence by having the knife. How? The size and the design it has would be perfect for their needs. Homeowners would find delight in using it at home during a packing activity. The sharp blades of the knife are perfect for cutting through boxes.

[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • The handle allows  easy and fast movement of the hands
  • Buyers  would have a fast way of using the knife due to the sharp edges it has
  • The price is affordable  for all buyers

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • Some buyers find  the handle heavy due to consistent use
  • The color of the blades doesn’t match the design of the handle


9. Cold Steel Voyager Lg Knife

The Voyager is one of the best tactical knives out there. It has a durable blade and an excellent handle. The knife is perfect for hikers and campers. You can bring it every day depending on your needs for the knife.

Other users can use this in scaring wild animals while there in the woods. It has a backup blade that you can use for other purposes. The mechanism feature is great as it makes using the knife easy.

Also, you have the assurance of excellent results in the cutting usage of any material. The twin-blade sharpens of the blade don’t disappoint buyers.

[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • The knife offers you excellent value  due to its high quality
  • The twin blades provide easy use
  • It offers easy and fast usage for clients

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The other blade affects the performance of the blade
  • Some buyers don’t like the color of the knife


10. Stedemon Outdoor Pocket Folding Knife

The Stedemon has a lanyard and clip loop that offers versatility. The blade offers a high-carbon material that makes its use a success. It gives a durable way of using the knife. The handle offers a good performance grip.

You can marvel at the high-quality material it offers. Buyers would be glad to have this in their homes due to its quality. Furthermore, the steel blade and the handle offer a perfect match to suit the customer’s needs. It’s one of the best knives you can have.

[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • Both the blade and handle provide a fast and easy way to use the knife
  • The knife’s performance is excellent, and users love it
  • It fits your budget

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The knife has a limited warranty
  • Users face heavy use of the handle



Selecting the best EDC knife under 100 is not a problem. With these top choices, you have a great way to buy the best knives. So, come now and make a choice now! The EDC knives are worth your money.  These knives offer you comfort and satisfaction.



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