A citrus juicer is a machine (automatic or manual) made for juicing citrus fruits. Citrus fruits are limes, grapefruit, lemons, and oranges. They come in various design and capacity hence your choice is totally up to you. If you do not juice frequently, an occasional one is recommended. However, if you love juicing, we recommend you go with the electric one.

Manual citrus juicers come with a conical shape which puts pressure on the fruits just beneath it. You should slice the fruit in half although; some machines do come with arms to help apply pressure to get the juice out easier.

Electric juicer, on the other hand, comes with a conical dome that spins. Thus, on applying the pressure, the pulp will come out of the fruit via the spinning of the dome. These domes come with an elongated blade to make the process more efficient.

Join me as I take you through the review of the best citrus juice available in the market. I have done an honest assessment of the citrus juicers and presented the features as well as the pros and cons that come with each.

1. Tribest CitriStar CS-1000 – Best Cheap Citrus Juicer

This citrus juicer from Tribest does all that is expected of it in getting the juice for you consistently. It features an auto-reversing cone reamer which fits most and any size of the fruit. The Tribest CitriStar’s reamer is triggered by pressure thus; starting the juicer is pretty easy – just push the fruit against the cone.

It has a big juice collection area with which you can juice more than one fruits at a time without overflowing. It comes with a fine mesh all in the spout meant to keep the pulp out of the juice. The spout is made of stainless steel with the ability to lock to guard against drips. With this, you will have a clean juicing process.

cheap citrus juicer

The parts can be used with a dishwasher, and simple rinsing will keep the parts clean. The Tribest CitriStar is very durable with many users acknowledge using the component for many years without any issue.


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  • Comes with a year warranty
  • It is very durable
  • The spout, made of stainless steel is lockable
  • Fits juice of varying size
  • Can juice without making a mess
[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The design is not fine
  • No pulp control option


2. Westinghouse WJC1BGA Citrus Juicer Review

For many that hate splashing that goes with juicing a citrus fruit, the Westinghouse WJC1BGA is a good option.  This citrus juicer comes with a plastic cover that keeps the juice from splashing and making a mess while juicing. Asides, the juicer is transparent, giving you an opportunity to keep an eye on the process. The 60W motor of the Westinghouse WJC1BGA is strong enough to handle any fruit. With the auto-reversing option, it has a high efficiency with two separate reamers – lime and lemons versus grapefruits and oranges.

The component of the Westinghouse WJC1BGA can easily be dismantled for cleaning. The sieve can be washed with a dishwasher. The other components like the plastic reamer must be hand washed. There is mo drip locking mechanism on the spout which can cause frequent slow leaks. This must be cleaned to guard against erosion.


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  • There is a one year warranty
  • It is pretty cheap
  • The reamer has an auto-reversing capacity
  • The cover prevents splashing
  • Powerful motor to handle any fruit
  • Plastic cover prevents splashing
[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The other components cannot be washed with the dishwasher
  • Absence of a drip stop mechanism


3. Breville 800 CPXL Die-Cast Stainless- Steel Motorized Citrus Press

This small citrus juicer comes features a die-cast stainless body with a superb cone for juicing citrus fruits of various size. Weighing just 10 pounds, it can fit perfectly in the kitchen. It is made of stainless steel which is resistant to wear and rust from the juice. The entire component can be washed with a dishwasher.

The Breville 800 CPXL is powered by a 110 Watt motor which enables it to handle various sizes of juice. It is easy to operate. It features a revolutionary arm system which enables the Breville 800 CPXL to do its magic seamlessly. There are two filters for variable pulp adjustment as well as a dust cover.


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  • It comes with a year warranty
  • The machine can be safely washed with a dishwasher
  • It is easy to use
  • Construction materials are durable
  • Very strong motors
[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The juicer is a little expensive
  • There is no spin extraction feature which makes the pulp wetter


4. Eurolux Citrus Juicer Review

Weighing just 4 pounds, it is a portable citrus juicer that fits perfectly into small space. Very easy to use as it requires just a push of the handle to get it activated. The motor is not so quiet in operation. However, the juice pops out easily when the cone is squeezed.

There are two strainers on this juicer which gives chance to varieties of juice. It is made of durable material that comes with a warranty. There is a large cone on top of the juicer which makes it suitable for grapefruit. When set in position, all you have got to do is press the fruit against the cone, regardless of the size. The juicer gives abundant juice yield, depending on the fruit.


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  • A large cone that accommodates juice of varying size
  • A very strong motor that can handle varieties of juice
  • It comes with a year warranty
  • The yield from each fruit is awesome
[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • You have to apply pressure to get a really dry pulp
  • The outlet to the spout is small, with a tendency to clog


5. Aicok Electric Citrus Juicer

Seeking a citrus juicer designed with comfort and simplicity, the Aicok Electric Citrus Juicer is the answer. It has a reamer that can accommodate any fruit size with an auto-reversing function that gets the most off the juice. One of the best features of the Aicok Electric Citrus Juicer is the ergonomic lever arm which starts the reamer automatically on lifting the lever.

The Aicok Electric Citrus Juicer will not mess up your kitchen as the juice spot features an unobtrusive design. The Aicok Electric Citrus Juicer is pretty easy to dismantle for washing. Parts of the juicer (the sprout) are made of BPA-free plastic, and the rest made from stainless steel that is pretty easy to wipe.

We love the lifetime warranty that comes with this citrus juicer. It is a pointer to the fact that Aicok is pretty confident of their invention.


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  • BPA free plastic
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t mess up the kitchen
  • Integrated filter
  • Can be washed with a dishwasher
  • Auto starts and stops function controlled by the lever
[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • Pretty pricey
  • Lacks option for pulp control



In getting the best citrus juicer that will meet your needs, it is important to take a number of things into consideration. We discuss the majority of this below:

What Quantity of Juice do you need per day?

A glass, a liter or three liters of citrus juice? The amount of citrus juice you plan on making is a big determinant to the type of citrus juicer you should go for. Asides, the frequency and quantity of juicing per day or week is also an important factor. If you cannot afford to waste much time making citrus juice, then you need to go for a juicer with the capacity that suits you.

The speed with which juicer works and size differs. Hence, your choice of citrus juicer should be dependent on how fast the juicer can meet your needs.

High Juice Yield and Dry Pulp

One of the ways to know how effective a citrus juicer is is the quality of the juice yield. There are quite a lot of YouTube clip comparing the effectiveness of various citrus juicer working on the same quantity of citrus juice. As a rule of thumb, the more the juice yield increases, the higher the price of the citrus juicer.

There are citrus juicers that will give very low yield and very wet pulp. It is a factor on how much you are willing to spend on your juicer!

The Budget

The saying that you get what you pay for applies very well for a citrus juicer. Thus, as the price increases, so does the citrus juicer performance. As expected, the expensive the citrus juicer is, the more reliable the juice performance. Asides, a costly citrus juicer gives a high yield, exciting features, better warranty, and a more aesthetically pleasing product.

Hence, if you will be using your citrus juicer regularly, be careful of the price. Going for a cheap citrus juicer will end up disappointing you. A cheap citrus juicer will give low yield and might require more effort to assemble.


With various manufacturers of citrus juicers, the warranty period varies. The warranty period ranges from 1 to 5 years depending on the brand. Be sure you take note of the indicated locations where the warranties can be serviced as well as what the warranties do cover.

Assemble and Cleaning Time

Many citrus juicer marketing brochures do hyper the amount of time it takes to disassemble, clean and reassembles a citrus juicer. One thing I have noticed is that with time as you use your citrus juicer, the time it will take to dismantle and clean your citrus juicer decreases.

The parts with various citrus juicer vary but rinsing a citrus juicer shouldn’t take more than seconds with a running tap.

Citrus Juicer Design and Aesthetics

To get the most out of your citrus juicer, it is best kept in the kitchen. This will keep it visible, reminding you of its availability rather than unused in a cupboard. Many citrus juicer manufacturers have improved and tried to add contemporary features and colors to their citrus juicer. This makes it classy and fit for the kitchen environment.

Take note of the size and shape if your citrus juicer and try to create space for it in your kitchen. Many juicers come in large sizes which could either be vertical or horizontal. Hence, you have got to consider the dimensions when choosing your juicer.


With the abundance of citrus juicers available in the market, it could be rather tedious to get the best and most suitable one.

As a result, we have a couple of some common question that you might have on the choice of the most appropriate citrus juicer. I will try to do justice to a couple of these:

1. What is the best Citrus Juicer?

There is no specific answer to this as many people hope to find. What works for one might not work for another. However, the best citrus juicer is the one that meets your specific need closely. This, definitely, varies from one person to the other. Thus, a person with an orange tree in his backyard will need a different juicer compared to someone who loves lemon. Asides, there are strengths and weakness of each juicer as we have discussed in the best juicer review part above.

Thus, in knowing what the best citrus juicer is, you have got to ask a series of follow up the question in return like:

What fruit will you juice often?

• Can you afford to dedicate more time with your juicer?

• What is your price range?

• Are you juicing as a supplement to good health or to combat ill health?

Thus, knowledge of the above is a sure way to determine the best and most appropriate citrus juicer for you.

2. Which Citrus Juicer is Easiest to Clean?

If juicing is already part of your lifestyle, then the clean up part will never bother you. However, if you do not have much time to spare, then you need to be selective in your choice of a citrus juicer. Some juicers come with parts that can be cleaned easily with a dishwasher.

This advantage, however, is limited to a single reason – the filter or screen is the most difficult part to clean. This part cannot be easily cleaned with a dishwasher due to the fact that vegetables and fruit fibers are usually stuck in the tiny filter hole. To clean this part, use a brush under a tap water.

However, no matter how long apart takes to clean, with time, this gets easier. As you get familiar with your machine, you will know your way around it.

3. Should I go for an all-round Juicer or a dedicated Juicer?

Improvement in technology has made available a couple of orange juice extractors hence, you can consider it.

If you prefer lemonade, fresh orange juice, limeade or any other citrus juice, we recommend that you go for a citrus juicer.

If you, however, desire a juicer that applies to many another type of juice, you could invest in an all-around juicer. It is a viable option.

4. How Messy is the process of Citrus Juicing?

Many people are often concern about the mess that comes from the process of juicing. This is ideal as the extra stress of cleaning up after a juicing process could be a turn-off. However, the best juicer does come with reamer made to prevent splashing. Example of a reamer is a splash guard, and some come with a plastic cover to suppress the splashes from the fruit in the container.

Also, there are citrus juicers that have a drip-stop spout that guards against gradual leaks that light leaves a mess on your kitchen counter.

Also, consider if you will have to hold the fruits during the juicing process or whether the juicer comes with a built-in press lever. This press will keep your hands off the fruits and make the process less sticky

5. Manual or Electric Juicer, Which is Recommended?

Both manual and electric juicer has their advantages. Thus, before making a selection, we advise that you consider the pros of each and what they have got to offer.

For Manual juicers, the pros are:

Most comes with heavy duty cast iron making them very durable

• They can be used to juice a large number of citrus fruits at a time. This is due to the absence of a motor that can burn out due to too much work

• They are a worthy investment with the capacity to last forever

And the con is that manual juicer requires some bit of force on your part hence, could be somewhat tiring!

As regards electric juicer, here are the cons:

Usually compact in design thus; they won’t take excessive space in your kitchen.

• Come with modern design with great aesthetic hence, they will make your kitchen beautiful

• They are very easy to use

• Less tiring as no squeezing involve.

• Very, very effective in extracting juice from citrus fruits

And the cons are in the price. They are usually higher than the manual counterpart and the motors also have a specific lifespan reducing the durability.

Benefits of Citrus Juicer

The nutritional benefits of having a juicer are the same, whether you have an orange juicer or an electric lemon juicer. You get the essential vitamins and minerals. Lemons come rich in Vitamin C, biotin and various B Vitamins. Grapefruits, on the other hand, are rich in beta-carotene, folic acid, vitamin C and a trace amount of Vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B6

If you desire to make juice every day, a citrus juicer is ideal for you. This is because it is ideal for fruits with lots of water in it like oranges, lemon, grapefruits, and lime. It is applicable to both business and personal use. Creating a juice with a citrus juicer is pretty easy, safe and straightforward.

Types of Citrus Juicers

Although the basic classification of citrus juicer is a manual and electric juicer, there are other types of classification. These classifications are based on their functionalities:

1. The Pulp control type: just from the name, a pulp control citrus juicer type gives users to be in control of the amount of pulp that enters the juicer

2. The Spin Function Type: the function of a spin function juicer resembles a centrifugal juicer. It is capable of extracting most of the pulp sent to the juicer. It is also the most expensive type of citrus juicer.

3. Reverse reamer Type: A citrus juicer with the reverse reamer function is capable of extracting all the juicer in a fruit. It also gives the user access to the residue pulp rich in fiber.

Features to Consider While Selecting a Citrus Juicer

1. Slicer

One of the things you have does not want while using your citrus juicer is to get your hand all messy or mess up the entire kitchen table. In this regards, we recommend buying a citrus juicer that wouldn’t make you do much clean up after use.

As a result of this, keep the position of the slicer in mind before buying citrus juicer. The slicer is usually located in the lid, and in most juicers, all you have got to do is bring down the lid to cut the fruit into pieces.

2. Size of the reamers

Some citrus juicer brand comes with a reamer different in size as an extra. Some brands, on the other hand, come with a small and big size reamer for all types of fruits. With these types of citrus juicers, the big reamers are applicable to big fruits such as oranges and the small one applies to small fruits like lemons.

As a result, you have got to decide what applies to you based on the size of fruits you will be taking mostly. This will allow you to select the reamer size that applies to you before getting the citrus juicer.

3. Multiple reamers

Still, on the issue of reamers, citrus juicers come with at most two reamers. This will make it effective in juicing from both sides of the fruits. However, to get a much higher efficiency from your citrus juicer, you need to select the one with more than two reamers.

The more the number of reamers, the bigger the size of the juicer. Thus, if size is not a limitation, you can go for a citrus juicer with two reamers or more. This will help you enjoy your citrus juicer very well.

4. Quality of the Juicer

In shopping for a citrus juicer, you also have to take note of the quality of the juicer. A citrus juicer made of metal will be highly durable and last a pretty long time compared to other materials. Asides, a strong food grade citrus juicer made of plastic will also be very effective

With plastic, however, the chemical compositions of your juice might be affected. This is due to the presence of BPAs and other hazardous chemicals. Although, most citrus juicers are made with BPA free plastic. You will find a couple of them in the review. Thus, in selecting a citrus juicer, the material is very important.

5. Reverse Feature

One amazing quality of electric juicer is that they can spin not only in one direction but both. The reverse spin is very effective in getting every drop of the juice as well as the pulp out of the fruit. This works better compared to other juicers.

Many electric juicers can automatically spin in reverse while others give you the chance to decide to activate the reverse spin option.

6. Ease of Cleaning

It is very important that a citrus juicer is easily cleaned. There are some internal parts of a citrus juicer. The storage part for the discarded pup is the part that is easy clean. There are also citrus juicer parts that can be washed with a dishwasher. This is very good as it removes the stress of soiling your hands.

Also, the number of parts that you can dismantle a citrus juicer to matters. This is due to the fact that you need it in small and accessible parts to be able to clean effectively.

7. Construction

The materials used in making a citrus juicer is also one of the most important considerations when selecting a citrus juicer. Since you will be drinking what will come out of the juicer, the material that the citrus juicer is made of is very important. This should be food grade plastic, BPA free toxic plastic or stainless steel.

Stainless steel is very durable when compared to plastic. If you will be using the citrus juicer often, avoid going for the one made of plastic, the stainless steel type is recommended.

Conclusion: Best Citrus Juicer Review

There are many citrus juicers in the market. Thus, we understand that getting the best and most appropriate one could be quite a challenge. Yet, we have through research selected the top ten citrus juicer in the market. Feel free to go through the best citrus juicer review and select the best that fits you and your household.

A citrus juicer does not only help get the juice off the fruits, but it also does it effectively. Citrus juicers are a good addition to the kitchen accessories.

We have made available the best citrus juicers available in the market. There are some questions that you might have that we have covered. We have provided some tips for helping to select the best citrus juicers.



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