Top 9 Best Delta Changing Tables

If you are having a baby or just had one, you often wonder how a tiny human being could produce so much waste. This is just the beginning for you will be changing tons of diapers in his first year alone.

Your newborn will have approximately ten nappy changes in a day; this is why it is important to have space solely dedicated to changing their diapers. It makes the process bearable.

Although a bed is an option, with a changing table you don’t have to kneel or squat when changing diapers. The changing table is designed to have the appropriate height so that you don’t have to stoop and strain your back. In addition, there are additional spaces below to serve as your storage area.

There are many kinds of the changing table in the market today for a parent to select from but not all of them are worth the money.

With all the specs to look for and many choices, choosing the right changing table is a daunting task. You have to consider a few things to arrive at the best decision. If you considered these things, then you will be happy with your choices.

Top 9 Best Delta Changing Tables

1. Delta Infant Changing Table in White

Baby changing tables come in all colors and shapes, but this changing table comes in basic white, which is perfect and will harmonize with the rest of the nursery furniture.

This beauty in white is built from strong wood and a wonderful finish to make look like an expensive piece. The open shelves just below the changing table provide flexibility for the different heights and sizes of your baby’s essentials.

When it comes to safety, the changing area is surrounded by guardrails to give added protection to your baby when changing diapers or when dressing. This changing table has also passed all the safety requirements so you can rest assured that it is not made from hazardous elements.


  • It comes with a water-resistant changing pad to help you clean up easily. It also comes with a safety strap to keep your baby in place.
  • This beauty in white is made from strong wood and is made to last.
  • There are also two open shelves so parents can store their supplies for changing diapers and baby’s clothing too. The open shelving provides versatility to fit all the things you readily require.
  • For added safety, there are safety rails that go all around the changing area.
  • The Delta infant changing table is in a non-toxic finish and has met the safety standards mandated by the government. It has been tested for harmful elements like lead, and the results are assured that your baby is safe from them.
  • You can easily assemble this change too with the help of your basic household tools.


  • The only shortcoming of this changing table is that it does not have any drawers. You can benefit from the versatility of the open shelves, however.


2. Delta 2-in-1 Changing Table and Storage Unit

This 2-in-1 changing table is another favorite from the Delta Children line. One of the best features of this unit is its dual functionality because it also doubles as a storage unit.

With an abundance of storage space, you can have all the diapering needs within your reach. This is very ideal especially if you need an additional place to keep your baby’s toys and blankets.

As much as it satisfies your requirement for additional storage, it also satisfies your need for a changing table.


  • It includes a changing pad and safety straps to keep your baby safe while changing. The straps fit perfectly to your baby, and the changing pad is waterproof for easy cleanup after the diaper changing process.
  • This unit is also certified by JPMA, meaning it meets all the safety requirements mandated by the government. Your baby is safe from toxic elements that can be hazardous to its health.
  • It is made from a high-quality wood finish to make this furniture sturdy and built to last through the different generations of your family.
  • It has high sides that surround the changing area for additional security to keep the baby protected completely during the dressings and diaper changes.
  • It is designed to complete the nursery theme with its neutral color.
  • There is ample storage with the bin located at the bottom and the fixed shelf just below the changing table. 


  • One of the weaknesses of this changing table is that it is not stable to stand when additional weight is put on top of the unit. You need to have wall-mounted furniture straps to keep the changing table from toppling over.


3. Delta Bell Top Changing Table with Casters

Another changing table for your baby with a design modification to cater to your needs is the Delta Bell Top Changing Table with Casters. The additional casters provide the freedom for you to change your baby easily where you want it.

This flexibility is the answer for a modern mom who wants to save space and keep things around the nursery mobile. If you are the type who likes to move around the furniture now and then, this is perfect for you.


  • This changing table has caster wheels to move around your nursery when you need to change and dress your baby.
  • It has a bell-shaped back that provides support and balance to the changing table when additional weight is placed.
  • It has a simple and streamlined design with slated details to easily match the other nursery furniture and complete a theme.
  • It provides plenty of storage with the two fixed shelves where you can conveniently store your baby’s essentials including your diapering needs.
  • It also comes with a changing pad that you can clean easily and safety straps to keep the baby in place even if they are squirming.
  • In terms of safety, this changing table has passed all the health safety requirements. You can rest assured that it has no toxic elements to harm your baby.


  • If the caster wheels are what make this changing table unique, somehow, it is also a disadvantage. The caster wheels are not high quality and do not last long, especially on carpeted floors.


4. Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table

This changing table is a perfect addition to your nursery because due to its size. It is pretty and very functional with a generous amount of storage to keep your supplies within your reach.

The furniture is also made from wood and is available in two colors to fit your color scheme for your nursery room. Among the changing tables available from Delta, this model is very affordable.


  • It comes with a changing pad, so you don’t have to purchase one separately. This changing pad has safety straps to prevent your baby from rolling over while changing.
  • For storage requirements, the Delta Eclipse has two storage shelves where you can store all your diapering essentials.
  • This changing table is easy to assemble and will take you not more than 20 minutes. This simplicity and easy assembly are one of its highlighted features.
  • When it comes to mobility, you can move this furniture around the nursery because it weighs only more than 33 pounds after it is assembled and the structure measures about 39.4 X 24.4 X 5.9 inches.
  • For added security, it has four high-slatted sides around the changing pad. This additional feature secures your child while changing.


  • One of the downsides of this changing table is that you cannot purchase changing pads of another brand because it is small, compared to standard-size changing tables. The one that comes with the unit is pretty strong though.
  • The construction is also not as sturdy as the other brands in its contemporary, however, with care, the table can last longer.


5. Delta Convertible Changing Unit

Another innovative model from Delta, this convertible changing unit is the changing table you need if you require a purposeful changing table that can be a storage unit without taking much of your nursery space.

The beauty of this piece is that it has a removable topper. When this is removed, you will have a large cubby with slider doors with more storage. This means that when your baby has grown, and you don’t need a changing table anymore, you can convert this unit into storage that will fit in any room inside your house.


  • This unit is sturdy because it is carefully crafted from wood. It has a very good finish and comes in two colors to choose from.
  • It offers versatility because you can convert the unit into full storage furniture upon removing the topper.
  • It has passed all government and ASTM safety standards for lead and other harmful elements that could poised hazards to your baby.
  • This changing table has plenty of storage spaces with slider shelves where you can place diapers, change clothes, and wipes. This provides easy access to all the diapering needs within reach while changing.
  • It is also easy to assemble, and you won’t need more than an hour to complete using standard household tools.


  • This unit has no guardrails, so you have to take extra caution when changing your baby. It is best to place it against the wall for extra support.
  • Another downside for this unit is the changing pad should be bought separately. However, this is not a problem because it needs only a standard-sized changing pad.


6. Delta Ava 3 Drawer Dresser with Changing Top

This is the right product if you are looking for the right storage to keep your baby’s items. In reality, this is more of storage rather than a changing table. The details are what make this dresser stand out with the sleek two-toned finish.

It has splayed legs and stylistic knobs to complete the look. This style can fit the design theme you desire for your nursery or kid’s room. It can also be an heirloom piece and can be mixed and matched with other furniture.

This dresser is also a changing table with a removable topper. Therefore, this unit can function both as a changing table and as storage.


  • This changing table is built from strong wood materials guaranteed to last for many years.
  • It offers ample storage with the three spacious drawers built with a ball bearing, and it is side mounted with safety stops included to make sure that older children will not topple them over.
  • It offers versatility because it can function both as a changing table with a topper and a dresser with three drawers.
  • This changing table and the dresser are very easy to clean.
  • Assembling the unit is very easy and can be done with the household tools available.


  • No changing pad comes with the unit, but this issue can simply be resolved because you can purchase them from a third party.
  • There are also no guardrails around the changing area; therefore, extreme caution must be practiced during the diaper-changing process.


7. Delta Abby Convertible Crib ‘N’ Changer

Another multipurpose product from Delta Children. This unit can do a lot more than being a crib. This mini crib can be converted into a full-sized bed and can be a daybed for a toddler. This means that this crib can grow with your child.

Although it is fitted with only a headboard in case you want added safety features, you can purchase them separately. The mattress can be positioned in three stages depending on the age of your baby and its needs.

Included in the set is the fully functional changing table with two drawers and shelves. These drawers and shelves provide many storage spaces for your diapering supplies and baby’s clothing and other essentials. There are also changing pads with safety straps attached.


  • This convertible unit offers versatility as the crib can be converted into different beds while the attached changing table provides convenience with everything you need just nearby.
  • The changing pad that comes with it is water-resistant making it easy to clean.
  • It also has safety straps to keep your baby in place without rolling over.
  • It is sturdy as the unit is built from wood.
  • The dark wood finish fits perfectly with any décor in the nursery or child’s room.


  • This changing table is attached to the crib, and you cannot remove them when you convert it to a bed. However, you can repurpose the changing table into a stand to put your kid’s knickknacks on.
  • It will take about two hours to build the crib and change the table. You have to search for the instructions, as it is not included in the package.


8. Delta Princeton Junction Convertible Crib ‘N’ Changer

This convertible crib and changing table combo are one of the nursery furniture that is built to last through your child’s many birthdays. It has an attached changing table where you can change the diapers and dress your baby in comfort.

This lovable piece is also designed to adapt to your little one’s sleeping needs.

You can easily convert this crib into a toddler bed during his toddler phase. It can be a daybed and when your child is ready can be his or her full-sized bed. You can purchase additional rails for added security.

The attached changing table is fully equipped with guardrails for your baby’s safety. It also has three drawers and two shelves to accommodate your child’s necessities. You can undertake diaper changing and dress your baby with ease.


  • The changing table comes with a changing pad and safety straps to keep your baby in place and prevent them from rolling over.
  • The changing table is equipped with a guardrail for added safety for your baby during the diapering and dressing process.
  • It has three drawers and two shelves for all the storage you need to keep your baby’s essentials within reach.
  • The crib is very versatile and can be converted into different types of beds for your child as he grows.


  • The mattress for the crib is not included in the set, but you can buy them as they are of standard size. The additional rail when you convert it into a toddler bed is also sold separately.


9. Delta Birkley Convertible Crib ‘N’ Changer

This stylish and space-saving crib combines the crib and changing table in one. It is a 4-in-1 solution perfectly appropriate for any nursery size. It is also affordable and with the changing table attached, this comes as a great option.

It has a bell-shaped headboard beautifully designed to fit with any theme for a nursery room or kid’s room you have in mind.

The changing table attached to the crib has enough storage with two drawers plus a shelf just below its changing area. It has dimensions of 72.5” X 31.2” X 43.8”. These storages are enough to hold your baby’s necessities and the diapering supplies within reach.

You can adjust the mattress with the three available to accommodate the height that you require and can be converted into a bed for your toddler, a daybed, and a full-size bed as your child grows. To convert the crib into a bed some of the rails you need to purchase separately except the rail for your daybed.


  • The changing table comes with a changing pad complete with safety straps to make sure that your baby is safe during a diaper change or when dressing.
  • The guard rails around the changing area serve as added protection for your baby.
  • The shelf and the two drawers provide ample storage for all your baby’s essentials.
  • It is made from durable wood materials, this crib and changing table can be an heirloom piece.


  • The changing table is attached to the crib and cannot be removed. You can repurpose them as a nightstand when the baby has grown.
  • The changing pad is not of standard size. However, you can order them from Delta Children.


Guide to Choosing the Best Delta Changing Table

There are many reasons why you need to buy a changing table. There are many characteristics that you need to look for when you are buying this furniture.

The best changing table needs to be strong in construction; it has to have guardrails to prevent your baby from rolling over, coupled with a safety strap for your baby’s security when changing and drawers for ample storage.

There are many reasons why you need to buy a changing table. First, it will help you to avoid back, and knee pain resulting from bending and kneeling when changing diapers. It will help you avoid future health problems. You can focus on changing your baby’s diaper rather than on your back.

Since most changing tables have built-in storage, getting everything you need within your arm’s reach is very handy. Everything you need will be available to you without wondering where you placed your essentials.

Moreover, the best benefit you can get when you have a changing table is that it provides safety for your baby. It has straps, guardrails, and other safety qualities that will help avoid your baby from rolling over.

There are many considerations that you need to know before choosing the best changing table. Here are the characteristics that you need to look for:

Height – There is no standard height required for a changing table. As long as you are comfortable with the height, then this changing table is perfect for you. The trick here is to check the specifications of the table before buying them. The product specs will tell you this.

Storage Space – Every model of the changing table has its provisions for storage. There may be open shelves and a drawer or two. There are many noble configurations. In the end, it is your decision on the amount of storage you need.

Top Shelf Space – The changing platform above the storage space is very important in selecting the changing table. It has to have ample space for your baby, and the changing supplies needed. This offers comfort in knowing that you don’t have to take your eyes off your baby while changing.

Color – Although this feature is not very important, some parents are very particular about the color of the furniture because of a particular color scheme that they want to follow. This is a personal choice and tends to be subjective.

Delta Changing Tables – When it comes to nursery furniture, there is one well-known brand that parents trust, Delta. Their products are trusted when it comes to quality, safety, and functionality. We are selecting the best Delta changing table in this article to help you select the right one.



Choosing a changing table for your baby is fun and can be quite an experience especially if you are a new parent. With plenty of choices available in the market today, it pays to know how to choose and what makes a wise purchase. When it comes to children’s furniture, there is only one brand to trust – Delta Children.

When it comes to the freestanding Delta changing tables, the Delta Infant Changing Table in White is a good choice because of its simplicity and affordability. It also has ample storage space to keep all your baby’s essentials within your reach when changing diapers. It can also blend well with your nursery décor and can be repurposed into a storage shelf after your baby has grown.

For the crib and changing table combo, the Delta Princeton Junction Convertible Crib ‘N’ Changer is a good option because it has a convertible bed that grows with your child and a changing table that can also be a dresser. This means that this furniture will grow along with your baby.



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