Deciding that you need to get a cloth diaper sprayer may be an easy decision to make. However, selecting the best to buy out of the many there are may be a bit difficult.

This article was written to aid you as it contains a list of quality cloth diaper sprayers you can buy. Below we get to the list, let’s look at what you should look for in a cloth diaper sprayer to know if it is the best for you.

Top 12 Best Cloth Diaper Sprayers


1. SmarterFresh Cloth Diaper Sprayer Review

This is a multi-functional diaper sprayer that you should not hesitate to buy if you need a cloth diaper sprayer as it can do a lot for you. It is easy to install. You can finish the installation within 10 minutes.

This diaper sprayer consists of four major components, a hose, diaper sprayer head, Toilet Hook Holder, and T-Valve adapter. You can either install it in your toilet or your laundry room.

Being made of stainless steel makes it a very durable cloth diaper sprayer, you can adjust the water pressure for either a Gentle or Jet Spray, and it is splatter-free.

It is a quality product sold at a good price, so it is recommended. The SmarterFresh Cloth Diaper Sprayer is covered with a one-year warranty, so you are assured of durability if you buy this product.


2. BabyMojos Two Spray Mode – Cloth Diaper Sprayer Kit

The BabyMojos Diaper Cloth Sprayer is a handheld sprayer, but you can also mount it on your toilet or any wall. With this cloth diaper sprayer, you get to clean your baby’s cloth diapers easier and faster.

Very easy to install and you get a step-by-step photo installation guide to aid you. The water pressure is also very easy to control, the T-Valve adapter makes it possible and you get to clean your cloth diaper with either a soft or jet spray.

The BabyMojos Cloth Diaper Sprayer has a Stainless steel metal Hose that is about 5 Feet Long, and it also comes with a free Pocket Zipper Wet Bag where you can store your dirty cloth diapers for later cleaning.

Buying this cloth diaper sprayer is a good choice, and a percentage of your money will be used to help fight against child abuse.


3. Bum works Cloth Diaper Toilet Sprayer Kit

Talk about a durable product. This cloth diaper sprayer is one as it is made entirely of metal. The Bum works cloth diaper sprayer is easy to use, and it makes cleaning your cloth diapers very easy, not only easy but very effective without making a mess of the place.

It consists of a Brass Chrome Bidet, T-Valve, a Metal Hose, and a Mounting Clip Adapter. You can adjust the water pressure with just a turn of the valve, but it is a high-pressure sprayer so you should expect plenty of pressure.

Customers who have bought this cloth diaper sprayer confirm that it works great so it would make a good purchase for anyone doing cloth diapering.


4. Handheld Bidet Sprayer, HIPPIH Cloth Diaper Sprayer for Toilet

Need an easy-going handheld cloth diaper sprayer to help you clean your cloth diapers; the HIPPIH is a perfect option. This cloth diaper sprayer can be installed on your toilet easily.

you just have to connect the four compartments; the handheld bidet, bidet holder Flexible hose, and a T-Adapter. It is easy to control and adjust the water pressure with the T-valve, it can be adjusted to get either a gentle or jet spray, and also how much pressure you apply can determine the spray type.

The HiPPIH Cloth Diaper Sprayer is perfect for handling tough and stubborn poo stains. It is multipurpose, you not only clean your cloth diaper bag but also your toilets and bathtub.


5. FINITE Handheld Bidet Sprayer Kit Toilet Cloth Diaper Sprayer

This is another quality, and durable Bidet Sprayer Toilet Washer made with stainless steel, still a perfect sprayer tool for your cloth diapers.

This product comes with all you need for an easy and quick installation such that you would not be required to buy any other installation ware. Installation is done in 3 steps as instructed by the manufacturers.

It comes with a bidet sprayer head, a 47-inch long stainless steel hose, a bracket, a hook, and a T-Valve adaptor. Customers who used this Finige cloth diaper sprayer confirmed that it is a really good product and worth the money spent on it.


6. Aquaus SprayMate & Aquaus 360 Premium Diaper Sprayer for Toilet Bundle

When you have a spray mate such as this one, you would not have a hard time cleaning all those messy cloth diapers. The Aquaus SprayMate was designed uniquely to give what you need in a cloth diaper sprayer and more.

It is a non-splatter cloth diaper sprayer as it features a splatter shield, so you have to worry less about making a mess of the place. This cloth diaper sprayer can fit on almost toilet type as it has dual leg support.

It has various uses and can be used for cleaning almost anything. You can throw up inside of it, and you can also use it as a trash can. The Aquaus Spray mate is a product you have to spend for. It is a bit expensive but very much worth the price.


7. AWESOME ABS Cloth Diaper Sprayer

This AWESOME cloth diaper sprayer adds a touch of luxury to your home while helping you with your cleaning task. The material and way in which it is made speak so much of quality.

It consists of an ABS Bidet Sprayer Head, a Stainless Steel Hose about 1.2m long, a plastic hook, and a sturdy ABS Wall-bracket, the components are all of high quality, durable, and backed up with a 1 Year warranty.

It does not take much time to install and can serve you both as a cloth diaper sprayer and as a toilet sprayer. This cloth diaper sprayer does not leak. It can be shut off completely using the shut-off valve it features which also allows you to adjust the water pressure. It is the type of cloth diaper sprayer anyone would want to have.


8. AzureLuxe Cloth Diaper Sprayer

An all-stainless steel cloth diaper sprayer is what the AzureLuxe Cloth Diaper Sprayer is. Everything is made from stainless steel including the sprayer head, the 47-inch long hose, the hanger, and T-Adapter.

The hanger comes with makes it easy for you to hang it in your toilet such that no drilling is required. Also, you can install the AzureLuxe Cloth Diaper Sprayer yourself without any need to call a plumber, all you have to do is to follow the step-by-step installation process contained in the user manual it comes with.

The water pressure is adjustable so you can control the water flow. This is an ideal sprayer for your cloth diapers, and a cloth diaper sprayer of such quality is usually not cheap so this cloth diaper sprayer will cost you.


9. Diaper Dawgs Premium Dual Mode Cloth Diaper Sprayer

The Diaper Dawgs brand has been producing cloth diapers so they know just how to clean and what can clean them and produce a product for it.

With a patented germ and a cloth diaper sprayer shield that fits your palm, this may just be the easiest-to-use cloth diaper sprayer. It is a dual-mode cloth diaper sprayer, so it sprays in two ways, full spray or jet stream, it is easy to switch between the two, and you do that by twisting the valve

 It is not difficult to install, installation is in 3 easy ways and can be completed within minutes. A Wringing pad is also included as a handy addition.

This cloth diaper sprayer works great and is also durable solar it is recommended as one of the best cloth diaper sprayers you can buy. If there is anything you need in a cloth diaper sprayer, the Diaper Dawgs Premium Dual Mode Cloth Diaper Sprayer has it.


10. Eco Aligned Toilet Sprayer for Cloth Diapers & Bidet

The description says that this cloth diaper sprayer is the essential tool missing from your bathroom and they may just be right. The Eco Aligned Toilet Sprayer is multi-functional as you can use it for various purposes and being handheld makes it very easy to use.

When you buy this cloth diaper sprayer, everything you need for a quick and easy installation comes along with it. The hose it features is sturdy and of high quality and is capable of withstanding intense pressure.

Every other component of this cloth diaper sprayer is of high quality as well and made from stainless steel. What makes customers love this product is that it is convenient to use and does the job just how you want it to.


11. CO-Z Brass Bidet Toilet Sprayer

This is chrome finished diaper sprayer made from sturdy brass. The material is rustproof and durable as well. It comes with all accessories required for a successful installation, and a manual containing all needed information is included so installation would be quick and easy to do.

The CO-Z Brass Bidet Toilet Sprayer is completely leakproof as it features two complimentary gaskets and has a long stainless steel hose, over 4 feet in length. It features a hook so you can easily attach it to your toilet, your sink, your bathroom, or any other point you prefer.

The water pressure can be adjusted too, there is an in-built button that allows you to adjust the water flow with just a quick press and it features an on/off T-Valve switch. There is more than enough reason why you should consider buying this cloth diaper sprayer.


12. SqueakyFresh SQF01 Handheld Bidet Shattaf Baby Diaper Sprayer

There has been a couple of Stainless Steel diaper sprayers on this list, and I’m ending with yet another one of them, the SqueakyFresh Baby diaper sprayer.

This high-quality handheld diaper sprayer consists of a Sprayer, a very flexible hose, an ABS Holder, and T-Valve. An installation manual is included with an easy-to-understand installation procedure to guide you all through the installation process.

With so much to offer, the SquekyFresh baby diaper sprayer is recommended for purchase, and you can depend on it for any task in which a diaper sprayer is needed.


What to look for in a Cloth Diaper Sprayer

1. Durability; Whatever you want to buy, you should always look for strength, something that would last for you. You can tell how durable a cloth diaper sprayer will be from the type of material it is made from.

2. Ease of use; What use if a product is made of high quality and then you can not use it conveniently, and with ease, you wouldn’t need it anymore. In picking the best cloth diaper sprayer, you should ensure that it is easy and wouldn’t be a burden to use.

3. Effectiveness; A product needs to be able to produce the required result it was bought for. You need a cloth diaper to assist you in cleaning your diapers. If it does not do that to your satisfaction, then it would not be the best one for you.



There you go, if you are planning on buying a cloth diaper sprayer, any one of the products on this list will make a good choice. Some people would say that a cloth diaper sprayer is not necessary, I would not argue with that but at the same time, I still can.

If it were not required, there wouldn’t have been tons of them, all with different features available for purchase. Nowadays, people need tools and equipment that would help make life easier.

For a Nursing mother, hand washing cloth diaper when soiled is not ideal for being hygienic so you should get a diaper sprayer. Investing your money in buying a diaper sprayer can be a lifesaver, you would not know until you buy one.



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